Unlock all the hidden features of ChatGPT to save countless hours of all of your digital marketing work-related tasks.
Includes 200+ tasks you’ll be able to automate by simply using specific ChatGPT prompts.

To master ChatGPT – the key lies in the details. You need to know the exact prompts to ask it.
We have put all the digital marketing tasks into a simple comprehensive prompt pack.

The list includes:
1099+ copy & paste prompts with ChatGPT.
200 areas to automate your work in digital marketing.
Tips & tricks to get better results with ChatGPT.

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Ultimate ChatGPT Marketing Pack
  │  [Marketing] 1099+ Ultimate ChatGPT Marketing Prompts To Copy & Paste (200+ tasks).pdf
  ├─1. ChatGPT
  │      10 Ways To Get Massively Ahead With AI.pdf
  │      Analyzing URL links.pdf
  │      Becoming An Expert In ChatGPT.pdf
  │      Find Your Voice With ChatGPT.pdf
  │      General ChatGPT Tips.pdf
  │      How ChatGPT Actually Works.pdf
  │      How to Turn ChatGPT Into Literally Anyone.pdf
  │      Produce Better Unique Outputs.pdf
  │      Snippets to Improve ChatGPT Writing Style.pdf
  │      Stay Ahead in 2023 with ChatGPT.pdf
  │      The Variety of “Act as..” Personas.pdf
  │      Top 5 ChatGPT Extensions.pdf
  ├─10. Linkedin Marketing
  │      Automating Linkedin Content Growth.pdf
  │      B2B Linkedin Growth Automation.pdf
  │      Building Linkedin Hashtags.pdf
  │      Generating Linkedin Content Ideas.pdf
  │      Writing Linkedin Posts.pdf
  ├─11. Facebook Ads
  │      Brainstorming Unique Marketing Angles.pdf
  │      Generating Facebook Ads Targeting Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Images That Grab Attention.pdf
  │      Research Pains and Desires Of A Buyer Persona In Minutes.pdf
  │      Rewriting A_B Version Of Winning Creative.pdf
  │      Writing A Brief For Video Editor.pdf
  │      Writing Ad Copy That Converts.pdf
  ├─12. Lead Generation
  │      Analyzing Lead Generation Metrics.pdf
  │      Conducting Competitor Research for Lead Capture.pdf
  │      Conducting Keyword Research for Lead Generation.pdf
  │      Conducting Surveys for Lead Generation.pdf
  │      Conducting Webinars for Lead Generation.pdf
  │      Creating Engaging Lead Magnets.pdf
  │      Developing Effective Email Campaigns for Lead Nurturing.pdf
  │      Developing Lead Capture Forms.pdf
  │      Developing Referral Marketing Strategies.pdf
  │      Developing Social Media Strategies for Lead Gen.pdf
  ├─13. Influencer Marketing
  │      Automating Influencer Outreach.pdf
  │      Generating Influencer Agreements.pdf
  │      Identifying Trending Topics.pdf
  │      Personalizing Messages For Influencers.pdf
  │      Writing Creative Briefs For Influencer.pdf
  │      Writing Performance Reports.pdf
  │      Writing Pitch For Influencer.pdf
  ├─14. Content Marketing
  │      Creating Infographics.pdf
  │      Developing Content Calendars.pdf
  │      Generating Blog Post Outlines.pdf
  │      Generating Blog Post Titles.pdf
  │      Generating Lead Magnet Ideas.pdf
  │      Writing Guest Post Pitches.pdf
  │      Writing Guest Posts.pdf
  ├─15. PR Marketing
  │      Analyzing PR Engagement Metrics.pdf
  │      Conducting Media Interviews and Features.pdf
  │      Crafting Guest Blog Post Pitches.pdf
  │      Creating Brand Messaging for PR.pdf
  │      Creating Compelling Story Angles.pdf
  │      Creating Product Placement Opportunities.pdf
  │      Creating Social Media Strategies for PR.pdf
  │      Developing Content For Company Blogs.pdf
  │      Developing Influencer Partnership Strategies.pdf
  │      Drafting Press Releases for Maximum Impact.pdf
  │      Hosting Media Events and Press Conferences.pdf
  │      Identifying Media Outlets for Outreach.pdf
  │      Providing Crisis Management Guidance.pdf
  ├─16. Chatbots
  │      Analyzing Chatbot Engagement and Conversion Metrics.pdf
  │      Building Chatbots for E-commerce.pdf
  │      Building Chatbots with Natural Language Processing.pdf
  │      Chatbot Integration with Marketing Campaigns.pdf
  │      Chatbot Optimization for Lead Generation.pdf
  │      Chatbot Security and Data Privacy.pdf
  │      Creating Chatbots for Customer Service.pdf
  │      Creating Chatbots for Social Media.pdf
  │      Customizing Chatbots to Brand Voice and Tone.pdf
  │      Designing Chatbot User Experience.pdf
  │      Developing Chatbot Conversation Flows.pdf
  │      Developing Multilingual Chatbots.pdf
  │      Implementing Chatbots for Website Support.pdf
  │      Implementing Chatbots on Various Channels.pdf
  │      Testing Chatbot Functionality and Performance.pdf
  ├─17. PR Marketing
  │      Analyzing Ad Performance.pdf
  │      Conducting Keyword Research.pdf
  │      Generating Ad Copy Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Google Ads Keywords.pdf
  │      Generating Instagram Ads targeting ideas.pdf
  │      Generating LinkedIn Ads targeting ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Pinterest Ads targeting ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Twitter Ads targeting ideas.pdf
  ├─18. TikTok Marketing
  │      ChatGPT to Transform your TikTok Career.pdf
  │      Creating TikTok Content Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Creative Ideas For TikTok Trends.pdf
  │      Writing Viral Tiktok Scripts.pdf
  ├─19. Affiliate Marketing
  │      Analyzing Performance Metrics.pdf
  │      Communicating with Affiliates.pdf
  │      Creating Incentive Programs.pdf
  │      Creating Promo Strategies.pdf
  │      Developing New Offers.pdf
  │      Finding New Affiliates.pdf
  │      Hosting Webinars for Affiliates.pdf
  │      Identifying High-Performing Affiliates.pdf
  │      Launching Referral Contests.pdf
  │      Managing Affiliate Relationships.pdf
  │      Monitoring Compliance.pdf
  │      Negotiating Commission Rates.pdf
  │      Optimizing for Conversions.pdf
  │      Providing Performance Reports.pdf
  ├─2. General
  │      4 Powerful ChatGPT Prompts for Entrepreneurs.pdf
  │      AI Assistant For Spreadsheets.pdf
  │      Analyzing Your Competition.pdf
  │      Automatization of Hiring.pdf
  │      Business Ideas Without Funding.pdf
  │      ChatGPT Ecommerce hacks.pdf
  │      Crafting Goals, OKRs Based On Your Goal.pdf
  │      Crafting Unique Product Bundles.pdf
  │      Creating Buyer Persona.pdf
  │      Creating Video From Text.pdf
  │      Developing a Brand Voice and Tone Guide.pdf
  │      Developing Customer Retention Strategies.pdf
  │      Engage New Hires.pdf
  │      Generating Ideas For Customer Surveys.pdf
  │      Generating long-tail keywords.pdf
  │      Offer Letter Automation.pdf
  │      Onboarding Messages.pdf
  │      Product Launching.pdf
  │      Researching Competitors.pdf
  │      Summarizing Meeting Notes.pdf
  │      Writing A Proposal For A Potential Client.pdf
  │      Writing Sales Copy for Cold Calling.pdf
  ├─20. Affiliate
  │      Analyzing Search Term Reports.pdf
  │      Conducting Competitor Research.pdf
  │      Creating Amazon Brand Store.pdf
  │      Creating Effective Bullet Points.pdf
  │      Creating Video Content.pdf
  │      Enhancing Product Descriptions.pdf
  │      Generating Backend Keywords.pdf
  │      Improving Product Images.pdf
  │      Improving Product Ratings.pdf
  │      Increasing Product Reviews.pdf
  │      Optimizing for Mobile Devices.pdf
  │      Optimizing Product Titles.pdf
  │      Providing Keyword Research.pdf
  │      Setting up Amazon Ads.pdf
  ├─21. Website
  │      Crafting Irresistible Offers.pdf
  │      Creating Product Bundling Strategies.pdf
  │      Creating Product Comparison Charts.pdf
  │      Creating Visual Ideas For Website.pdf
  │      Finding Product Benefits For Landing Page.pdf
  │      Generating Discount Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Landing Page Headlines.pdf
  │      Generating Product Comparison Infographics.pdf
  │      Implementing Cross-selling Strategies.pdf
  │      Implementing Upselling Strategies.pdf
  │      Optimizing CTA’s.pdf
  │      Translating Website Copy.pdf
  │      Writing 100 Product Descriptions In Seconds.pdf
  │      Writing Product Descriptions.pdf
  │      Writing Product Reviews.pdf
  │      Writing Product Testimonials.pdf
  ├─3. Email Marketing
  │      25 ChatGPT Prompts to 25X Your Email Copywriting Results.pdf
  │      5 Prompts You Can Steal to 10x your Email Copywriting Results.pdf
  │      Building Email Automations.pdf
  │      Conducting A_B Testing.pdf
  │      Generating Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails.pdf
  │      Generating Cold Email Copy’s.pdf
  │      Generating Email Campaign Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Email Follow-up Sequences.pdf
  │      Generating Email Lead Magnet Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Ideas For Email Newsletters.pdf
  │      SMS Marketing.pdf
  │      Writing Email Newsletters.pdf
  │      Writing Email Subject Lines.pdf
  │      Writing Product Launch Emails.pdf
  │      Writing Sales Emails.pdf
  ├─4. Youtube Marketing
  │      Automating Growth on YouTube.pdf
  │      Creating YouTube Video Scripts.pdf
  │      Writing Video Descriptions.pdf
  ├─5. Customer Support
  │      Creating FAQs for Customers.pdf
  │      Creating Product Advice Content.pdf
  │      Generating Product Feedback Surveys.pdf
  │      Responding To Comments With AI.pdf
  │      Responding To Customer Emails.pdf
  │      Summarizing Customer Feedback.pdf
  ├─6. SEO
  │      25 Templates For SEO Optimization.pdf
  │      50 Smart SEO Prompts for ChatGPT.pdf
  │      Automating Keyword Research.pdf
  │      Conducting Backlink Research.pdf
  │      Conducting Competitor Analysis.pdf
  │      Creating 301 Redirects.pdf
  │      Creating Meta Descriptions.pdf
  │      Creating Sitemaps.pdf
  │      Creating Title Tags.pdf
  │      Generating Content Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Local Business Citation Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating My Business Listing Ideas on Google.pdf
  │      Monitoring Competitor Keywords.pdf
  │      Optimizing Website Content.pdf
  │      Writing Blog Posts.pdf
  ├─7. Twitter Marketing
  │      Automating Twitter Growth.pdf
  │      B2B Twitter Growth Automation.pdf
  │      Going Viral On Twitter.pdf
  │      Inbounding Lead Generation on Twitter.pdf
  │      Twitter Profile Optimization.pdf
  │      Writing Twitter Content.pdf
  │      Writing Twitter Threads.pdf
  ├─8. Social Media
  │      625 post ideas in less than 5 min.pdf
  │      Automating Instagram Growth.pdf
  │      Automating Tiktok Channel Growth.pdf
  │      Automating Youtube Channel Growth.pdf
  │      Coming Up With Dozens Of Cool Captions.pdf
  │      Creating Content with ChatGPT - The Scripts & Experiments.pdf
  │      Creating Custom Visuals For Posts.pdf
  │      Creating Engaging and Informative Podcasts.pdf
  │      Generating Engaging Content Ideas.pdf
  │      Generating Ideas For Live Streaming.pdf
  │      Generating Pinterest Board Ideas.pdf
  └─9. Copywriting
          24 Copywriting Advanced Prompts.pdf
          ChatGPT Advanced Secret Tool to Write Faster and Better Content.pdf
          Crafting Unique USP's.pdf
          Getting Ideas For Headlines.pdf
          Making Ad Copy More Interesting.pdf
          Translating Ad Copy.pdf
          Writing Benefit-Driven Sales Copy.pdf
          Writing Long-Form Sales Copy.pdf
          Writing Medium-Form Sales Copy.pdf