Sonny:  08:50:15
mr. frank
Sonny: 08:50:41
price has become 0.07 higher than last time
Sonny: 08:50:48
we can not explain such an increase
Sonny: 08:51:28
in order to have this new order for ±150,700pcs.
Sonny: 08:51:37
we need old price = USD 0.70
frank3722: 08:56:41
sorry we can not accept that (决不心软,因为对方只是业务员,砍价刚刚才开始呢。)
Sonny: 09:00:44
what is best because 0.77 is not acceptable
frank3722: 09:01:01
077 is the best price already
Sonny: 09:01:29
how can we explain such high increase
Sonny: 09:01:32
pleas ehelp us
frank3722: 09:02:36
We did the order for you last time with no margin at all !!
Sonny: 09:03:02
we also lost (客人撒谎,呵呵。骗谁啊?你亏本还要做干嘛?)
frank3722: 09:03:27
so it’s for your choice
Sonny: 09:03:50
but 0.07 increase is high, our customer will not accept it
frank3722: 09:04:37
we need it be (坚持中..)
Sonny: 09:05:28
but can you reduce a little
Sonny: 09:05:40
so i can make my boss happy for Christmas
frank3722: 09:06:36
I understand your situation anyway . but I know that our boss will not feel happy if I dare to reduce the price for you
Sonny: 09:09:10
can you split in the middle?
frank3722: 09:09:45
Sorry we can’t
frank3722: 09:10:16
Can I offer you an idea to get rid of your doubt ?(主动避开价格上的纠缠,想另外的办法解决问题)
frank3722: 09:12:06
if you are doubtful with our price , pls feel free to compare with other suppliers
Sonny: 09:20:12
no it’s just we want to keep the business with you (哼说的好听,其实是来不及了,因为我前面电话得知他们从12月24日-元月1日放假。他们的单子放假以后下就太迟了)

frank3722: 09:20:31
Thank you very much !! (当然要表示感谢)
Sonny: 09:21:18
but the differnce in price is high
frank3722: 09:21:30
then I will talk to our boss again and turn back to you tomorrow
frank3722: 09:21:35
is that ok ?
Sonny: 09:22:14
can you please do today (看的出客人很急)
Sonny: 09:22:26
because for some in our office tomorrow is last day of working
Sonny: 09:22:43
if you can check today we have one more day left to get the order
frank3722: 09:22:51
No. Our boss left his office 5 minutes ago (缓兵之计,客人越急,我越不着急)
Sonny: 09:24:25
perhaps, if convenient can you call him?
frank3722: 09:27:20
calling now
Sonny: 09:27:33
ok (y) it might hepl us a lot
frank3722: 09:32:10
What’s your target price ?(让客人看来是似乎是要给老总替客人争取一个满意的价格,实则是摸客人的底)
Sonny: 09:32:16
0.70 (客人当然不会上当,我才不会露出真实的底牌给你呢)
frank3722: 09:32:25
That’s impossible (当机立马告诉客人这不可能!让客人破灭0.70的想法并重新调整目标价位)
Sonny: 09:33:26
please let me know what you can do(这是客人让步的征兆)
frank3722: 09:34:21
on the phonecall , our boss can not say the price reducing .
Sonny: 09:36:28
but a little…
frank3722: 09:37:31
He allow me to make USD0.01/PC less for you . Pls note that it is special for our long term cooperation .
Sonny: 09:38:29
thank you for one cent, but we think it will not wordk
Sonny: 09:38:31
frank3722: 09:38:40
no problem
Sonny: 09:38:47
in order to have a real chance, please confirm USD 0.735(客人终于再退一步,给了我一个快接近我目标的价格)
Sonny: 09:38:55
with that price we might have the possibility(注意客人并不是正式确认哦,谈的只是可能。等于就是对价格0.735的一个保留条件)
Sonny: 09:39:09
(we can explain usd 0.035 to our customer)
frank3722: 09:39:14
pls feel free to compare with ours then you will come back(初尝甜头,继续坚持…)
frank3722: 09:39:37
compaer with others price , not ours, then you will understand ours better
Sonny: 09:40:01
we only want to stick to your company
Sonny: 09:40:22
but such increase of 0.06 / 0.07 is not acceptable
frank3722: 09:40:58
Only in view of the sincerece cooperation we have , we can offer you the special offer
Sonny: 09:41:47
of usd 0.735?
frank3722: 09:42:11
many of vest suppliers buy the reflective tapes from us !! So we can do much better job than them (呵呵,有点贬低竞争对手了,不好意思哦 )

frank3722: 09:42:25
it is 0.76/pc finally
Sonny: 09:43:05
trully with USD 0.735 we can do(用确认0.735的方式来引诱哦)
frank3722: 09:43:37
sorry , it is not possible now
frank3722: 09:44:06
Thanks for your understanding..
Sonny: 09:46:45
USD 0.75, you are the big winner(客人再退一大步!)
Sonny: 09:46:48
please help us
frank3722: 09:47:26
Do you want me to call our boss again ?? I can not do that !!(表示自己对这样的价格很为难)
Sonny: 09:49:13
please help us mr. frank
frank3722: 09:49:14
Ok . Pls understand my situation …
frank3722: 09:50:32
Pls try your best . It is really difficult to me
frank3722: 09:51:47
what a cooincidence , our boss is coming ,I will try to talk to him right now
Sonny: 09:52:05
we are doing our best, please discuss with your boss weather this is acceptable
frank3722: 10:04:15
When will you confirm your order ? (准备收网了,先堵掉客人的退路以免客人回头说订单还没有确定的…)
frank3722: 10:05:21
I did it .(见好就收了)
frank3722: 10:05:59
The price can be 0.75/pc . the payment term is 30% T/T and 70% upon the fax of B/L (先谈付款方式,以免客人信口开河)
Sonny: 10:06:47
20/80 like usuall
Sonny: 10:06:59
otherwise the financial department
Sonny: 10:07:15
will kill me (客人可能对这个价格不太舒服,想在其他方面捞点好处以便心理平衡,呵呵)
Sonny: 10:07:20
and my boss also
frank3722: 10:07:50
no .
frank3722: 10:09:26
Sonny , pls !
Sonny: 10:14:55
i can not do it
Sonny: 10:15:10
20 / 80% like usuall
Sonny: 10:16:14
we have strict rules i can not change them
frank3722: 10:17:36
30% deposit is one of the condition of the price (因为关于价格的最后一次让步是我做的,所以我说付款方式也是我们接受价格的条件之一)
Sonny: 10:24:22
mr. frank i can not change, it’s our companies policy
frank3722: 10:25:37
make it 25% . That’s our bottom line(再次让步为促进成交)
Sonny: 10:26:04
im sorry.. we did that before. but company policy has changed
Sonny: 10:26:32
our financial department only accept 20% / 80% after august 2006
frank3722: 10:26:35
what a pity !
frank3722: 10:26:44
We can not change now
Sonny: 10:27:17
please accept 20% / 80%
frank3722: 10:27:36
We really can not !!
Sonny: 10:27:58
we can not because of company policy
frank3722: 10:28:57
at least 25
Sonny: 10:29:49
like i said mr. frank, very sorry but the financial department will not accept it.(我知道客人其实是可以接受25%-75%的,只是他对成交价格不满意罢了)

frank3722: 10:31:28
I really can do nothing
frank3722: 10:32:32
if we get a big margin ,we may accept it . But we do not . So it is not worth to take the risk of deposit(本来是想告诉客人我们并没有什么利润,让他觉得舒服点。结果说漏嘴了。因为我们公司的产品质量比较的差, 押金少的话风险太高 )
Sonny: 10:33:54
buth why is it a risk?
frank3722: 10:34:26
according to our policy
frank3722: 10:35:05
the deposit should be 30% ,any exception is risk in our eyes(自己都觉得自己是再强词夺理)
Sonny: 10:37:33
there is no risk
frank3722: 10:38:34
I can not get too far away our policy
Sonny: 10:39:06
nore do i…
Sonny: 10:40:07
no risk if pay 20% you will get your money
Sonny: 10:40:16
so please accept 20% / 80%
frank3722: 10:40:35
we can not accept that
Sonny: 10:54:21
for one time
Sonny: 10:54:24
frank3722: 10:54:47
sorry ,I really can not do that
Sonny: 10:55:02
25 / 75…
Sonny: 10:55:12
maybe i can convince
frank3722: 10:55:20
25/75 is our utmost
Sonny: 10:57:00
Sonny: 10:57:16
please confirm your price, and the payment by e-mail
frank3722: 10:57:55
Sonny: 10:58:11
please note this is one time only
frank3722: 10:58:56
pls note that we can not accept any proposal of less than 25% deposist
frank3722: 11:03:45
the email has been done . could you pls check with it ? frank3722: 11:04:02
I am leaving for my supper now . See you
Sonny: 11:04:04
frank3722: 11:04:40
The Christmas is coming , I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!
frank3722: 11:04:52
Sonny: 12:37:32
yes you too!
Peter: “Frank, we got a big problem with your new price .”
Frank :”You know that we always quote you good prices as I did before .For the current price I really can do nothing…”
Peter: “We need the price same as your last order ,which is 0.70 !”
Frank :” I am sorry ,it is impossible. you know that !”
Peter:”Why did you do it last time ?”
Frank: “it’s my mistake .I made a wrong price to you last time .we got a loss in fact ”
Peter:” frank, pls make it 0.73 !”
Frank ,”Dear Peter , I wish I could then we would get no problem for your coming order ”
Peter:” why not make it the middle ? You ask 0.75 and I need 0.73 . Let’s make it 0.74 ..”
Frank:”No..” (这个时候不能降价,哪怕是0.001也不能降,否则他下面的业务员会恨我的。要让他的老板知道他的业务员已经拿到最底价了
晚上,又接到了Peter 打来的电话,要求我把付款方式改一下。原来是我把付款方式写成30%-70%了。我请他帮我手工改一下。他同意了。第二天一早上班是发现合同和付款水单已经放在我桌上了。今天早上一大早,款已经到帐了


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