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十部完整的视频培训课程教您人类已知的最有效的劝说技巧(Maverick Persuasion)

十部完整的视频培训课程教您人类已知的最有效的劝说技巧(Maverick Persuasion)
十部完整的视频培训课程教您人类已知的最有效的劝说技巧(Maverick Persuasion)


Discover the only ten scientifically proven techniques you’ll ever need to effortlessly get into the mind of someone and persuade them to your way of thinking.
Maverick Persuasion is a 10 module video training course that shows the most effective persuasion techniques known to man.
Only the most effective, time tested strategies and techniques made the cut.

“In Just A Few Short Minutes From Now You Could Have The Proven Solution For Persuading People To Do What You Want In Your Business, Career & Personal Life..”
“Discover The Only Ten Scientifically Proven Techniques You’ll Ever Need To Effortlessly Get Into The Mind Of Someone And Persuade Them to Your Way of Thinking”
Over 10,000 Customers Can’t Be Wrong..

From The Desk Of Paul Mascetta

New York, NY

Dear Friend,

I made a BIG mistake a few years ago.

But that very mistake (which I’ll get to in a second) will probably turn out to be a blessing for you if you answer yes to any of these questions:

Do you ever feel like you you’ve gotten short changed on some opportunity that you should have been able to take advantage of? (career position, a raise, a promotion, a date or simply just a chance to do something great).
Do you ever secretly wonder how people who are clearly less intelligent, educated, hardworking or experienced somehow wind up on top before you?
Did you ever think that maybe there’s some secret that the great achievers of the world know about that use to constantly ride the wave of success, happiness and wealth that you just haven’t cracked the code to just yet?
Do you wish you could be one of those people whose influence is so powerful over others that they just want to listen to, buy from and comply with you?
If you’re answer was yes to any one of those questions then listen close.

Because I’m about to share the secret formula that I’ve been using for years to persuade people into giving me money, opportunities and resources.

First understand that just because you’ve been unsuccessful thus far in your attempts to be persuasive, it doesn’t mean that it’s your fault.
Look they don’t teach you this stuff in school.
They teach you everything else BUT this.

They teach you all of the stuff that will hopefully get you to a point where you have the opportunity to persuade someone but they don’t show you how to do it.

For example you go to school to get a good education so you can then get a good job.

The problem is that there’s one crucial step that takes place in between the education and the job….it’s called the interview.

And the reality is that when the average person shows up to an interview, they have no idea what it really takes to make the boss hire them.

And what’s worse is that if someone else (who DOES know how to persuade) gets an interview, they’ll probably get hired over you.

This “crucial step” of getting the interview isn’t just limited to getting jobs either.

It’s present in EVERY single aspect of life. It just might be labeled differently.

In the dating arena, it’s called the approach.

In the sales arena, it’s called the negotiation.

And the crazy thing is….
Most Of What You Think Will Persuade People Actually Doesn’t
People are persuaded in ways that most people can’t even imagine.

In many cases it happens on a deep subconscious level.

The reason for this has to do with the way we process information.

Your mind is constantly working.

It is on a never ending quest to filter the information that you receive each day.

In order to make things easier, the mind uses mental short cuts to make rapid subconscious decisions.

The scientific term for these short cuts is heuristics and they serve your mind immensely.

We therefore operate primarily on “auto-pilot” so we can reserve out cognitive resources.

In doing so, we only rely on our cognitive abilities if we absolutely have to as a last resort.

Because the human mind is wired to make rapid subconscious decisions and take mental shortcuts, an opportunity arises for anyone who knows how to capitalize from it.


Maybe you have a business or a great product.

But for whatever reason you just can’t seem to sell it.

Maybe you’re a really good person who deserves to find love but you just can’t seem to approach people.

Maybe you’re smart, hardworking and creative but just haven’t gotten the break you need to succeed because you don’t know how to influence people to believe in you.

I get it. I’ve seen the scenario all too many times.

In fact, I’ve helped over 10,000 people fix these problems.

And truth is its really isn’t even that hard.

You just need 2 things; a secret weapon and leverage.

The secret weapon is the ability to effectively persuade others.

It’s really that simple.

Think of it like this.

Having the ability to persuade trumps EVERYTHING else.

You could have every admirable attribute known to man. If you can’t get others to believe in you or support you it’s very likely that you will never live up to your full potential.

The leverage is the few persuasion techniques that give you the biggest return.

There’s a old saying that goes “small hinges swing big doors”.
The Majority Of The Results We Achieve In Life Come From The Minority Of The Things We Do
So many times people wrapped in trying to do too many things to attain wealth when in reality they really only have to do a few things.

They just have to do them right.

That’s what we call leverage.

Leverage is the ability to do more with less.

Think of it almost like a seesaw.

You see how easy it is for the person on the left to lift the person on the right?

That’s leverage.

Now imagine that person on the left trying to manually pick the person up on the right with no leverage.

That would be pretty tough to do.

That person would be using all of their energy and strength and still not getting the best result.

Now for the mistake I mentioned earlier.

A few years back I decided that I wanted to take my 15+ years of experience in salesmanship, my understanding of the human psyche and what it takes to make people say yes and share it with the world.

I spent a little over a year building what I thought would be the best possible influence resource on the planet.

I put everything I had ever discovered into that product.

But that was a BIG mistake.
Here’s How My Mistake Benefits You
Instead of including everything I’d ever discovered I should have put everything that I knew for a fact worked time and time again.

It was an honest mistake. I was trying to give as much valuable content as I could.

But that often causes people to get confused and overwhelmed.

It’s kind of like Apple showing every single version of the Iphone that they tested instead of just giving you the final version which is the best.

My goal in creating that program was to share as much as I possibly could about what I’d learned but the truth is I didn’t follow the 80/20 rule.

In fact, I blatantly VIOLATED it.

Instead of identifying the top 20% of techniques and strategies that provide 80% of the results, I thought I could provide 100% of the techniques. and provide 100% of the results.

I was kidding myself because in reality there’s no such thing.

You see it’s never 100% of anything that drives 100% of the results..NEVER.

It’s always the minority of things that drive the majority of things.
80% of the wealth in the world belongs to 20% of the people
80% of profits come from 20% of customers
80% of complaints come from 20% of customers
80% of profits come from 20% of the time you spend
80% of sales come from 20% of products
80% of sales are made by 20% of the sales staff
You probably spend 80% of your time in 20% of the rooms in your house.

You probably eat 20% of foods 80% of the time.

This 80/20 phenomenon is like a Universal Law.

And anytime you fail to embrace it you complicate things and make your work harder.

So here’s what I did differently this time.

I set out to create a rock solid, time tested persuasion formula that utilizes the power of leverage.
It’s called Maverick Persuasion and here’s why you want it.

Maverick Persuasion is a 10 module video training course that shows the most effective persuasion techniques known to man. Period.

When creating Maverick Persuasion I made a promise that I would only include the top 20% of what I know from personal experience drives 80% of the results.

In other words, only the most effective, time tested strategies and techniques made the cut.

Anything else, regardless of how cool, intriguing or cutting edge it may have seemed was dismissed.

So what you have in this training are the top 10 strategies that that you will really ever need when it comes to mastering the art of persuasion.

All delivered in an easy to understand instructional format.

The difference between persuasion and manipulation and how to get the same results as a master manipulator without lying, cheating or misleading people
The key to planting a positive image of yourself in the mind of the person you want to persuade before you even speak to them.
How to create a position of power when you speak to people so they respect and listen to you.
The best possible source of credibility and how you can use it advantageously to attract people to you.
The secret source of inherit power that transcends time in terms of persuading people.
Two simple ingredients to add to any story that instantly captivate the listener.
How to effectively become a guru in area so people seek you out and want to be persuaded by you.
The right way to enter the mind of your target and change their beliefs so they become compliant.
Motivational Triggers and how you can use them to instantly get people to take the action that you want them to.
The Socratic Method of getting inside the mind of someone and how you can use it to make them persuade themselves to listen to you.
Four key things that you can do with your voice that instantly make your more persuasive.
How to instantly gain power and credibility without doing or saying anything.
A trusted strategy for gaining attention, reducing resistance and persuading people without then even realizing what’s going on. This technique has been around for thousands of years which is why we are hardwired to respond to it by nature.
Five simple steps to becoming a master storyteller whose words engage, mesmerize and move people to take action.
The secret to attaining guru status so that people respect your power and authority and seek you out to attain what you have to offer.
The one thing you must do before anything else if you plan to change someone else’s beliefs so they listen and comply with you.
A key strategy to getting people to lower their resistance and give into your requests.
A super sneaky technique that makes people want your offer before they even know what it is about.
How to pre-frame people to build rapport and desire into wanting your offer.
How to leverage the phenomenon of pluralistic ignorance to your advantage when persuading large groups of people.
The secret to establishing instantly authority and like-ability so people are more likely to trust you.
The single most effective persuasion/influence technique that I have ever used to amplify the amount of times people say “yes”. (This only involves one tiny tweak.)
My simple but super-effective 10 step process for selling/marketing anything .(I’ve NEVER shared this publicly with anyone).
And much, much more!
List Price – $147 Today’s Price – $67

Save yourself the years of time, money, energy and frustration of failing or falling short because you can’t get people to cooperate and comply with you.
Three Reasons Why My Program Is Better Than Everything Else On The Market
It’s Easy To Understand And Apply – I deliver my information as if I was talking to you over a dinner where you’re relaxed and actually enjoy what I’m saying rather than being bored stiff and dreading your next listen/read. You will get immediate access to 10 training videos where I will walk you step by step through the entire training.
Price Is Just Incomparable – Most products that show you how to persuade others can easily cost $200 and up. At the price below, this one is a down right robbery.
It Contains Only The Most Relevant Information – This entire training was built on the 80/20 principle so I won’t waste your time filling your head with a bunch of cool sounding, intricate information that can’t be applied in real life situations. You’re getting ONLY the most time tested, trusted techniques that have been repeating proven to work over and over gain.
Knowing that my program will engage and inspire you far beyond most of what’s out there on this topic combined with fact that it includes some truly cutting edge information, I know that I could easily charge upwards of $100 for this program.

And if you look around, you’ll see that’s what most of my competitors charge.

After this week, Maverick Persuasion will be sold to the general public for $147

But anyone who knows me knows I believe in getting a damn good deal when I buy something and because of that, I also like to GIVE my customers a great deal as well.
Here’s Where It Gets Even Better
So right now as part of this introductory offer, I’m going to say…

Forget $147

Forget $100

Forget $75

If you order today, you’ll get immediate access to the members area where you can get all 10 video modules, all 10 audio modules and the 100 + page PDF for just $67.
Our 1 Year (365 Day Guarantee)

Go ahead and order the Maverick Persuasion video training course. Download all ten video and audio modules as well as the digital transcript. Don’t decide today whether nor not you want to keep it. Take the next year to put the material to work.

If it doesn’t increase your ability to persuade others by ten fold then simply send my support team an email suppor[email protected] and we will issue you a full refund and you can keep the material anyway.
Here’s What This Will Do For You
Equip you with the ability to mesmerize and captivate the attention of others
Open doors for opportunities that would have otherwise been closed because of your inability to effectively persuade others
Position you as a person of authority that others trust and rely on
Increase the positivity you experience in ALL of your relationships
Have no one ever out talk or out wit you vocally
Here’s What You Invest For All Of This
Just $147

Today’s Special Price = $67

You’re probably spending more money on coffee every week.
List Price – $147 Today’s Price – $67

Here’s What To Do Now
Simply click the “Add To Cart Button” below and you’ll be taken to our secure order form.

After your payment is processed you’ll be taken to the Maverick Persuasion members area where you access all of the training material.

You can watch each video at your own pace and you can download all the material to your computer if you wish.

You now have everything you need.

For a one time payment that’s less than what you’re probably spending on cable TV each month, you can use these potent secrets to change your life by getting the answers you want from people.

Order now and thank me later.


PS – Remember with my one year money back guarantee you can try the course out for a full 12 months before you decide to keep it.

PPS – This is an EXCLUSIVE invite and that includes special pricing so jump on this now.

Dear Mr. Mascetta, I have bought multiple programs from you and the content of your material is the best I have found on the internet. Your manner of presentation is top notch. When I needed your assistance, you were only a click away. Thank you for what you do.

Charlie Butts, Happy Customer
Paul and his Hypnosis products and associates are top rated! Has helped me to stay focused and have gone from 67 linked in connects, to a little short of 500 in only a few short days. Congrats Paul, keep up the good work!

Joseph Williams,
Hi Paul, I have purchased products from you before. You are an expert at what you teach! It’s not like any other products other there, because your passion shows. You provide a lot of value for pennies. I admire & fully enjoy all the products you provide. Cheers, :0)

Erika Almanza,
I have purchased many of Paul’s products and I have found they all have the common thread of getting the point across quickly and easily. For example, when I compared Paul’s NLP course to the other NLP courses I have taken–Paul’s course is the best. The other courses were long and tedious while Paul’s was easy, short, and he gave examples that really made me grasp the concepts taught. Thank you Paul for your excellent teaching style.

Penny G,
I wanted drop you a line to say thanks. I just finished your course on Hypnotic Language Patterns and the material is totally mind blowing. It’s really made me stop and think about how I communicate at work, with my friends, when meeting new people and even over a humble email. I’m hooked on your stuff and would recommend it to anyone who wants to up their game in the way they communicate with the rest of the world. Thanks again!

Jono Bradford,
I have been a student of Paul Mascetta’s for several years. I can tell you that his teachings are nothing short of phenomenal. He presents his material in a format that is easy for anyone to comprehend and to incorporate. In addition, he offers his programs at a price that is affordable, making them available to a greater number who are in the most need of what he has to offer. There are many instructors out there teaching (or attempting to teach) in the areas of Influence and Mind Control and without a doubt Paul is one of the VERY, VERY best I have ever encountered. In my personal life, his teachings and techniques have helped me to make remarkable progress in dealing with my own triple mesothelioma. So I can say with all honesty that Paul has directly helped contribute to the fact that I am still here. I strongly suggest that anyone who wishes to learn about Influence and Mind Control seek out Paul’s sage wisdom. You will be a better person for having met Paul through his programs and lectures.

Jim McPherson,


Maverick Persuasion
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Hypnotic Influence Secrets.MP3
Maverick Persuasion Transcript.PDF
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Power Positioning Teleseminar.MP3



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