世界上最最赚钱的推销信(Sales Letter)的神奇秘诀(Copywriting Crash Course)


Stop losing money promoting your website… and… start converting visitors to paying customers like crazy with the secret of the most profitable advertisement in history.
I include only practical instruction so you can start writing ads that work right away.

You will learn:

The first step in the creation of “break-the-bank” direct response sales copy.
How to determine the purpose of your ad before you write it.
How to find your market’s hot buttons… without… guessing.
A little-known step in the copywriting process that practically forces your ads to write themselves.
The final step to creating ads that produce consistent profits.


For Internet marketers fed up with poor results…

“The Amazing Secret Of The Most Profitable Sales Letter In The
History Of The World!”

Stop losing money promoting your website… and… start converting visitors to paying customers like crazy (while generating serious cash flow for your business) with the secret of The Most Profitable Advertisement In History!

John Anghelache

John Anghelache
Direct Response Copywriter

To: Profit-Focused Internet marketers

From: John Anghelache
South of the “Windy City”

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you would like to find out how world-class advertising is really created… and… use this secret to produce promotions that can make you rich… then… this will be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why…

In 1974, Martin Conroy – then vice president of BBD&O advertising agency – wrote a sales letter that…

Brought In An Estimated
In Gross Revenues!

The letter consisted of two pages printed front and back. It was mailed in a small No.7 envelope. Industry experts believe no other piece of advertising ever earned as much money as this letter. You see, it only ran 780 words.

When you divide $2 billion – in gross revenues over its lifetime – by 780 words that means the letter earned $2,560,000 ( that’s two million five hundred sixty thousand) per word.

Conroy was commissioned to write this letter to sell subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal. It is considered the most successful sales letter of all time.


Because it mailed for 28-years straight with almost no changes to the original copy.

This letter became the legendary “unbeatable” control.

Year after year it mailed in the tens of millions. Many tried, but no one beat Conroy’s control for nearly three decades. In the process, it made The Wall Street Journal the top financial publication in the country. The publishers became filthy rich.

Martin Conroy etched his name in advertising history… and… carved out a reputation as perhaps the best modern day copywriter.

The big question is: What was Conroy’s secret to writing his blockbuster letter… and…

How Can You Use The Copywriting
Secret Of The Most Successful Sales
Letter Ever Written To Hit Advertising
Home Runs In Your Own Business?

Actually, the answer is simple.

According to insiders, Conroy did not come up with the sales copy on his own. In fact, by all accounts, he relied on a little-known “trick” to cheat his way to writing the sales pitch.

I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

Before I do, you should know that in 2002 Conroy’s control letter was finally beaten. It was beaten in two consecutive tests. In the first test, Conroy’s letter was beaten by less than 10%.

However, in the second and definitive test, it was beaten by 24%.

Which means the new letter – written by copywriting veteran Mal Decker – generated a staggering 24% more sales than the original 28-year control.

The question begging to be answered is: How did Mal Decker come up with a letter that beat the “unbeatable” control?

Once again, the answer is simple.

He used Martin Conroy’s copywriting trick to cheat his way to writing the new control.

Guess what? You, too, can use this secret to ethically “cheat” your way to producing ads, sales letters, post cards, emails, autoresponders, landing pages and any other sort of promotional material you can think of.

In the rest of this letter, I’m going to tell you what this secret is and…

How To Exploit Its
Profit-Producing Powers!

My name is John “Angel” Anghelache.

I’m a direct response copywriter. For the past decade, I’ve created hundreds of promotions banking tens of millions of dollars.

A recent campaign brought in over $25,000,000. Another one flooded my client with almost $14,000,000 in sales. I’ve crafted sales messages resulting in so many sales the client had to shut down the website.

Because they couldn’t fulfill the orders fast enough. In the recent past, several letters I’ve written generated response rates of 28%, 19% and 13%!

In addition, I’ve been hired and paid to write direct response copy by some of the biggest names in the game. Take a look below at what a few of them have to say about me…

What Legendary Direct
Marketers Have To Say…

“John is only one of a handful of new copywriters on the scene I’d trust. In fact, I hired him recently to write a sales letter for one of my $6,250 products. He jam-packed the letter with killer salesmanship. I’m delighted with the results.”

Gary C. Halbert,

“When I read the copy John wrote about my Breakthrough Copywriting Seminar, I became so enthused I wanted to watch the DVDs all over again!… He ‘gets’ it — and if you’re lucky enough to have him write copy for you, you’ll profit from it!”

David Garfinkel,
World Copywriting Institute

“”But more than that his sales letter is pulling sales and making money, which is the real world test. He’s an excellent copywriter.”

Dr. Joe Vitale,
Hypnotic Marketing Inc.

“I have to tell you the bullet copy you just wrote for me is fantastic. You pack benefit after benefit into your copy that practically glued my eyes to every page from beginning to end.”

Yanik Silver,
Sure Fire Marketing, Inc.

“John knows what he’s talking about. I know, because I hired him! He wrote copy for some of my clients in my copywriting agency, which produced millions of dollars in sales.”

Michel Fortin,
The Success Doctor, Inc.

“John, I can count the number of copywriters I’ll hire on one hand and still have enough left-over digits to hold a pencil securely. For the quality, timeliness and hassle-free results you delivered, I’ll confidently hire you again.”

Peter Stone,

I’m doing a little “name dropping” here so you take me seriously. You see, I too use this secret to shortcut the copywriting process.

If you learn how to implement it you will always be able to…

Crank Out Moneymaking
Promotions Quick And Easy!
Let me tell why this secret takes the guesswork out of crafting sales messages. And allows you to get breakthrough response rates that can bring in huge and automatic profits.

Eliminates Writer’s Block Forever

First of all, this copywriting secret removes all writing obstacles out of your way.

You will never again face a blank page or computer screen and wonder what to do. Once you know how this secret works you can sit down and start writing your ad immediately.

There’s no more fretting and worrying. No more wondering what to say first… or… next. You’ll know where to start and how to finish your ads.

You’ll have the confidence to piece together a promotion that rakes in more money than it costs to run.

I think this is the only way to really eliminate writer’s block for good.

Write Promotions In Half The Time

I believe this is the fastest legitimate way to write advertising copy that works. By using this secret, you will cut your writing time in half. Maybe more.

You will never feel lost in the process or unsure of the next step. For this reason, you will move quickly and efficiently through your ad from the headline to the post script. When you’re done, you’ll have a piece of copy worth its weight in gold.

And you’ll save a lot of time as a result of using this secret.

Produce Up To 300% More Effective Copy

The copy you write using this secret will be up to three times more effective than anything you could think up on your own. You’ll have a blueprint at your fingertips that practically guarantees your success.

You can use this secret to write brand new copy.

Or you can use this secret to test new copy against a current control. In either case, your promotion has a better chance to make more sales and more money.

Model Success

Let me tell you something: You will never write the best copy possible… if… you insist on creating it in a vacuum. In other words, being too creative when it comes to sales copy is a bad idea.

Instead, you should find out what’s working. Then model success. Think of it this way: Would you rather create a brand new franchise… or… just model the successful franchises – like McDonald’s?

If succeeding is your objective… then… modeling success is the smartest thing you can do.

Simple And Easy To Implement

Perhaps the best part about this secret is how easy it is to implement. All you do is follow simple step-by-step instructions. Within a couple of hours you’ll know how this secret works.

And you can put it to use the same day. You don’t have to know any technical copywriting stuff. You don’t have to get bogged down in advertising formulas.

Heck, you don’t need a writing background either.

The only thing that matters is your ability to follow instructions.

As you can tell by now, this copywriting secret is a good ace to have up your sleeve. If you run or control a profit-oriented online or offline business… then… this secret is crucial.


Because it will allow you to come up with great promotions whenever you want. You’ll no longer deal with the usual stress and struggle. Writer’s block will be a thing of the past. You’ll cut writing time at least in half.

Your ads will produce up to 300% better response rates. You’ll now have a formula for modeling advertising success.

Bottom line, this copywriting secret is…

The Most Effective Shortcut
To Producing Sales Copy!

Unfortunately, no one teaches how to use it properly.

Most of the ad writing instruction out there does not even mention this secret. The few books that skim by it encourage ad writers to skip it altogether.

Let’s face it: The advertising big guns do not want average business owners to learn what this secret is. There’s no conspiracy to keep it from you or anything. However, the less you know the better for the ad agencies.

I’d like to ask you a simple question: Would you like to discover what this secret is… and… how to use it in your business to create money making advertising?

Only someone without a pulse would refuse.

Because this secret can transform your advertising from “so-so” into a profit-making machine that never stops. Insiders agree, Conroy ethically ripped off – or swiped – the concept and infrastructure of his Two Billion Dollar letter from a letter written in 1919.

Back then, copywriting and advertising pioneer, Bruce Barton, wrote a letter promoting the Alexander Hamilton Institute’s Modern Business Course .

Conroy apparently swiped Barton’s letter to create his blockbuster promotion.

Are you surprised to hear swiping goes on in the highest echelons of advertising? You shouldn’t be. Just about all the top “penslingers” in the world rely on swiping (to some extent) when writing their ads and sales letters.

The problem for business owners who are not pro copywriters is two-fold.

First of all, nine out of ten people who try to swipe do it incorrectly. If you swipe the wrong way you’ll land in legal hot water. Your promotion may infringe on copyright laws and smack of plagiarism.

Which almost guarantees a lawsuit. Second, if you swipe the wrong way your promotion will fail.

Swiping is not taught in advertising and copywriting books. When people try it they make some serious response-killing mistakes.

For these reasons, knowing how to swipe the right way is crucial to your success. And, if you’re serious about putting together promotions that work… then… you’re in luck.


Because I recently wrote a complete course on how to swipe your way to successful ads. Anyone who wants to write better copy… faster… will benefit by reading it over.

The course is easy to read. It tells you exactly what to do step-by-step. I use it when I write copy. You can read the course and listen to the audios in one evening.

Then, the very next day, you can start using this secret to write killer copy.

By the way, it’s entitled…

The Copywriting Crash Course

“How To Ethically Cheat Your
Way To Crafting Advertising
Promotions That Produce
Profits On Demand!”

Here’s a brief (very brief) overview of what the course includes…

The Copywriting Crash Course E-Book And Audios

The e-book and MP3 audios are the “bread and butter” of the program. I’ve taken all the filler out and condensed the most important elements of swiping for profit into a paint-by-the-numbers process. Each step in the system is explained.

I include only practical instruction so you can start writing ads that work right away. Check out a few of the secrets you’ll discover when you go through this material…

The first step in the creation of “break-the-bank” direct response sales copy. Just in case you’re wondering, the answer is not research. If you skip this step all the research in the world won’t save you from getting mediocre results at best.

How to determine the purpose of your ad before you write it. Listen, most people just sit down and start typing away. They never bother to figure out exactly what they want from the ad. And then they wonder why the ad didn’t work. Here’s how to overcome this big mistake once and for all.
Critical questions to ask yourself… before… you write one word!
A single piece of advice from marketing consultant – Dan Kennedy – that saved me from the frustration of not knowing what to say in my ads. This might be the best advice you ever get on the topic of copywriting.
The biggest problem anyone faces when it comes to creating their own advertisements… and… how to overcome it quickly and easily.
How to find your market’s hot buttons… without… guessing.
Examples of how to use Martin Conroy’s copywriting secret. I actually show you how to implement the system line-by-line with ads that have generated millions of dollars. It’s simple. It’s fast. It’ll change your business forever.
A little-known step in the copywriting process that practically forces your ads to write themselves. Few know how to harness the power of this step. Those who do tend to laugh all the way to the bank whenever they put a promotion together.
How to edit and rewrite your promotions for clarity, ease of reading and powerful persuasion. If you get this wrong your ad will falter. Here’s what you need to know.
The final step (don’t skip this) to creating ads that produce consistent profits.
And much more!
Everything you’ll ever need to receive the highest return on your advertising investment is in this course. You can read the e-book in a couple of hours. Then, to reinforce what you learned, listen to the audios whenever you want.

But there’s more…

The Bonus Audio Report

In the bonus audio report I reveal how you can stay on top of what’s working now in your market. What I mean is this: Right now, countless promotions are running to sell similar products and services as yours. Some of those promotions are breaking sales records. Others are doing okay. Still others are bombing.

If you knew – beyond a shadow of a doubt – which promotions to keep your eye on you’d always have a leg up on the competition. I’ll show you my stealth research and development strategies. Armed with these tricks of the trade, your promotions will almost always succeed.

Critique Coupon (valued at $250)

Besides the course, audios and bonus audio report, I am including a critique coupon. The critique is worth $250. You see, I charge between $5,000 and $10,000 to write an ad.

This critique coupon allows you to send me any piece of advertising. I will put it under the microscope and show you how to improve it’s pulling power. You can send me an ad for any media including: website sales letter, direct mail letter, post card, emails, etc.

But wait… there’s even more…

The Two Billion Dollar Bonus

I am going to send you Martin Conroy’s masterpiece sales letter.

You’ll get the original copy he wrote to take The Wall Street Journal to the pinnacle of financial publishing success. This is the letter that built an empire. I was not kidding when I said this secret can make you rich.

It really can!

Not only that, but I’ll include the actual swipe Conroy referred to when writing the two billion dollar letter. This promotion – written at the turn of the 20th Century – will illustrate how Conroy swiped crucial elements and put them in the The Wall Street Journal subscription letter. You’ll be blown away by the sheer genius of his approach.

And… you can copy what he did.

In addition, I’ll give you Mal Decker’s new control that beat Conroy’s. This way you see a side-by-side comparison of how these two legends of advertising swiped.

You’ll see how Martin Conroy swiped Bruce Barton’s letter to write his original control for The Wall Street Journal. Then you’ll see how Mal Decker used the same technique to write his control-beater.

Get This Product…

I’d be a bold-faced liar if I said this product is for everybody.

It isn’t!

Are you a “hot shot” copywriter who already knows how to craft killer ads that bring in profits by the sack fulls? If so… this is NOT for you!
Are you a wealthy direct marketer who knows how to crank out promotions that pull in huge response rates? If so… this is NOT for you!
Are you a “know-it-all” who has read every great book under the sun on the subjects of advertising and copywriting? If so… this is NOT for you!
Sorry to disappoint.

But, to be frank, this course is ONLY for business owners involved in some form of direct marketing… who are fairly new to the game… who are flat out frustrated with the results of their advertising… and who want an easy and quick way to bang out online and offline ads that make money!

If that describes you… then you’re the type of business owner who will get the most from this course!

Most important, you’ll realize how swiping correctly will help you…

Write Your Own Ticket To
Fame And Fortune!

When you think about it, this entire package is worth millions of dollars. In the right hands, the information I’m willing to share with you will create wealth beyond belief.

I seriously thought about pricing this package in the $100 range.

It would be a bargain at that price for sure.

However, I’ve decided to make it much more affordable. Because every business owner deserves this information… and… I didn’t want price to be an issue. Maybe in the near future I’ll jack the price up depending on what the market will bear.

For now, you can…

Get The Entire Package
For Just… $47!

Considering the potential profits you stand to gain that’s a drop in the bucket.

Listen, I use the copywriting secret I hinted at on this web page… plus a few others I’ll share with you… to produce advertising that generates millions of dollars in sales.

One recent promotion I wrote resulted in a 10% response rate for a $2,970.00 product. Another promotion sold out a $5,000-per-head live seminar. Yet another promotion resulted in an amazing 1,078,64% return on investment (that’s almost $11 for every $1 spent on advertising) for a subscription-based service.

Here’s what my clients had to say…

“10% Conversion Rate On A $2,970 Product”

“I just wanted to thank you for writing our marketing materials (online sales letter, direct mail piece, autoresponders, phone scripts) for our current project. I appreciate the fact you took time to learn about my products in detail and did the job right on schedule. Your copywriting skills and marketing insights were invaluable to the success of this project. The campaign you created has pulled in an exciting 10% conversion rate on a $2,970 product. Thank you for all your help.”

Financial Publisher (An Inc. 500 Company)

“Sold Out The $5,000-Per-Head Event”

“John is an excellent copywriter with an uncanny ability to sell high-ticket items. Here’s the proof: I hired John to write the website copy for my May 2006 seminar. Within 35 hours, I sold out the $5,000 per head event. If you want to make more money from all your promotions hire this guy.”

Pat O’Bryan, Director The Milagro Research Institute


“Return On Investment Is A Staggering 1,078.64%”

“Hiring John to write the copy for my membership site has been very profitable. I wanted to reach a realistic goal of selling 300 slots within the first couple of months. But with the letter John wrote, I sold 325 memberships in the first two weeks. My return on investment in John’s copywriting services (so far) is a staggering 1,078.64%. And since there is a recurring service fee the ROI will grow each and every month.”

Dave Moore,

I’m not saying you’ll get the same results I do. But, if you apply the copywriting shortcuts revealed in this course, you too can create the type of online and offline advertising that gets you more customers, more sales and more profits.

Plus… I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders with my…

I’m positive anyone willing to implement the strategies in this program can write better advertising copy. The kind of copy that attracts droves of new customers… floods your website or business with more sales than you can handle… and… swells your bottom line profits like crazy.

That’s why I’m willing to stick my neck out for you.

If you’re a serious business owner, you’re going to love this actionable course on writing killer copy. You’ll use the information and see amazing results. I already know that’s what will happen. So I’m more than glad to put the burden of proof on my shoulders.

Get the course and apply what you discover. Experience the results for yourself. Then you be the judge. Take 8-weeks to decide if everything I’ve told you is true. I think this program will exceed your expectations.

But, if for any reason you’re not happy, just say the word. You’ll get a prompt refund with no questions asked. I guarantee it!

Before you write your next ad, get this package.

You’ll thank me for it later.

Because once you have this secret in your possession: you’ll never worry about writer’s block again… you’ll slash writing time by at least half… your ads will be up to 300% more effective… you’ll know how to model success to put the odds on your side… and… you’ll have a repeatable process for crafting the most powerful direct response advertising for your online or offline promotions.

It’s Easy To Order…

Click on the link below to place your secure order.

Within minutes, you’ll be able to download this package and start using this ad writing secret immediately. As a direct marketer, you live or die by the power of your advertising. Discovering how to swipe successful ads – the right way – will make all the difference in the world.

Go ahead and order now…

Order Now By Safe, Secure Server
Yes, John, I want to start crafting online and offline promotions that produce profits on demand right away. I have read and agree to the disclaimer below.

Other Other


Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


John “Angel” Anghelache

P.S. One more thing: Here are a few comments from customers…

“…worth ten times what you are selling it for…”


“Are you nuts? Do you realize the ‘real’ value behind this course??? Just last week I got a hold of your new “Copywriting Crash Course” and found it to be worth ten times what you
are selling it for…

I am definitely going to tell my closest friends about it, but you really should consider raising the price to (at least) $147.00! I can tell by the quality of this course that you put thousands of dollars of your time and energy into it and I’m going to keep pestering you every day until you raise the price.

For Pete’s sake John… I’m more than irked right now. You’re making it too easy for anyone to compete against us heavy
players in the copywriting world.”

Stephen Davies


“…should be mandatory reading…”

“Your Copywriting Crash Course should be mandatory reading for ALL copywriters and online marketers, regardless of their experience level.

It’s powerfully effective, and solely responsible for saving me at least 5 days worth of frustration and ‘wheel spinning’ on my last copywriting project. Your ‘break’ technique revealed on Page 30 is one of my favorites. Not only has it helped me avoid writer’s block paralysis, but I’m now able to crank out killer sales copy ideas left and right, non-stop.

As a matter of fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself jumping out of the shower (with the water still running!) and scrambling over to the ‘pen and paper’ drawer in the next room to jot down my new-found ideas before they left my head. My wife yells at me for the wet footprints and trail of water droplets, but hey… she’ll get over it. Thanks again.”

Marty Crawn


“…one the best investments I have ever made.”

“I am extremely pleased with the course. It is one the best investments I have ever made. Thanks to your copywriting crash course I found writing the copy came very easily. The information you provide is pure gold.”

Teran Dale


“…perfect method for business owners to produce good sales letters…”

“Hi John,

I’m writing this to give you a massive thanks for over-delivering on the Copywriting Crash Course. This is the perfect method for business owners to produce good sales letters without having to spend years studying copywriting or forking out the thousands of dollars that is required to hire a decent copywriter these days.

The critique you offer as a bonus is the icing on the cake… I know it will be worth the investment all by itself.

I’ll definitely be recommending this to others.”

Josh C.


“…it helped me quickly create an ad that produced sales.”

“Hey John,

I’m writing to tell you that the material in your Copywriting Crash Course has not only demystified the process of creating a kick butt sales letter but more importantly, it helped me quickly create an ad that produced sales. So for that, I say thank you and if you want to use this as a testimonial….PEOPLE, GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS MATERIAL.”

David Roller, New York, NY


“Wanted to say thanks for the great course.”

“Hi John,

I’ve listened to your program a few times so far. Wanted to say thanks for the great course. You explain swiping much better than the other courses I’ve read (and there’s plenty of them).

Instead of just blindly copying successful ads, you show what to look for… how to spot the emotional hot buttons, the offers, the call to action… that make them successful. Now it’s much easier to model a successful ad, thanks to your program.

Thanks again.”

Phil Spinelli
Spinelli’s Nutrition Center


“…fastest way to write great copy…”

“Wanna know the hands-down fastest way to write great copy that you’re ever going to find? Get yourself a copy of “The Copywriting Crash Course” by John “Angel” Anghelache and you’ll have everything you need to write great copy by the end of this weekend.”

Vic Pattenaude, Realtor extraordinaire
Ontario, Canada


“I’ve put many of your tips to use on day one.”

“Enjoyed your Copywriting Crash Course system. It was well laid out and easy to understand. The audios and ebook enhanced each other. Knowing a lot about swipes already, I’ve never seen anyone cover it so thoroughly. The information brought my knowledge of swipes to another level. I’ve put many of your tips to use on day one. Thanks again.”

Roy J. Primm


“I ended up getting A crazy 7% conversion rate.”

“Several months ago I purchased your copywriting crash course and shamefully, I didn’t bother reading it until last week (sorry but I have ADHD).

“Anyhow, I used your course to help me write a sales letter for a WSO that I just launch (just a test no JVs or affiliates)

“I ended up getting A crazy 7% conversion rate. And that’s that I
launched it at the same time 8 other big launches were happening that day on the forum. I did it with NO HELP.

“Thank you… I can only imagine my conversions when I launch it officially with JVS and affiliates on my side.”

Thanks Bro!

Anthony L.


“After reading your material… it was like
the lights finally came on.”

“I love the information your course contains.

“I have 2 financial services products I am trying to write copy for. After reading some very good books on copy writing and how to get started with the research, I was like…

‘uhhh…ok where do I begin? What do I want to focus on in the research? Do I even have a clue on what info to write down and once it’s I’m done researching, what to do with all this data? What to say and how to say it?’

“After reading your material I was like ‘YES! Hallelujah!” It was like the lights finally came on. So again, thank you very much for an amazing product.”

Denise Steele

Order Now By Safe, Secure Server
Yes, John, I want to start crafting online and offline promotions that produce profits on demand right away. I have read and agree to the disclaimer below.


Copywriting Crash Course
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