G Doc赚钱指南:在FB个人资料和群组、电子邮件、YouTube频道、Twitter、TikTok或任何有潜在销售额的观众所在的地方运作!




Check out how simple we feed our starving crowd and get paid with a Bite-Sized microwave offer and an ugly G Doc.
I pulled out 139 sales with a 2-page Google Doc that took me less than 10 minutes to write and one goofy-ass pic as a post.
2 Page Google Doc Cash Machines work with FB profiles & groups, Emails, YouTube channels, Twitter, Tik Tok or anywhere there’s an audience where you’d love a potential 5-figure (or 6) Sales Pop over 72 hours.
You’ve now got 2 methods to which can add thousands of dollars: One by email and one with what I call a Zoom Appreciation Call (ZAC) for my buyers only. It’s not unusual to bolt on $25k to $50k in sales with a handful of buyers. With Turbo you’re getting both methods.

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│  └─2 Page G Doc Cash Machine
│          01-Welcome and Thank You!【imjmj.com】.mkv
│          02-2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine【imjmj.com】.mkv
│          02-TUTORIAL- Multiple Streams of Income Taster.docx
│          03-BFOT for Non-Creative People Client Copy.docx
│          03-Buying Frenzy Offer Tool for Non-Creative People.mkv
│          04-How to Sell a Lot of Stuff Even if You Write Like a Sixth Grader.mkv
│          05-Bonus Zoom Call.mp4
│          05-Timestamps.pdf
│          06-The Content Cure G Doc Makeover.mkv
│          07-Workshops That Sell G Doc Makeover.mkv
│          08-Physical Product CASE STUDY - $5k a month RECURRING with a SUPPLEMENT.mp4
│          09-CASE STUDY - 52 sales @$900 each ($43,000) in 96 Hours.mp4
│          10-Rebekah_s Cold Traffic Case Study.mp4
│          11-The Hot Button Training.mp4
│          12-Sago Squeeze Bot.mkv
│          13-2nd Helping Campaign.mkv
│          13-T3 for 2nd Helping Campaign-42k yr.docx
│          14-$100k (2 -Hour) No Pitch - ZAC.docx
│          14-The $100k, 2-hour, Zoom Appreciation Call (ZAC).mkv
│          15-Audience Multiplier Campaign.mkv
│          15-The ONE TRAFFIC SOURCE and METHOD that has NEVER FAILED ME.docx