Facebook推广营销视频教程 Facebook广告ads教程 外贸培训 SNS推广

FacebookBusiness 02. Exploring Facebook for business.avi_thumbs_2015.12.11.17_50_26

英文教程大小 564M  视频长2小时7分钟 英文解说配英文字幕。都是一些Facebook基础方面的知识。


Exercise Files.zip
00. introduction.avi
01. Welcome.avi
02. Exploring Facebook for business.avi
03. Understanding Facebook terminology.avi
04. Facebook profiles vs. Facebook pages.avi
05. Planning your page.avi
06. Developing an asset package.avi
07. Creating a new page.avi
08. Filling out your page information.avi
09. Changing your logo and cover image.avi
10. Choosing a web address for your page.avi
11. Publishing your page.avi
12. Inviting friends to like your page.avi
13. Inviting people via email.avi
14. Sharing your page to a Facebook profile.avi
15. Posting effective status updates.avi
16. Sharing photos and video.avi
17. Highlighting and pinning posts.avi
18. Scheduling posts on your page.avi
19. Creating Facebook events.avi
20. Creating interactive polls.avi
21. Sharing your milestones.avi
22. Tagging people in posts.avi
23. Working with messages.avi
24. Exploring Facebook Ads.avi
25. Creating a basic Facebook Ad.avi
26. Using promoted posts.avi
27. Getting started with Insights.avi
28. Understanding page performance.avi
29. Understanding your audience.avi
30. Exporting your Insight data.avi
31. Managing page permissions.avi
32. Adding page administrators.avi
33. Enabling post privacy.avi
34. Banning users from your page.avi
35. Adjusting page notifications.avi
36. Exploring the Facebook Pages Manager app.avi
37. Sharing to your page via mobile devices.avi
38. Using messages on mobile devices.avi
39. Watch This.avi
40. Using third-party services for Facebook.avi

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