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如何使用Facebook的视频平台指定精确的流量为当地的企业主提供服务(Offline Social Lead Machine)

如何使用Facebook的视频平台指定精确的流量为当地的企业主提供服务(Offline Social Lead Machine)


How to use Facebook’s new video platform that I use to generate $625 a week providing local biz owners with laser targeted traffic and leads.
If you want to make 5 to 6 figures using my step-by-step social lead generation formula, you can succeed at this with just 1 hour a day.
I reveal everything you need to get up and running fast and get those business owners paying you for social media leads.


How To Use Facebook’s NEW Video Platform
That I Use To Generate $625 A Week
Providing Local Biz Owners With
Laser Targeted Traffic And Leads

These Are The Exact Cutting Edge Strategies
I Use To Collect And Sell Leads That
Earn Me Checks Like These:

This Is My Latest Weekly Check From A Private Security Agency
Looking To Grow Their Client List…

This Is The Payment I Received From A Non-Profit Organization
Who Begged Me For Donor Leads…

Dear Friend,

How would you like to get paid an extra $625 per week just sending one email to a local business owner? This is the most important letter you will read today because I discovered an Untapped Source Of Targeted Leads that Local Business Owners are practically fighting over. The best part is that they are willing to “PAY YOU” Hundreds if not Thousands Of Dollars to get their hands on them.

Listen, I cracked the code of using Facebook to generate local leads for tons of niches. In just an hour a day, you can now easily generate local leads for:

Building Contractors
Auto Repair Servicemen
Nightclub Owners
Restaurant Owners
Commercial Cleaning Contractors
HVAC Contractors
Financial Service Providers
Most of these business owners are paying me $2500 dollars each month to service these leads.

Now it wasn’t always this way, I struggled through it for about 6 months while I tested different ad formulas, and spent thousands of dollars proving my theories.

I think I spend around $400 on ads before I cracked this code. And you know what… I LOST IT ALL !!!

That’s right: POOF! $400 down the drain

Now, most people would have walked away. Not me – I dug my heels in and promised myself I was going to make this work. I put up another $100 of my own money to try again.

Thats When I Discovered FOUR SIMPLE STEPS That Will Allow You To Dominate Getting Laser Targeted Traffic And Leads For Any Niche… In Any Market!

Step One: I made a simple “About Page” tweak that Guarantees Top Placement and allows you to show up in Top Search Engines

Step Two: I Fixed Two Video Settings (everyone makes these huge mistakes) in the “Facebook Power Editor” and “Custom Audience Settings”.

Step Three: Then dug deeper into my campaign settings and tweeked my Facebook Detailed Targeting Preferences using this little-known tactics ( I reveal step-by-step in the video guide ), allowing me to Laser-Target My Most Profitable Audiences.

Step Four: Finally, I put a simple code snippet (you can copy and paste this code right from your backoffice and it will work for you) into my video advertisement, which let me Capture The Lead From Facebook Users Who Watch My Video Ads In Just A Single Click.

These leads are then instantly imported into my autoresponder where I can INSTANTLY download them and provide to my clients.

The end result? The $100 add spend earned me $2500 from this one single client!

I knew I had to try this again on another client. That’s when I called up this Health Insurance Agency and asked if they could handle a huge influx of leads. This got them real curious (and I go into this more inside of my sales training video) so they pressured me to reveal my method. After giving in and spilling the beans they practically begged me to help them. When I told them my fee would be $2,500. They said, “What’s your mailing address?”

A Few Days Later I Received Their Payment In Full.,

It was at that moment that I realized that I had discovered a nearly brain dead simple way that anybody can use Facebook to generate leads for local businesses and get paid huge checks and bank transfers for something that takes just an hour to setup.

I was beside myself with joy, and I hurriedly told my wife about my new success. She looked at me sideways and said “Are you sure it’s not a fluke?” Look, I love my wife but that took me by surprise. Maybe she was right. Maybe I got lucky. The only way to prove her wrong was to do it again. This time, I made her sit next to me as I called up this local Private Security Firm.

Like clockwork, I gave him my sales pitch and he jumped on it right away. The Look On My Wife’s Face Was Priceless as the Business Owner promised to send a check for a 2 week trial service I offered him totaling $1,250.

A Few Days Later… It Arrived!

I really struck gold with this system, and no matter how hard I looked, NOBODY is doing this.

This Market Is Completely Untapped And Underserved.
So I wrote down EVERYTHING I did to make this work. From the sales pitch to the emails I send out that “… Sells The Business Owners” all the way up to the exact step-by-step process for servicing clients and making this work for them. This way, anybody can just pick up this guide and put it to work for them earning huge checks, bank transfers, and PayPal deposits in the process. I call this system…

“The Offline Social Lead Machine”

The Offline Social Lead Machine is the only proven Facebook leads system working in the real-world right now. Other systems only give you part of the solution and leave out critical details; however, with this how to guide and Over 6 Hours Of Video Training, NOTHING is left out.

I hold your hand from start to finish, revealing EVERYTHING you need to get up and running fast and get those business owners PAYING YOU for social media leads.

Inside you’ll learn:

Secret Loophole Techniques that draw in Hundreds Of Phone Calls Per Week from Targeted Local Businesses, looking to Buy Your Services. Use this secret to keep an endless flow of money pouring into your pockets.

Effortlessly Multiply Your Income using a little know FREE Facebook feature that allows you to easily outsource the the entire Facebook Marketing process

Establish Instant Credibility using a simple Fiverr method that places you in front of thousands of people looking to pay for the services you offer. Generate Immediate Cash Flow while only communicating with people who have already shown an interest in paying for your services.

Discover a simple technique to Attract An Endless Flow Of Clients that can be repeated over and over without ever having to solicit other businesses again.

Earn Quick Cash by offering simple Facebook Page optimization services that you can easily perform in under 10 minutes of your time

Discover a Little Known Facebook Messenger Technique to quickly locate Local Business Owners willing to Pay For Your Services.

Access the same software I use to easily Extract 1,000 of Local Business Owners on Facebook who need your services. This will save you hours of time searching for prospects and flood you with verifiably High Quality Prospects in a matter of seconds.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for an easy, part time way to make some extra cash, or you want to tell your boss to go pound sand, the Offline Social Lead Machine is the only system for you. This isn’t one of those get rich quick schemes. money doesn’t grow on trees and there are no magic beans that we can put in the ground that will sprout a money tree

The Offline Social Lead Machine is not for everyone. If you’re already pulling a 6 figure income, then you probably don’t need this guide. If you are the type of person who just reads reports all day and never put in any effort to change your situation, then this also isn’t for you.

However, if you want to make 5 to 6 figures using my step-by-step social lead generation formula, you can succeed at this with just 1 hour a day. Even if you think you have tried all the other courses out there, this system is unique and never revealed to the public before.

Imagine, getting up in the morning to setup your first social lead campaign while you eat your breakfast. Then checking your email at lunch time to find business owners begging to work with you. Finally, before you sit down for dinner, checking your bank account to see these business owners paying you $625, $1,250, even $2,500 for a campaign.

When you follow my step by step instructions in Offline Social Lead Machine, you’ll get more than checks from business owners; you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve successfully proven wrong all of the people in your life who have doubted you could make money online. Indeed, all those nay sayers will have their mouths wide open as you show them the checks you get from business owners.

Here’s the deal. I want to take my system to the webinar circuit and sell the Offline Social Lead Machine for $2500 on the major online markets. But in order to do that, I need case studies and testimonials from part time consultants and average blue collar folks who are looking to make some extra cash or fire their boss. I want you to share in my success, and be one of the featured case studies I put inside of my webinar.

So you won’t be paying the regular price of $2,500. Not even half that price. And I think you’ll agree that if I asked for $997 for these completely done-for-you social lead sales funnel, it would be a fair price, considering each client can generate $625 to $2,500 in pure-profit.

OK… So how much is this incredible system and
step-by-step instruction going to cost me?

Well, since I know you need something to generate cash for you right now and you know that I need case studies; let’s make a deal….

For the next 3 days, I will offer this complete system for just one low price of just $27

Why just $27?

Because I know that at this price, you’ll have no choice but to succeed with this system. Listen, $27 is a small price to pay for the ability to collect $625 per week from hungry business owners who need your help, am I right??

Yet, to make this a complete no brainer for you, try the Offline Social Lead Machine for a full 60 days on me. If this doesn’t work for you, just send me a support ticket with the subject line refund, and I’ll send you back every penny of your investment. No questions and no hassles.

But I know you’re not going to refund. I know you’re going to earn far in excess of your investment of $27. Just one client gives you a whopping 2400% return on your investment today! If you follow my training to the letter, you’ll be my next case study in my big launch webinar.

So Click On The Buy Button Below Right Now.

Secure your discount copy of the Offline Social Lead Machine before this special price expires in just 3 days’ time. Remember, your investment is secured by my 60 day no questions asked guarantee. All the risk is on me here. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

60 day guarantee
That first $625, $1,250, even $2,500 payments from a business owner will shock your friends and family into being believers. Believers in you, your dreams, and your goal of providing for your family effortlessly from the comfort of your own home.

Click the buy now button below to grab your discounted copy

And I look forward to hearing about your clients, and that first big payday. I will see you in the member area.


Edward Armstrong

P.S. Remember – this special discount only applies if you take action in the next 3 days. After that, I’ll be raising the price to a whopping $997 – the true value of this program, considering it will get you $625, $1,250, and $2,500 checks from business owners who are seeking social media leads.

So don’t wait!

Click the buy button now, and I look forward to seeing your case study!


Offline Social Lead Machine
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