Super Affiliate Marketing Secrets – 发掘联盟营销的千万收益的秘密!


Discover how affiliate marketing made me well over $1,000,000.
The exact secrets of CPA marketing that took me months upon months to learn, thousands of hours of fine tone.
Secrets of actually driving traffic, the exact Facebook ad strategy, Google ads, pay per call, banner ads, best offers to promote and even game-changing tools.
This course covers new and very different methods that actually work and get massive results.

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│  └─Super Affiliate Marketing Secrets 3.0
│          01-SAM-Intro.mkv
│          02-Second Intro.mkv
│          03-How Affiliate Marketing Works.mkv
│          04-The Secrets To Becoming A Super Affiliate.mkv
│          05-The History Of Affiliate Marketing And Whats Working Now.mkv
│          06-Facebook Ads Secrets.mkv
│          07-More Facebook Ads Secrets.mkv
│          08-CPA Marketing + Facebook Ads Breakthrough Secrets.mkv
│          09-The Strategy That Will Make You A Multi Millionaire In Affiliate Marketing.mkv
│          10-Your Own Product Frontend Funnel.mkv
│          11-Increase Affiliate Conversions.mkv
│          12-Help Your Conversion Rate In Affiliate Marketing.mkv
│          13-The Secret Details Of The Affiliate Marketing Strategy.mkv
│          14-Email Marketing Advice.mkv
│          15-The Super Funnel With Redirects On The Frontend.mkv
│          16-Numbers To Expect And Secrets Of Internet Marketing.mkv
│          17-Marketing And Traffic Secrets.mkv
│          18-Gathering Data And Optimizing.mkv
│          19-Data For Paid Ads.mkv
│          20-More Cpa Marketing Tips.mkv
│          21-Awesome Affiliate Marketing Method And Notes.mkv
│          22-Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.mkv
│          23-The Affiliate Funnel Great Tips.mkv
│          24-Where To Get Traffic Profitably.mkv
│          25-Get High CTR In Ads.mkv
│          26-Images That Do Great.mkv
│          27-Secrets Of Ad Copy.mkv
│          28-Great Landing Page Tips.mkv
│          29-Best Quotes And Advice For Your Success Affiliate Marketing.mkv
│          30-Early Bird Gets The Worm Traffic Sources.mkv
│          31-Ancient Marketing Techniques Used By Cavemen.mkv
│          32-The Power Of Bonuses And How To Do It.mkv
│          33-Audiences To Be A Super Affiliate.mkv
│          34-Super Affiliate Marketing Tips.mkv
│          35-Biggest Epiphanys In Sales And Marketing.mkv
│          36-Find Offers And Know All About New Opportunities.mkv
│          37-Crazy Super Affiliate Marketing Advice.mkv
│          38-Your Goal In Marketing And Business.mkv
│          39-The Descend Ladder Method To Grow.mkv
│          40-My Super Affiliate Funnel.mkv
│          41-Free And Paid Traffic Strategy To Grow.mkv
│          42-Long Term Strategy - Guaranteed Traffic.mkv
│          43-One Of My Successful Funnels Walk Through.mkv
│          44-Conclusion.mkv
│          45-Mentorship (Message- [email protected]).mkv
│          46-faceboo-group.mkv
│          47-testimonials.mkv
│          Benjamin Fairbourne - SAM3.0 Modules Screenshot.pdf
│          Complete Courses From Other Gurus.pdf
│          CPA Marketing Locked Notes.pdf
│          Everything You Need For Affiliate Marketing Success.pdf
│          Facebook Group.txt
│          Resources.txt
│          The Highest Converting Funnels.pdf
│          Valuable CPA Marketing References.pdf
│          Winning Pattern Interrupt Image Ads Examples.pdf