SEO优化内容大师课程 – 通过优化SEO内容以获得更好的谷歌排名来创建持久的收入生产资产

在Jesse Cunningham的SEO优化内容大师课程中,获得提高在线流量的顶尖策略和技巧。

This course focuses on creating lasting income-producing assets by optimizing SEO content for better Google rankings.

Gain access to top-notch strategies and techniques for increasing online traffic in Jesse Cunningham’s SEO Optimized Content Masterclass.
Create lasting income-producing assets by optimizing SEO content for better Google rankings.
Benefit from real-world application, step-by-step guidance, and insider secrets to gain invaluable knowledge and confidence in SEO.
Watch Jesse in action, learn at your own pace, and accelerate your success by implementing proven strategies.
Covers search intent, keyword research, site structure, compelling content creation, local and national keyword rankings, staying ahead of industry trends, and more.

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SEO Optimized Content Masterclass
  │      01-Thank you!.mkv
  │      02-Requirements For This Class.mkv
  ├─02-The Maverick Method - Advanced SEO Made Easy
  │      01-Introduction to the Maverick Method.mkv
  ├─03-The Maverick Method - MOTIVATION
  │      01-MOTIVATION - DEEPR.mkv
  │      01-MOTIVATION - Step 1 - Understanding the Client’s Motivation.docx
  │      02-MOTIVATION - Avoiding Landmines.mkv
  │      03-MOTIVATION - Sharpen Your Edge.mkv
  │      04-MOTIVATION - Aerial View Opportunities.mkv
  │      05-MOTIVATION - Constructing a Solid Foundation.mkv
  ├─04-Keyword Research Sessions
  │      01-The Free Method (No Tools) for Keyword Research.mkv
  │      02-Competitor Research for Keyword Research.mp4
  │      03-AHREFs Method for Keyword Research.mkv
  │      04-Parasitic SEO (Finding Competitor Websites to Draft).mkv
  │      05-Real-Life Complete Workflow Keyword Research Session.mkv
  │      06-ChatGPT and Topical Cluster Formatting.xlsx
  │      06-New Website Keyword Research Complete Workflow.mkv
  ├─05-Blog Creation (Writing) Sessions
  │      01-In-Depth Writing Session #1.mkv
  │      02-In-Depth Writing Session #2.mkv
  │      03-Use A.I. for the Heavy Lifting.mkv
  ├─06-Focused Learning Sessions
  │      01-Keyword Sheeter (Finding Keyword Variants).mkv
  │      02-Forum Keyword Research (Quora, Reddit, Niche Specific Forums).mkv
  │      03-Building out FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).mkv
  │      04-Optimizing Images with XNConvert.mkv
  │      05-Using Keyword Modifers.mkv
  │      05-Using Keyword Modifers.pdf
  │      06-Local SEO + ChatGPT.mp4
  ├─07-For SEO or Webmaster Agencies
  │      01-How to Sell SEO Services.mkv
  │      01-How to Sell SEO Services.pdf
  │      02-Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for ChatGPT.pdf
  ├─08-Theoretical SEO
  │      01-Keyword Placement In-Article.mkv
  │      01-Keyword The Best Ways to Cook Trout.docx
  ├─09-Acquiring Backlinks
  │      01-The Industries Backlinking Secret - Supercharged Backlinking.mkv
          01-ACTION - ENGAGING THE USER - Jesse Cunningham SEO - 1280x720 749K.mkv
          02-ACTION - OPTIMIZE FOR SEO - Jesse Cunningham SEO - 1280x720 743K.mkv
          03-ACTION - OPTIMIZE MEDIA - Jesse Cunningham SEO - 1280x720 860K.mkv