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分裂测试黑道圣经 – Media buy Offer Split Test / A/B Test(Split Test Black Book)

分裂测试黑道圣经 - Media buy Offer Split Test / A/B Test(Split Test Black Book)

分裂测试黑道圣经 - Media buy Offer Split Test / A/B Test(Split Test Black Book)

分裂测试黑道圣经 - Media buy Offer Split Test / A/B Test(Split Test Black Book)

分裂测试黑道圣经 - Media buy Offer Split Test / A/B Test(Split Test Black Book)


1427 rock-solid, split-tested, open-rate increasing, subject lines.
Tests results show how tiny variations often get up to and more than 25X more opens.
Don’t spend another minute struggling to come up with your own open getting subject lines without this resource at your side.


1,427 Rock-Solid, Split-Tested, Open-Rate Increasing, Subject Lines

“This subject line got 25X more opens…”

Hey Matt,

I thought you were going to keep this info private. Yes, you gave it to me as a friend (and I really appreciate that), but I was really hoping you’ve never share it any further.

Like you , I personally use this list all the time since I know these subject lines are already proven to work. After all, why would I waste time thinking really hard when you’ve done all the hard thinking for me?

Anyone who doesn’t grab this data is crazy since it’s one of the few shortcuts you can take to making serious money from your list.

Shawn Casey

If you are sending emails, or thinking about email marketing, then the file that I’m going to hand you will be invaluable!

Because you deserve to make more money and have more free time than you thought was possible.

But first, why subject lines?

Marketing is about getting peoples attention.

It’s about standing out.

And when it comes to email, it’s about OPEN RATES.

The better your email subject line, the more likely it will get opened and your links clicked.

You know this…

But you also probably know that getting people to open your emails is often the hardest part.

There are many gurus all over the world who seem to have no probem instantly putting money in their pocket by sending emails.

They just won’t hand you their test subject line file – but I will!

“Tired of Banging Your Head Against The Wall? Don’t Risk Your Broadcasts…or Your Cold Hard Cash!”
Getting people to open your emails: You can do it the easy way or the hard way.

Let me hand you the easy way.

You know what I’m talking about:

Spending a lot of money on building your list, and a lot of effort running around looking for offers to mail. And then praying that people open your emails because you need more money to pay all your bills. (And don’t forget about the new sales that you were hoping to get from that email.)

We all know the crappy feeling that you’ve worked so hard and spent so much money, only to have no one open up your emails.

I’ve been down that path to frustration. I’ve personally banged my head on the walls when it comes to sending emails, and quite frankly, I don’t want you to do the same!

That’s why I’m going to hand you…

The Email Marketers Secret Weapon:
“My Split Test Black Book”

With this in your hands you can “Copy and Paste” your way to opens and clicks.

The moment I found the EASY WAY was when I started building this file, it felt like a dream come true and it will for you, when you get money with a push of a button. And skyrocked-your-clicks with rocket launching results.

You see, my internal team and I split test subject lines every single day, then I have them pull the stats a week later so I can get the after the emails settled for a week.

This ensures that I have the best subject lines in my file.

…tests results show how tiny variations OFTEN get up to and more than 25X more opens…

I Don’t Play Guessing Games, That’s Why I Split Test SUBJECT LINES like Crazy!
Here’s just some undeniable proof I test my subject lines:

Ok, that’s enough I’ve got alot more… just wanted to prove most people say they test but I actually do it!

“Matt’s one of the few guys I know that actually test stuff instead of just pretending like he tests it like so many others do. So if he’s giving you his tested and proven subject lines that he’s seen work better, that’s worth a small fortune to the smart marketer. And for the price he’s asking, it’s really a no brainer…” – Brian Koz

And Today…
You’ll Get Your Hands On… My Winning Subject Lines For The Last 7 Years!
Today is the day that you’ll take a real, solid step towards huge, great success in your email marketing.

Just imagine… you’ll be given a file that will allow you to get mega-open rates quickly and instantly.

Everyone one of your subsribers has just paid to be on your list – every broadcast that you send out will be gold.

Why am I offering you this?

Because I want to get back to the internet community since it has given so much to me.

Typically, you couldn’t pry this out of my hands but with all the talk about open rates going down it just made sense to give those of you that grab this a helping hand.

That’s why this offer is only available here on this site.

“This type of split-testing data is normally a closely guarded secret (I know mine sure is…) So I was surprised to see this type of information being provided by a top-tier email marketer — and I could not believe it was being offered at this price. So of course, I bought the product. Then I used one of the top-performing subject lines to promote this very product to my list 😉 It has literally paid for itself within 1 hour of my purchase! Thanks, Matt.” – Jeff Hampton

Special “Take Action Now” Bonus
($47 Value – Yours Absolutely FREE!)
Order now and I’ll give you a bonus video I made called:

All orders will also receive a ultra profitable bonus video on how to increase your clicks and sales.

It’s called the 10 X MORE CLICKS & 10 X MORE SALES. You get a short step by step video in MP4 format. You’ll find out what I discovered after running well over 8,000 email test rounds in the past 15 years.

This bonus video is very short (little over 10 minutes long) since I get stright to the point.

Anyone can blatantly copy this unique email method.

It will work for affiliate marketers, product creators and any sending email. However, this presupposes that you are a person willing to try a DIFFERENT strategy than what everone else is telling you to do.

I could have charged you for this. I could easily have charged you $47 just for this because inside the video you will have my proven method to make a lot more cold hard email cash.

I could have done that and I would have made more money.

That’s an honest to goodness fact.

However, I decided to just give it to you because when you buy my products and courses I want you to be able to make more money immediately. And I feel if you don’t learn this part of the equation you won’t have the success I know is possible with the subject lines you’re about to discover in my black book.

It gets even better because..

Can I legally guarantee that you will make more money than you have time to spend, upgrade your entire lifestyle and turn your life into the living paradise that it is for me?

Probably not.

But I don’t feel right keeping you money if you’re not making money either.

That’s why this is backed by my no quibble, no question Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

“Get this black book today and if you decide any time in the next 30 days that you don’t want, like, love, need what I sold you – just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. No quibble, no questions… Simply email [email protected] & I’ll just do it.”
So, how’s that for a guarantee?

I can’t be any fairer than that! If you’re convinced and truly serious about downloading your new swipe file, then you must order Now!

Imagine having instant access to “10 X MORE CLICKS & 10 X MORE SALES” you could put to use right away.

That’s what you’ll get PLUS a whole lot more.

You Must Order Quickly!
Let’s be perfectly clear about something:

It’s in your best interest to act now.

Because this is a Dime Sale!

That means the price will be rising aggressively. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get it now because that’s the only way you can guarantee you will get it at this ridiculously low price!

{WARNING: This price will not last long…..}

I hope, for your sake, that you’re one of the lucky people who will grab this fast.

And if you are, you’re going to get the lowest possilbe price right now 🙂

Good Luck!

Matt Bacak

P.S. I’ll be brutally honest with you… you’re getting this at a rediculously low price. It cost a lot more an hour for my team to test and pull this data than what you are paying for it.

P.P.S. Don’t spend another minute struggling to come up with your own open getting subject lines without this resource at your side! Download it right now even if it’s 2 am because it’s delivered instantly.

P.P.S.S. Remember, this is a dime sale so it’ at the lowest price possible.

“Great offer with solid content that can used straight away. Love the split testing stats as well, helps in prioritising what subject lines to use. Thanks Matt” – fcracer

“Wow Matt! That XXXPRICE INCREASINGXXX purchase is going to make me an easy 5 – 6 figures by the end of this year. This is the deal of the century and an absolute no-brainer to anyone who does any email marketing!”

– Justin Michie

“Knowing how much you test, re-test and test again, this information is like gold dust! Thanks Matt!” – Phoenix68

“Nice one Matt – this is going to be extremely useful indeed. Excellent content and crazy cheap!” – scorcher

“Thanks Matt for sharing your awesome subject lines data & collections” – catherinachia



Split Test Black Book
Split Test Black Book.pdf



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