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How to skip the hard part of writing killer sales copy… and, overnight, put 4 already written proven wealth generating landing pages to work for you.(Copycats Dream Library)

How to skip the hard part of writing killer sales copy… and, overnight, put 4 already written proven wealth generating landing pages to work for you.(Copycats Dream Library)

如何跳过写作杀手销售副本的难题……并在一夜之间,把4个已经验证证明的财富生成着陆页(landing pages)为你工作。

究竟人们是如何对这些landing pages做出反应的,为什么你可以用最高的市场知识来创造你自己的。

How to skip the hard part of writing killer sales copy… and, overnight, put 4 already written proven wealth generating landing pages to work for you.
4 masterpiece landing pages you can use next week to start bringing in riches and fame beyond your most wicked dreams.

You will get:
One large ebook with four walkthroughs of each lander
Four campaigns you can swipe and profit from immediately!
Exactly how people react to these landers and why so you can create your own with supreme market knowledge.


WAIT! Before You GO! Check Out This…


“How To Skip The Hard Part Of Writing Killer Sales Copy… And, Overnight, Put 4 ‘Already Written’ Proven Wealth-Generating Landing Pages To Work For You!”
You can forget about all the agony of coming up with ideas, concepts or even power words… because I’ve already done most of the writing (and all of the thinking) FOR you! No matter where you are now in your business life (or where your writing skills are), I guarantee you will walk away from this lesson armed with the immediate skills to adapt 4 masterpiece Landing pages you can use next week to start bringing in riches and fame beyond your most wicked dreams. Check this out, right now, if you’re finally ready to go screeching off on the wildest(and richest) ride of your life,…
And you can do it in just a few quick steps, following my exact instructions

I will show you WHY each Landing Page grabbed the reader in such a mega-effective way… and HOW to “translate” that snarling power so you can easily adapt the sameproven headline — with just a few “on target” changes — to your market. (This instantly solves your biggest problem — getting your prospect’s undivided attention, and pulling him deep into your pitch.)
I will reveal the sneaky psychological tactics hidden behind the all-important Ad Copy — the juicy details that KEEP the reader intensely interested — so you will have no trouble at all redirecting each ad’s “persuasion mojo” to your product/offer. (Just like “plug ‘n’ play“. Bang, a few changes, and you’ve got a killer Lander! For most writers, this is the hardest part of the pitch to get right… and now, it’s already done FOR you.)
I will deconstruct the APPEAL, so it becomes obvious why they worked… and also obvious how you can ever-so-simply tweak each one to fit your business. (Having world-class appeal will force your prospect to desire your product so badly, he won’t be able to sleep until he orders. You can finally overwhelm the reader — just like the best writers in the biz — with emotionally-dense snatches of copy that slips your sales pitch past his defenses and straight into his subconscious.)
And… I will show you how to look for… and quickly find… your own peculiar HOOK to replace the one I used. It’s right under your nose. (Understanding how to find — and use — the right hook is the difference between boring ads that pull nothing… and MONSTER winners that break the bank!)

You’ll never have to pay for a copywriter again
No more guesswork about what works as a presell & what doesn’t!
Sky-rocket conversions whether you put it in from of a squeeze to get higher opt-ins or an offer to crazy sales!
Never suffer the frustration of writer’s block again!
And, never waste a ton of cash testing new copy
Once I show you WHY and HOW these four masterpieces worked so well… word by word, phrase by phrase, and strategy by strategy… you’re going to have the biggest damn smile on your face you’ve ever had.
Exactly What You Get…

One large ebook with FOUR walkthroughs of each lander
FOUR campaigns you can swipe and profit from immediately!
Exactly how people react to these landers and why so you can create your own with supreme market knowledge!
You Will Be Able To Plug In Your Own Specifics As Easily As Pounding Square Pegs Into Square Holes… And Make Each Lander YOURS!
I’m serious. It’s as simple as a child’s game to adapt ANY proven Lander to your own uses. All you need… is to have someone (like me) show you the stunningly simple secrets behind the success. And give you the boilerplate, already written, that lets you do it yourself.

There are many marketers out there who have written, on their own, a single Lander that worked to some degree. Sometimes, they lucked into it, or obsessed so much on the project that they did version after version…until one finally started bringing in some profit.

But they don’t really know WHY the Lander worked.

And they couldn’t REPEAT their luck if a gun were held to their head.

Why? Because… they don’t understand the secrets behind money-making copy. It’s like the old saying: Everybody has one novel in them. (But seldom two.) Same with Landers — if you try long and hard enough, you may stumble onto a headline or offer that brings in some serious moolah.

But why work that hard?

And why risk your wealth, and the success of your business, on the “maybe” chance you will, somehow, be able to create an original new Pre-Sell that might work well enough to bring in profit and new customers?

Why not…
Ethically Cheat?

Why not just “borrow” a Lander that has already proven itself to contain ALL the necessary secrets and ingredients to be a world-class wealth-generator… and simply “translate” it to your own market? You can do it with complete positive karma, because I will give you permission to do it. I’ll show you how, and light the fire under your butt to get you going.

This is my personal invitation to you to pillage my best four Landers.

I know this tactic works like crazy, when you finally figure out how to do it right. I know, because I’ve helped others do it myself many, many times. Some of the smartest (and richest) marketers alive have learned to do it to perfection.

The results can take your breath away. An “okay” Lander can bring in some nice little profit. Like a dollar and a quarter for every dollar you spend. You may be able to survive on that kind of return.
Can Supercharge Your Bottom-Line Results Literally Overnight!

That’s why people pay me the big bucks to create landers for their campaigns. It’s not that they like to hand out checks for $3,500 (my standard up-front fee for a lander). (This doesn’t count the royalties I often get, either.)

Nope. It’s because they are utterly confident that what I write will be like opening a new checking account somewhere… and having other people stuff that account with cash.
To the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, on up to millions.

That’s what running or mailing a winning Lander is like. The money can come flooding in so fast you can’t keep up with depositing it all. It’s like the dam burst.

It is, simply…
The Difference Between “Just Getting By”…And Finally Getting Busy Earning The Fortune That Will Allow You To Live In Luxury For The Rest Of Your Days!

That’s why smart affiliates & product owners pay me outrageous fees to create landers for them. My little Bag of Tricks holds the key to a big damn house on Easy Street.

So… have I flipped my lid here?

Pic to break up text

Why in the hell would I reveal the hidden secrets behind my most successful and biggest profit-generating Landers… so you can copy them yourself, and SKIP hiring me to write for you?

It is a little like committing professional suicide, isn’t it.

Because, once I do share the inside secrets behind my best work, you will realize two things immediately:

It is so easy to alter an existing advertisement to your own greedy little needs — and have it work so amazingly well — that you may never bother to try writing original ads ever again… and…
You can stop struggling with the whole business of writing ads altogether… and, instead, get on with the business of running your “ready-made” masterpieces and RAKING IN OBSCENE PROFITS. Because you’ve now got 5 very smoking ads “in the bank”, waiting to be unleashed whenever you choose.
I really could make myself — and the entire skill set of advanced Lander creation I teach –obsolete.

So why am I doing this?

Simple. First — the ONLY people who are going to even know I’m selling this manual at this rock bottom price are the people who’ve been subscribed to my last for sometime now. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t even aripple on the pond of the Big Old Marketing World Out There.

There will always be plenty of other people who need to hire me, at my full outrageous fees.

That doesn’t worry me a bit.

Second — this is what I LOVE to do. I started this whole enterprise — because I love to teach. No one helped me when I started out, and I made a vow that — after I made it — I would do mybest to help everyone I could.

I want to be that pro who takes the time to help rookies and small business owners “get over the hump” of creating great advertising. I enjoy my role as the guy who reveals all the insider secrets that other professionals want to keep to themselves. (Trust me — a lot of super affiliates are gonna be plentypissed at me for revealing these secrets, too.)
Without doubt, this is the BEST way I can help you, right now.

This manual will not make your brain ache with complex copywriting theory.

Instead… I just show you how to take one (or more) of my existing “home run” Landers… and adapt ‘em for your own immediate use. With my permission.

This is gonna change your life. This is gonna be more fun than being reborn as a spoiled rich kid.

Even better…

You can see the whole package for FREE, if you choose, too. Because you’re covered by a complete, no-nonsense, 100% money-back guarantee…

You don’t risk a penny.

If you’re not completely happy — for any reason whatsoever — just contact my support desk, and I’ll promptly refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

Listen carefully: My minimum fee for writing a Lander is $3,500. When you factor in the royalties I tack on, JVs I negotiate… you will understand why I’ve been paid $5,000 (and more) by clients for a single Lander. (Including the ones I’m offering you.)

I get the Big Bucks because what I write brings in BIGGER bucks for the client. It’s a win-win situation.

These Landers I’m going to teach you how to “steal” have EACH been worth a FORTUNE, both to me and to the Students I’ve shared them with. I can’t even begin to compute what the total profit has been. What does a Boeing 747 cost?

I have entertained obscene offers for the exclusive rights to these Landers. And I’ve consideredlicensing the boilerplates for these Landers to the general public (who have no clue how great advertising works).

Here’s the deal: I am, essentially, offering you Four Fresh Landers. (Because I’ve already done 90% of the writing and conceptualizing and selling… plus, I will teach you how to convert them.) At a bare minimum, that would cost you $5,000 upfront from a professional copywriter.

But I’m not going to ask for anything close to that kind of money.

No way. This is the next best thing to paying a expensive copywriter.

You get full use pif these lander templates, with no strings attached.

You get it all for just…
Just $97!

This is the kind of life-changing event I’d LOVE to have happen to me. It’s like this huge fork in the road — you’re limping along with your current life, maybe bored to tears or dead-broke… and then BAM! You’re off on a wild new ride that changes everything.

A whole new life, and a whole new world of business success is at your fingertips here.

And it all begins with the simple decision: “Yes! I want to learn these secrets!”

There is NO OTHER INVESTMENT you could ever make in your future that will pay off so fast, and so richly. You can still learn how to create original Landers on your own… but you just won’t have to wait for success, because you’ll have one of MY Landers cooking for you in the meantime (with your minor changes). And you can still work on the details of your business… but you can do that while your new “ready-made” masterpiece is out there bringing in a flood of new customers and dough.

I don’t care what else you might have earmarked for the money needed to get in on this offer. The ONLY way you won’t earn that money BACK almost immediately… is if you don’t try. What I teach you has the proven powerto create fast, fabulous fortunes. Your success is front-loaded.

They work with any traffic source…
Media Buys
You name it, it works. Just slap one of these in front of an affiliate offer in any niche and watch the sales roll in!

I don’t care how vicious your competition is, either. Hitting back with a world-class masterpiece Lander is the BEST way to steal all the customers and earn your spot as Number One in your market.

Nor I don’t care how inexperienced — or experienced — you are. I know of dozens of guys who started with zilch (no cash, no skills, no idea of even how to get started) and quickly earned MILLIONS IN COMMISSIONS… and they did it with world-class masterpiece Landers just like these that shocked the market and demolished all other comers. All it took was being let inon the secrets.

I also know several PRO’S who never quite cracked the big time… and, with just a little push from me, finally went over the top. And instantly started earning FOUR TIMES their old fee… plus having clients call them,begging to hire ‘em. These secrets are that powerful — they can transform beginners, and instantly knock advanced writers into the big leagues.

Nor do I care what market you’re in. Over my time as a copywriter, super affiliate, and product creator… I’ve sold just about everything there is to sell, to every kind of customer alive. I’ve written infomercials, web sites, direct mail, print ads, every kind of ad imaginable. I KNOW this game, inside and out. There is NOTHING you’re doing, or dealing with, or facing… that I haven’t written ad copy about.

Okay, I’m done. It’s late, and I’m going to bed. The skills I’ve mastered at copywriting bought me this peaceful existence. I take a LOT of time off, because I can. I can go anywhere I want, when I want and on my terms… and the only limit to even more wealth is my basic laziness.

I’m just too busy having fun and getting on with the good stuff life has to offer.

So, don’t wait….

Be an action taker and get this incredible bonus on top:
Bonus – How To Become A Cold Traffic Superhero ($47)
This is an incredible secret that I’m going to share with you in this “immediate action guide”!

This secret used, is what I call the “WOW Factor Technique”.

It’s an old school technique old timer direct marketers used to use in direct mail print sales letters mailed to cold prospects to convince them to buy.

When it comes to cold traffic this is the NUMBER ONE SECRET to increasing sales volume and ultimately your ‘NET PROFIT’…
Only $97!

Warm regards,

Robert Herdt

No Thanks, I Don’t Need 4 ‘Already Written’ Proven Wealth-Generating Landing Pages


Copycats Dream Library
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