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Extremely simple system that generates commissions for you overnight.
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A real case study based system
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This is 100% newbie friendly
Step-by-step video course


What is Overnight Cash Hack?

First, the sales page has this dramatic headline:

Sounds pretty good, right? Okay, so the earnings are a lot lower than many other “make money online” offers claim. But only 27 minutes of easy work? I’ve got 27 minutes to spare, haven’t you?

Anyway, there is also this video (he speaks quietly, so you will have to turn your speakers right up):

So there he has his proof of earnings, which is great, right? Just below that video is a button to buy it, and it only costs $6.95. I had a tiny bit of spare money to play with this month, so I decided to give it a try. After all, $6.95 isn’t much to learn an easy method like this.

But Here Comes the Upsell!

As soon as I had paid the $6.95, I was taken to another page with an upgrade offer:

This contained another video:

So here you get offered to pay a further $27 to get his “done for you” email series and landing pages. I decided to go for this offer because $27 doesn’t seem like too much money to be able to copy someone’s exact system, right?

So now I’ve bought Overnight Cash Hack and its upgrade offer, the question is:
Is it any good? Let’s take a look at the main training videos followed by the “done for you” upgrade…

The Main Overnight Cash Hack Videos

Once you have bought Overnight Cash Hack, you get taken to a welcome page. This is split into 4 steps:

Step 1 contains a video where he welcomes you, and he also tells you about a bonus guide he has emailed you. It is a 20 page PDF guide which tells you similar things to the training video. It’s quite basic and not very detailed really, but what can you expect from a free ebook?

Step 2 asks you to join his private Facebook Mastermind Group. When I went to join, there was only one other member.

Step 3 is really cheeky because it has “Your Exclusive Members Only Bonus”:

This sounds like something wonderful that is exclusive to members of Overnight Cash Hack, but it is a lie. The image is just an affiliate link for Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income product on ClickBank.

This is a dirty trick because he is trying to squeeze even more money out of you once you have bought Overnight Cash Hack. It’s not even another product he’s created, he’s just using the opportunity to throw in an affiliate link for someone else’s product. And he’s doing it by falsely claiming it’s an exclusive bonus just for members of Overnight Cash Hack.

Step 4 contains the actual Overnight Cash Hack training videos:

Video 1 introduces the method and talks about how to structure your autoresponder email series. It is just a general overview, though, and contains no detail about what you actually need to do.

Video 2 explains what an autoresponder is. He mentions Aweber and Getresponse but specifically recommends Getresponse. He does explain a bit about how to structure your email series, but again it is not in any real detail. He does actually show you how to set up an email in Getreponse, but only the first email, not any of the others in the sequence.

Underneath the video is an affiliate link for a trial of Getresponse, as well as a link to the “Done for You” email sequence upgrade that earlier I was told would only be offered to me once; so, that’s another lie right there.

Video 3 talks about his “secret hack”. I won’t actually say what it is because that would be overstepping the line. But he shows you how to choose products to promote, and a sneaky way to get more money for each sale. I think this could actually work if it’s done right.

Video 4 shows you how to create an effective landing page for free on Getresponse. You get to actually see the words to use and how to style it, as well as specifically how to do this from within Getresponse.

Video 5 talks about how to get traffic to your landing page. He mentions paid traffic options and free traffic options. For each of these two types of traffic, he just lists them and briefly talks about them. There are no actual step-by-step instructions showing exactly how to do these methods.

Video 6 is the last video, and this is just a summary, giving you a recap of what the other videos have covered.

I can definitely see how a total newbie would feel lost and confused at this point. Even as someone who is somewhat experienced with internet marketing, I’m still not really clear on exactly what I need to do to get this whole thing up and running.

I was really hoping that buying the “done for you” upgrade would fill in all the gaps and put me in a position where I could just copy what he’s done and set it going. So let’s take a look at what the upgrade contains…

The “Done for You” Upgrade

This upgrade consists of two things:

A series of 11 emails you can plug into your autoresponder.
4 different landing pages you can use.

The 11 Emails

These look quite good, apart from some spelling and grammar errors. I imagine they could work quite well. The problem is, there is no guidance on how to schedule the sending of these emails (which days to send them on). Also, it would have been good if he recommended specific products to promote, but that doesn’t matter too much because in Video 3 (mentioned above) he explains how to choose products to promote.

The Landing Pages

These landing pages look beautiful, as you can see by this example:

They are provided in HTML format. There is a big problem here, though. How do you use them? If you were to simply upload these HTML files to your own website exactly as they are, they would not be linked to your own email list, they would still be linked to HIS email list.

So, you need to somehow convert these into being linked to your own autoresponder account, but how do you do that? He doesn’t give you any instructions on how to do that. So this is not a simple “done for you” system.


Overnight Cash Hack
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11 Day Email Sequence.txt
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