AWS Cloud Front

Amazon CloudFront 是一种 Web 服务,为企业和 Web 应用程序开发人员提供一种简单且经济高效的内容分配方法,不仅延迟低,而且数据传输速度高。 与其他 AWS 服务相同,Amazon CloudFront 也是一种按用量付费的自助服务,无需长期承诺或最低费用。 使用 CloudFront,您的文件将通过一个全球节点网络来传输至最终用户。客户就是喜欢,没理由!
优点: Customer’s loved AWS content delivery speed, pricing, and the integrated suite of website hosting products.

缺点: The unique AWS architecture leaves limited flexibility and control over your content delivery.

结论: The fastest and rated overall best in our survey but experienced webmasters will have a steep learning curve while trying to become familiar with Amazon’s proprietary architecture.

Host Gator

优点: Host Gator is a great choice for small business websites and personal hosting because of their overall ease of use and user-friendly web management tools.

缺点:Though they do have some prominent clients their service is not really geared toward large scale web publishers.

结论: If you need to get your website launched quickly or your looking for a painless migration Host Gator is your best option.


Rackspace (NYSE:RAX)全球三大云计算中心之一,1998年成立,是一家全球领先的托管服务器及云计算提供商,公司总部位于美国,在英国,澳大利亚,瑞士,荷兰及香港设有分部。在全球拥有10个以上数据中心,管理超过10万台服务器。Rackspace的托管服务产品包括专用服务器,电子邮件,SharePoint,云服务器,云存储,云网站等。在服务架构上提供专用托管,公有云,私有云及混合云。
优点: Rackspace is now and has always had the best customer support in the website hosting business. They are truly dedicated to solving their customers hosting issues and developing unique instances for custom deployments.

缺点:Compared to the competition Rackspace is a bit pricey and their cloud service does not scale as well as say Amazon’s.

结论: The best choice for those looking for managed Dedicated Hosting.

Peer1 Hosting
优点: Peer1 was viewed as the most flexible web hosting company in our survey, with a fully integrated suite of content delivery products and a tech team that will help you build and maintain your custom hosting environment.

缺点: Not a good option for small businesses as Peer1 is better geared toward handling larger websites.

结论: Best for large scale websites that require flexibility and great customer support.


优点: Softlayer has fantastic backend technology and had the best uptime and security of any of the other hosts in our survey.

缺点: The major negative of working with Softlayer is price. In fact, every respondent familiar with their service mentioned their high service costs as a major drawback.

结论: Very good for large scale operations that can afford best of breed technology and have the in-house tech no how to manage it.

Blue Host

优点: Blue Host is considered to be one of the best options for small publishers as they offer easy setup, excellent customer support, and low and easy to understand pricing.

缺点: Just like with Hostgator, Bluehosts is not really setup to handle larger scale publishing operations, so it might not be the best choice if you’re expecting huge growth.

结论: One of the best web hosting companies for small business without question.


优点: If you need a fully customizable web hosting environment, no one is better at helping you build it then Leaseweb, famous for hosting Wikimedia’s European operation.

缺点: They have often been criticized for their confusing billing practices and survey respondents felt they might not be a good fit for smaller businesses.

结论: Great hosts for experienced operations wanting to build and manage a custom environment.


Go Daddy是一家提供域名注册和互联网主机服务的美国公司,服务产品涉及域名主机领域基础业务:域名注册、虚拟主机、VPS、独立主机,以及域名主机领域的衍生业务:独立IP、SSL证书、网站建设、邮箱、相册、速成网站、加速搜索引擎收录、网站分析等。
优点: Many might be surprised to see Godaddy on this list, but they are still considered an excellent choice for smaller publishers. Their price, easy-of-use, and wide range of hosting products are the reason they enter our 2015 list.

缺点:GoDaddy is exclusively focused on helping small business owners and therefore offers very few tools for larger enterprise customers.

结论: Great place for smaller companies to get started.