我知道有一件事是肯定的:你遵循这个项目公式,你就会赚钱。(Forever Affiliate)


The 3 step system that spits out a $300-$3000/month passive income mini site every time you run it.
It’s every… single… step… you need to take, demonstrated clearly and explained fully, to have your own passive income machines up and running in the shortest time possible.
I know one thing for certain: You follow this formula, and you make money.


How I Proved The Gurus Wrong And Developed…

Dear Friend,

Let’s just say it were possible… I mean, possible that RIGHT NOW…

– With a simple website (that you made with a handful of mouse clicks)…

– Some simple articles… (that someone else wrote for you)…

– And a few simple promotion techniques (that someone else did for you)…

You could have yourself a little income machine that produced, $300, $1000, or $3000 a month… every month. Coming straight to your bank account. No matter how long you spent “working” on it.

Then imagine you had the exact formula to replicate one of those income machines…

Imagine you had the blueprint for building as many of them as you wished, multiplying your passive income with each new one you had.

Would you scale your income up to $5000 a month? $10,000 a month? Even further?

My name’s Andrew Hansen and on this page I’m going to show you exactly how this is possible, and exactly how you could have one of these little income streams up, running, and earning by the end of this month.

I’m going to show you how I’ve done it – every single month for the last 7 years – and how normal people from every walk of life are doing exactly the same… following my blueprint right… this… minute.

Ready? Here goes…

First, I know you’ve heard claims like this before. If you’re anything like me, you are immediately skeptical of them.

So rather than yell in your face about how amazing my “super duper system” is… or show you a photo of me posing next to someone else’s Ferrari… (we all know how obnoxious THAT is…)

I’d rather just take you inside my own portfolio and show you some of these humble little sites so you can see for yourself.

Here’s a sampling of 3 little income streams from my own portfolio…

As you’re reading, you’ll get a sense of how simple they are, how little work went into them, and how easy it is for you to replicate them to produce thousands of dollars in passive income for yourself and your family, every month, starting TODAY…

Income Machine #1:

First income produced: Month 1, a $38 sale.
Total time spent on it: Less than 2 day’s work.
Total pages on site: 7
Total setup cost: $10 domain
Traffic it gets: 33 visits a day.

Current Monthly Income 2013: $380/month

Income Machine #2:

First income produced: Month 1, a $30.18 sale
Total time spent on it: Less than 2 day’s work.
Total pages on site: 6
Total setup cost: $10 domain
Traffic it gets: 262 visits a day.

Current Monthly Income 2013: $1195.41/month

Income Machine #3:

First income produced: Month 1, a $94.50 sale
Total time spent on it: Less than 4 day’s work.
Total pages on site: 10
Total setup cost: $10 domain
Traffic it gets: 45 visits per day

Current Monthly Income 2013: $3024/month

Click Play To Watch Me Log Into This Account Live:

And there are plenty more where those came from – in fact I’ll be showing you some more later – but you get the idea.

Pretty cool right? But you wanna know the craziest part?

Further down this page…

What I want to show you here today is exactly:

And of course, that little secret…

Here goes…

First… I’m NOT going to tell you my “rags to riches” story here.

Truth is, I don’t really have one.

I DID have one, kinda.

A poor student, living with my parents, dreams to make a fortune online, all of that.

Like most people, I had that period (for me it was a year) where I:

– Tried 10 different ways to make money online (all at once)
– Spent way too much cash (some that wasn’t even mine)
– Got scammed by all kinds of “gurus” and…
– Ended up wasting a year where I lost much more money than I made.

At bottom, I was forced to take some online jobs for like $8 an hour to pay off the debts I accumulated.

Suffice it to say: Every mistake in the book, I’ve made it.

But… that was 7 years ago.

I’ve been making a fortune online ever since, and using my passive income to live free and abundant… with one variation or another of the very formula I’m going to share with you today.

So let’s just fast forward to 2012, where the story REALLY gets interesting…

So we re join the story in 2012.

I got married at the start of year (thank you!) and in June, the wife and I had just returned from our honeymoon.

It was a magical year for me.

We took 6 weeks “off” around the wedding. Got married on a clifftop in Thailand. Closest friends and family there. We stayed in this villa where you have a button to call a private chef for you… the works!

(Note: I’m not usually THAT kind of guy… but it was our wedding and we figured what the heck, ya know?!)

Anyway, absolute highlight of my life, by far.

Then a couple months later, we took another 5 weeks for our “proper” honeymoon.

We spent the time traveling round the Greek Islands for a while, and we rented an apartment in the south of France for the rest of the time.

(Yep, also broke my arm on honeymoon… whole other story)

My level of gratitude is through the roof. Memories I’ll never forget.

By this point – June 2012… I’d only spent maybe one quarter of the year doing anything that could even vaguely be described as “work”.

** (That’s just kind of how things are when you have this kind of passive income business)

But it was at this point that my year took a bit of a turn…

When I got back home – and out of my little happiness bubble – I started getting into a little “work” again, and I found some strange things happening…

Things that made me terribly angry.

For whatever reason, while I’d been away, there were groups of people in the “internet marketing” world talking about how certain ways of making money online were “dead” all of a sudden…

There was this general feeling that for some reason, it wasn’t possible to make money online with these little websites, other people’s products, and free traffic anymore.

Former students of mine were sending me worried emails. Some people even changed businesses for good. What was going ON?!

I was dumbfounded…

“Who is spreading this trash?” I thought.

“Who thinks it’s ok to mislead people in this way?”

Damn “internet experts” and their “big talk”! “Do they even have a shred of a conscience left?!”

Me and countless others were living amazing, exciting, contributing, meaningful lives thanks to these passive income streams, and now thanks to some naysayers on the interwebs, it’s all suddenly “dead”?

At first it affected me a little bit, but after a few weeks of hearing about it every day, I just got furious.

Until finally, I couldn’t take it any more…

“Here’s what I’m gonna do”, I thought.

“I’m gonna show these knuckleheads once and for ALL”…

Forget my existing affiliate sites, and my existing passive income…

“I’m gonna start over… from SCRATCH. I’ll start again right now, when all these people think this stuff is “DEAD””.

I’ll build up new income streams, with a perfect formula, and I’ll prove beyond any doubt that this stuff is not only still POSSIBLE, but in some cases EASIER now than it was before…

So that’s what I did…

I wanted complete focus for this mission. And I wanted dramatic results.

So I picked up my new wife and off we went again. Back to the beach in Thailand. (I figured if I’m going to have to knuckle down and work for a few months, it may as well be in a tropical paradise!)

We rented a great little apartment that was 50m from the beach, on a small quiet island.

I spent the next 3 months working away at this new formula, building up my new income streams, and swimming in the ocean at sunset. (Oh and eating a LOT. Authentic Thai food is the BEST!)

But most importantly, I spent 3 months documenting EVERYTHING I did so that eventually I could hand it to someone and say “THERE… take the keys to the kingdom”.

What was the result?

Remember the little secret I promised you, about those sites? This is it.

That’s right. They are my NEW income streams! And not even all of them.

They were born in that 3 months of late 2012. My mission was accomplished!

Started late 2012. Profiting big As. We. Speak.

I could have showed you my income from 2011, or 2012, but that’s irrelevant.

What you saw at the top of this page was the income streams I built at rapid pace, in the current internet, profiting in 2013, at this time when some people said “affiliate marketing was dead”.

(sorry, that had been building up in me for a while)

I knew my system worked. But I had always known. That wasn’t enough for me…

I had to prove that other people could do what I did.

I had to prove that even with NO expertise, NO experience, NO existing knowledge whatsoever someone could take this and start generating an income online fast…

That’s why I started the BIG experiment…

So I’m back from 3 months in Thailand now. It’s November 2012.

I’m feeling pretty proud. My new little income streams are purring, I certainly don’t need any more money, so now it’s time to put this formula to the HARDEST test…

I told some friends about my new system, and one of them asked me to speak at a conference about it.

So I did…

At this conference, I opened up a small private coaching club, and I invited a group of very new online marketers to try the formula, and see if they could make it work.

I mean, we started from scratch. The members of this group had NO existing assets or experience with these methods whatsoever.

What happened next was amazing to say the least…

Here’s what happened…

Joe S.
Kent, UK
Joe was one of my students. That’s Joe there.

A retired professional. Capable when it came to the internet, but by his own admission, “no expert”. He had never used WordPress, never done SEO, never done affiliate marketing at all.

He was looking to supplement his income with an online business.

Within 10 days of following my formula…
Joe saw his first sale for $56!

Joe was over the moon at his results. He had tried other methods before and had spent months creating sites that hadn’t produced results yet. Now he’s got his first little income stream. The first of many.

But Joe wasn’t the only member of this little group to see success…
Nicole V. from London was another one of my students.

A Danish native. English second language. She had been looking for a while to start a web business with her husband, to supplement their income.

The first time we spoke, she had never used WordPress. Part of our first chat involved explaining how affiliate marketing worked. She didn’t know a thing about SEO or click throughs or finding niches.

Within 4 weeks of following my blueprint…
Nicole made her first sale of $28.50

She sent me this email…

Nicole had her first income stream. A plain little website with only 3 pages.

But it didn’t stop there…

Souhail Ijaz
London, UK
Souhail was another one of my students. That’s Souhail there.

A young guy with a family, who works a 9-5. He had played around with online marketing a little in the past, had mixed results, and was looking for a formula he could finally focus on to build an income that would last.

We worked on the formula when he got home from work in the evenings. After week 2, I got an email from him containing the following:

“Over the last couple of days I was surprised to see a couple of sales of the product amounting to around $50 in commissions!”

Within 2 weeks of following my blueprint…
Souhail made his first sales of $48.86

My own success became irrelevant. ANYONE from even the most rank newbie could do this, starting right now today, and I had proven it beyond ANY doubt.

So what’s the secret?

We’re going to move on now and talk about exactly WHY those people achieved those results and then HOW.

So you can copy them. Ready?

On the surface of it, it’s all very simple: I use simple little websites (blogs to be exact), I sell other people’s products, and I get Google to send me traffic.

But in the details of this system is a treasure trove of understanding, accumulated slowly, month by month over the last 7 years.

(Fortunately for you, you get to skip the 7 years and start profiting today)

The system I’ve been telling you about:
Makes money from people who already want to buy stuff. That means I don’t have to work hard on “selling”.

Capitalizes on little markets that almost NO ONE knows about. That means almost no competition so I can make money FAST.

Costs little to nothing. These are simple, low cost sites and strategies. No big investment is required.

SERVES Google. They LOVE ME for how much quality I provide their searchers. I don’t need to worry about Google hating me.

And when I knew this system was perfect… when it had proven itself not just to me but to everyone who had seen it… when it was 100% certified powerful and profitable…

Let’s be honest: Do you think if you watched me do each step of the process…

You went to the links I went to…

You clicked the places where I clicked…

You made your sites look like my sites…

You could make money like I do? Of COURSE you could!

You’ve seen on this page that I did it, and people with FAR LESS experience than you did it too… in just a few weeks.

They did it, and now YOU can do it as you go through my blueprint.

Open video 1… watch it… copy it… move to video 2…

You do that until the end of the course… you’ve got yourself a $300-$3000 a month income stream. There’s no denying it. That’s just what happens.

And it begins now.

Allow me to introduce you to…

Welcome to your “game changer” moment. The point you look back on and think “THAT’s when my online income really started to skyrocket”.

Built on 7 years trial and error in this business and carefully crafted for the internet of 2014, the Forever Affiliate Video Course is the complete, nothing ommitted blueprint to creating simple $300, to $3000 per month passive income streams as of TODAY.

– It’s my “copy and profit” guide to generating income streams just like I showed you on this page…

– It’s actually much MORE detailed than what Joe and Nicole and Souhail used to make their first income within weeks.

– It’s every… single… step… you need to take, demonstrated clearly and explained fully, to have your own passive income machines up and running in the shortest time possible.


That’s exactly what happened to every person you read about on this page… except they had LESS help than you’ll have.

Want to know the 3 steps? See exactly how this is going to happen?

Obviously I can’t give it ALL away here but…

Let me give you an insight into the simple power of these 3 Phases, and a sneak peak at what you’ll be exposed to inside the Forever Affiliate Course.

Hold on to your seats folks…

This is where I’m going to show you how to pick markets that allow for fast profits.

Why? Because you can break into them almost instantly and TONNES of money is being made there.

I don’t mean just any markets, but markets that other affiliates haven’t even HEARD of yet. Markets so easy that sometimes almost NO ONE else is competing in them.

In Phase 1 some of what you’ll learn includes…

– How to uncover those “BIG” markets before they get big and then ride the wave of profitability while others are “wishing they knew about that sooner”. (Phase 1, video 7)

– How to find markets that other people have already proven to be profitable so you don’t have to. (Phase 1, video 9)

– How to know how much money there is in a market before you enter it. “This will be a $950 profit stream. 5 of these and I’ll reach my goal income.” << That kind of thing. (Phase 1, video 2)

– How to locate countless "high end niches" with 3 figure commissions per sale. Here just 4 sales a month could be a $1000/month income stream for you. (Phase 1, Video 15)

And SO much more. You'll get 11 techniques like this for finding the hottest, most hidden profit centers on the internet. PLUS…

EVEN IF you've seen every "niche research" technique I've ever created… You haven't seen these ones.

These are the newest and most powerful.


BONUS Video: The Markets Where I've Made The Most Money

This is a special presentation of 20 minutes where I flat out tell you the markets that you should make a B line for, and all the ones to avoid… Based on my experience of where I have made the most money over the last 7 years.

You grab 'em, you go there, you make money. Research Work = zero.

In this step you'll verify whether the markets you've found in Phase 1 are profitable…

That means you'll never commit time or energy to something that you later find out was "the wrong one", and isn't actually profitable. (we've all been THERE before!)

Oh and in doing this, you'll often make a profit immediately! (I'll show you how to do this in the shortest time possible)

– In Phase 2 you'll copy my "Power Site Setup" formula and have your first income machine off the ground in under 10 minutes if you wish. (Phase 2, Videos 2)

– You'll get fast forwarded right to the core of things, setting up the bare profitable minimum of a little site, ready for targeted visitors and sales. (Phase 2, Video 3-7)

– You'll see how to easily knock out sites that visitors will be excited to buy from, and avoid doing those costly things that Google will hate. (Seriously, it's so easy when you know how, even after all Google's changes of 2012) (Phase 2, Video 9)

– You'll get my templates for profitable content, so you can copy them directly. These are my time tested layouts for making affiliate sales even when you only get a few visitors per day. (Phase 2, Videos 13 and 14)

– You'll get the BEGINNING of our traffic getting strategy in Phase 2 as well. You'll see the first visitors to your sites during this phase, with these white hat, low risk, high powered visitor attracting tactics. (Phase 2, Video 16)

You should know at this point…

Yes I mean you might end up making money before you even finish the 3 phases of the Forever Affiliate process. That is NOT a joke.

That's what happened to Joe, who you met at the top of this page.

Oh, AND…

Imagine her looking something like this… sitting at the computer waiting to write YOUR content.
I've included access details for some of our very own content writers.

In other words if you can do a quick "Power Site Setup" following my video (takes 10 minutes or less) then shoot an email off to our trained, experienced, US writer with the template I provided…

You can have your first income machine off the ground within 48 hours while you were off doing… whatever you wanted!

Easy enough?

Ok, then let me show you the last phase…

This is where we go hardcore on traffic and really ramp up your profits.

But as you'll learn, Phase 3 is about SO much more than that.

Phase 3 is about locking in your profitability for the long term, and slowly reducing the amount of work you do, to it's lowest possible point.

This is where I reveal…

– The 2014 search engine strategy that has my humble little sites blowing away their competitors in the search engines, day after day, even after Panda, Penguin, EMD, and ALL Google's updates in 2012. (Phase 3, Video 1)

– How to GET rankings in the search engines as QUICKLY as possible… and KEEP those rankings for as LONG as possible.

– My easiest and most impactful link building strategies for 2015 (and how to get better rankings with LESS links). (Phase 3, Videos 2-8)

– How to mine the thousands of dollars per month PER SITE that most affiliates are leaving on the table.

But even more importantly, in Phase 3 you'll see:

– How to truly "set and forget" a site so that it can keep ticking over with income without you looking at it (like you'll see a lady called Dana talk about below) (Phase 3, Video 10)

– How to clone an income stream so that you can "rinse and repeat", and scale your income up to whatever level you desire.

Oh yeah and…

The whole way through Phase 3 I'll be throwing you options, resources and tools for getting the "work" done by other people efficiently and affordably.

I told you this business was meant to be hands off, and I meant it.

I'll be showing you the services I use, the people I contact… some of them only known to the most hardcore inner circles and "affiliate nerd" masterminds.

I figure what the hell. At least this way you'll have no possibility for this not to work for you (wink, wink!)

And guess what? After this step… there is no more.

After this, you go and enjoy the new income you've created… In any way your heart desires.

A little like these guys…

"Just ONE Of My Sites Makes $1986/mo"

"I started Andrew's formula as a relative IM newbie, not knowing much affiliate marketing at all.

By applying the methods I made my first sale in about a month. Today, one of my best sites typically makes about $2000 a month and that's mostly just on one offer.

BTW, this is as of Dec 2012, so yes, it works NOW.

It wouldn't have been possible without what I learned from Andrew. Lastly, I'd also like to mention that besides knowing his stuff, Andrew is a good guy who is genuinely interested in helping people succeed. He's been helping me with various questions by email for a long time after the course was completed over a year ago.

I unreservedly recommend the course to any others looking to succeed with Affiliate Marketing."

"First Sale In 2 Weeks. Profiting $500 Per Week."

"I have bought into a variety of make money programs but they were either so vague that they didn't work or so complicated that I gave up.

I followed Andrew's program while I was still working my primary job and taking care of a very sick husband, but I found time to build my first site, and then the second, and the third.

I made a profit of $450 on one of my sites last month, which is pretty crazy. I'm making one sale for $45 profit about every 2 to 3 days, and quite honestly I haven't touched that site for more than about 5 minutes in the past 2 months!

I am on track to clear more than $2,000 this month alone.

If you are thinking of building a future online, this is the only program you should invest in. It will give you the building blocks you need to succeed, the knowledge you might think you already have (but you don't!), and when you make that first sale, you will see just how easy this can all be if you have the right teacher."

"Passive Income Replaced My Salary & Now I'm Traveling The World"

"I’m currently on an overland 18 country adventure from Vancouver to Antarctica. Why? Because I can.

I used to be chained to the corporate world, working constantly and not being able to travel, which is my greatest passion.

A few years ago, I tried affiliate marketing and was making about $200 a month. That might be enough for some people as a bit of extra crash but I started using Andrew’s program which is when I took things to the next level using the techniques he teaches.

I no longer have a job. I make a full time income working part time. I work 10 hours a week and I don’t even have to be in my home country. I have a passive income that matches my old management consultant salary and I get to travel, a lot.

Need more time and money? This program is it."

When people put this blueprint into practice that's what happens.

You put it into practice and before long, people around you are watching and wondering "How did HE/SHE end up so successful?"

When I got started in this business, I would talk about it with people around me. Tell them what I was doing, how I was going to make this great money, you know?

And while I was lucky to have a number of close friends and family that were really supportive, I had more than a few "doubters".

I had people laugh (older people than me too, which made it feel all the more condescending)… I had people tell me it wasn't a smart decision… I had people tell me to stick to focusing on my "career", and all the rest of it.

And – I don't think I've ever admitted this before – I always kept a mental note of the people who doubted me. I thought "I'll remember what you said… and one day I'll prove you wrong".

When I had my "big success" with this business, I of course never confronted any of them… but I also knew I didn't have to. They knew.

I'll be honest… there's something nice about that feeling 🙂

This system is different, because I made it different.

This is NOT the kind of program you can "get stuck" with. The whole process is there before your eyes, to copy and profit.

This is NOT the kind of system you have to "wait around to see results" with. People made money in 10 days. You met them. You saw for yourself.

This is NOT the kind of business model that's going to cost you thousands of dollars to set up. This is simple, cheap web assets that make enormous returns on investment.

This is NOT the kind of business model where you go and spend hours "working in the business". It's designed from day one to run WITHOUT you.

This is NOT the kind of business that's "Here today, gone tomorrow". This is a high value, long term, "set you up for life", kind of business model.

And not only is this system different. I AM different.

I do this teaching stuff differently to anyone you've ever met before.

The thing I'm most proud of in my life is the respect I've earned from my students and from other teachers in this business. Not just because they've made money with my techniques but because they appreciate the way I conduct business.

With Forever Affiliate, you're getting…

Here's what some of the smartest and most honest people in this business had to say about me:

"Andrew Is Without Question One Of The Most Trustworthy People I Know"

"In addition to being one of the smartest, most cutting edge marketers on the planet, Andrew Hansen is an even better human being.

Andrew's business doesn't define him – how he treats other people, his customers, his wife, and his overall mission to leave this world a better place is what does define him.

I trust Andrew for advice with my business, but I would also trust him with my life. Andrew is without question one of the most trustworthy ethical people that I know, and if you ever come into contact with him, consider that a blessing."

"My Go To Guy When It Comes To Affiliate Niche Sites"

"Hiya Andrew =)

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you SO much for being my "go to" guy when it comes to affiliate niche websites. There have been SO many changes with Google recently and it makes me feel great to know I have you in my corner letting me know what works "today".

Better yet is that I know if you teach it, it not only works today, it will work in the long term. That's a big deal – too many people are willing to teach loopholes and tricks to sneak around Google to get to the top, only to be slammed down in the rankings once that loophole is closed up.

Affiliate-based niche sites DO still work and have a promising future when they're made correctly. Thanks for teaching the RIGHT way to do it.

You're the best!"

"An Honest, Caring Guy In This Marketplace "

Richard Legg

"Forever Affiliate Is Celebrating It's Two Year Anniversary With a 30% Off Discount…"
You know I've documented my entire strategy for creating multiple $300-$3000 minisites, and you know you can get access to this course, copy it, and achieve the same.

So what's "the deal"?

My way of doing business is that I create a course that should cost $997 and I sell it for much cheaper. That's how I've always done things.

That's what Forever Affiliate is. If it cost $997, and you made your first site which – at the modest end – made $500 a month, you'd have paid back the investment in 60 days. That price would be a bargain.

The real price of Forever Affiliate is just $297.

**Edit: To celebrate it's continued success in 2014, lifetime access to the full Forever Affiliate is available today for $197 only when you join with the button below.


Because after 7 years in this business, the thing I care most about is getting this information into people's hands, and watching their lives change because of it.

I was once where you are, and I know how close you are to making it BIG. The difference is in the quality of information you get.

And the thought that I can make that difference for you? You think that makes me feel pretty good about myself? HECK YEAH it does!

I told you I do things differently, and there are more reasons than one.

Exhibit B…

I believe in my strategies SO strongly, that if you don't make money with them, I'll PAY YOU, just for trying…

I know one thing for certain: You follow this formula, and you make money. That's not a question. It's a fact.

I'm so confident in that fact, that I'm willing to provide a guarantee that no one else will.

You put this method in to practice, you actually do it, and if you aren't making money in 60 days, I'll refund your money, AND I'll send you $197 out of my own pocket.

Actually forget it – I'll send you an extra $100 back, ON TOP of your refund.

All you have to do is show me how you put the course into action, show me your sites and your campaigns and if it didn't work I'll send you $100 cash via Paypal just for giving it a shot.

That means, the MINIMUM amount of money you can make as a result of putting this course into action, is $100. You can't possibly come out with nothing.

You won't find a guarantee like that anywhere else.

I take all the risk here. You take none. That's my guarantee.

This is not humor or exaggeration. Me and so many others like YOU are cashing affiliate checks right now, with the strategies you could be implementing right now.

Another payment JUST arrived in my Paypal account while you were reading this, from another simple little site, just like you'll soon have.

Or that same payout could just as easily be one like this…

And people all over the world are seeing the same results…

"Set To Hit Our First $10k Month"

"Hey Andrew,

My brother and I have recently reached the point where we can both work on our affiliate business and earn a full time living, and it's thanks to all your help.

There's still a long way to go, but this year we feel we'll hit our first 10k month, and I'm planning on doing some traveling 🙂

We owe our success to your teachings. We love your positive, solution orientated attitude, especially when there are so many people claiming the sky is falling on free search affiliate marketing.

Thanks for all your help. You rock!"

"Made Me Over $40k So Far"

"The incredible skills I’ve learned from studying Andrew’s methods have made me over $40,000 so far, and turned me into a full time affiliate marketer.

I simply can’t thank him enough. Without Andrew, I’d still be a wage slave who goes to work every day hating my job. But I’m not, I get to do what I want, when I want, and the proof for me is enough to put me in full support of what Andrew is doing to take newbies like I was and turn them into internet rockstars!!


I could go on all day with more testimonials, more screenshots, and more proof, but extra time we spend here now is time taken away from time YOU could be making money with this stuff.

So let me close things here.

I really look forward to sharing my method with you, and watching you become a success story.

I can't wait to see the look on your face (or more likely, the tone on your email) when you're writing to me telling me how much money your sites have made.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with one last thought…

I heard a crazy story recently…

I heard that in Dubai, there are these wealthy oil shieks who have, what can objectively be considered TOO much money…

So much money that they'll buy some sports car, just to drive around in for a few hours, have a bit of fun… then they'll just leave it on the side of the road somewhere, keys in the ignition, and have their chauffeur take them back home…

The first thing I thought was…

"Imagine the guy who's just walking along one day and finds a Ferrari on the side of the road with no license plates and the keys in the ignition!"

In a weird way, right now… you have a decision to make not unlike THAT guy's…

I've left my sports car on the side of the road for you…

The keys are in the ignition and a note is on the windscreen saying "Free to a good home"…

And you have to make a quick decision…

Will you hesitate… ask questions… and stand there wondering "is this too good to be true?" or "what's the catch?" while some other shmuck comes past and takes the opportunity from under your nose?

Or will you seize the day…take the keys… stick them in the ignition… and drive off into the sunset?

Right now… it's up to you.

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Forever Affiliate
0 – Forever Affiliate Members Area.mp4
0 Welcome.pdf
1 – Part 1 – Google Post 2012, And Being A Forever Affiliate.mp4
1 Theory.pdf
10 – Follow The Trail Of Market Leaders.mp4
11 – Looking Differently At Clickbank Offers.mp4
12 – Grabbing Products – Ideas From Other Smart Affiliates.mp4
13 – Ferreting Out Private Affiliate Programs.mp4
14 – The Big Offervault Video Part 1.mp4
15 – The Big Offervault Video Part 2.mp4
16 – Phase 1 – Ready To Pop Niches & Affiliate Offers.mp4
17 – Lateral Thinking Niche Discovery (and Technique).mp4
18 – Pillaging High End Amazon Niches.mp4
2 – Part 2 – Authority Sites, Minisites, & Piggybacks.mp4
2 Phase 1 Initial Research.pdf
20 – Testing – Validation Theory.mp4
21 – New Domains For Minisites And Authority Sites.mp4
22 – Hosting Account Setup.mp4
23 – Quick WordPress Blog Installation.mp4
24 – Installing Your WordPress Theme – Thesis.mp4
25 – Installing Your WordPress Theme – Free Alternative.mp4
26 – The 6 Plugins That Matter For Affiliates.mp4
27 – Your Initial On Page Optimization.mp4
28 – Your Google Analytics Setup.mp4
29 – Quick Sidebar Banner Setup.mp4
3 – Part 3 – Strategic Overview.mp4
3 Phase 2 Testing And Validation.pdf
30 – Set Up Affiliate Disclosure.mp4
30 – Set Up Affiliate Disclosure.pdf
31 – Content Strategy – Minisite And Authority Site.mp4
32 – Forever Affiliate Authority Sites.mp4
33 – Link Cloaking And Tracking Strategy.mp4
34 – How To Create Affiliate Content In 2013.mp4
35 – Optimizing Content On Your Site – Part 1.mp4
36 – Laying Out & Optimizing Content On Your Site – Part 2.mp4
37 – Creating Non Product Name Content.mp4
37 – Pregnancy Miracle Example.pdf
38 – New Site Promotion Theory.mp4
39 – How To Dominate Search Rankings With Blog Commenting.mp4
4 – P – Phase1 Intro.mp4
4 Phase 3 Expansion.pdf
40 – Making Your Blogs List.mp4
41 – Hardcore Directory Submissions.mp4
42 – What To Look For In Google Analytics.mp4
43 – Forever Affiliate Seo Theory For 2013.mp4
44 – How, When, Why & Where To Use Press Releases.mp4
45 – Using Private High Pr Blog Links.mp4
46 – Tiered Link Building Services.mp4
47 – The Truth About Social Signals.mp4
48 – How To Leverage Guest Posting For Maximum Backlinks.mp4
49 – Starting Your Next Minisite In The Same Niche.mp4
5 – Analyzing The Size Of Potential Markets.mp4
5 – Profitability Testing A Market.mp4
50 – Adding Content Through The Expansion Phase.mp4
51 – Advanced – Adding Content To Lower Bounce Rates And Boost Site Quality.mp4
6 – Analyzing The Competition In A Market.mp4
7- Analyzing A Merchantí?s Landing Page.mp4
8 – Making Sure There Is An Affiliate Program.mp4
9 – Where Affiliates Really Make Money.mp4
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