EDM电子邮件营销 – 8 Email Inception Sequence(Email Inception)

Ben Adkins在他的非正统的电子邮件竞选过程中,在幕后进行了前所未有的观察,他曾在网上创造了数百万美元的收入。

Ben Adkins gives an unprecedented look behind the scenes at his unorthodox email campaign creation process that he’s used to generate millions of dollars online.

How to write an inception email sequence.
The pattern interrupt generator.
How to warm up a cold email signup so that they realize they matter.
The secret to subject lines (that get opened).
How to incorporate a really good story into your emails.
How to write a cliffhanger that gets your next email opened.
The stupid trick that doubles your response rate and sales.


What You’re Going to Learn On the Live Training
Ben Adkins’ “Every Email Checklist” (make sure you use this every time you send an email).
How to Write Your Own “8 Email Inception Sequence” (with examples to follow)
Email Frequency Explained (Exactly How Often you should be Emailing Your List.)
How to Warm Up a Cold Email Signup So That They Realize THEY MATTER.
The Secret to Subject Lines (that get opened).
How to Craft a Hard to Resist Story into Your Emails so that people get sucked into the Sequence.
How to Write a Cliffhanger that gets your NEXT Email Opened.
The Stupid Trick that Doubles My Response Rate and Sales.
The Reason Why Sales Letters Aren’t Effective Sales Tools by Themselves. (and how to use this to your advantage)
The “Why People Buy” Pyramid. (my secret checklist for every promotion to make sure that it will take off like a rocket).
[BONUS:] My “Format Like a Weirdo” Method. (This secret is probably why you love my emails)
[BONUS:] 3 Real Email Inception Campaigns that Made Us a Fortune.
[BONUS:] My Bridge Page Template For Affiliate Campaigns


Email Inception
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Fearless University 4.MP4
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