A Carefully Selected Video Course of Everything You Need to Build A Champion Offer That Resonates with Your Audience(The Perfect Offer – Proven Formulas)




客户旅程 —— 新的销售渠道

A carefully selected video course of everything you need to build a champion offer that resonates with your audience.
After completing this course, you’ll be able to effectively build and execute an offer that blows the top off your sales goals, while simultaneously building a lasting relationship with leads and customers.

Craft the perfect “Promo Pitch” to make your offer irresistible.
Create the perfect Lead Magnet offer in less than 20 minutes.
Generate leads and sales on every stage of the customer journey.



The Perfect Offer – Proven Formulas
└─The Perfect Offer – Proven Formulas
├─1. The 3-steps Offer Funnel
│ 1. The Perfect Sales Conversation.mp4
│ 1. The Perfect Sales Conversation.vtt
│ 1.1 module 2 workbook 1.png.png
│ 2. The Trigger.mp4
│ 2. The Trigger.vtt
│ 2.1 Module 3 workbook 3.png.png
│ 2.2 Module 3 workbook 2.png.png
│ 2.3 Module 3 workbook 1.png.png
│ 3. The Offer.mp4
│ 3. The Offer.vtt
├─2. Offer Level 2.0
│ 1. Make Your Offer Irresistible With These Tactics.mp4
│ 1. Make Your Offer Irresistible With These Tactics.vtt
│ 1.1 The secrets that make your offer compelling.html
│ 2. Why People Really Buy.mp4
│ 2. Why People Really Buy.vtt
│ 3. The anatomy of a good offer.html
└─3. Your Sales Funnel
1. The BeforeAfter Grid.mp4
1. The BeforeAfter Grid.vtt
2. Your Sales Funnel.mp4
2. Your Sales Funnel.vtt
2.1 How marketing makes sales smooth and easy.html
3. The Perfect Lead Magnet Offer.mp4
3. The Perfect Lead Magnet Offer.vtt
3.1 How to create a Lead Magnet easily.html
4. The Perfect Offers at Every Stage of the Customer Journey.mp4
4. The Perfect Offers at Every Stage of the Customer Journey.vtt
4.1 The customer journey stages.html
5. BONUS Lecture.html
5.1 Join The VIP Club!.html



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