Divi初学者课程:学习如何设计美丽的,专业的网站(Divi Blueprint 3)

Divi初学者课程:学习如何设计美丽的,专业的网站(Divi Blueprint 3)


Learn how to design beautiful, professional looking websites with the ultimate Divi beginner course.

By the end of the course…
You will have enough knowledge to confidently use Divi.
You will be able to design your own websites with ease.
The knowledge achieved in the course will be enough for you to even start a freelance business.
You’ll learn tips and techniques to help you work faster and efficient.



Divi Blueprint 3
└─Divi Blueprint 3
├─Module 1
│ M1Le01-Welcome.mkv
│ M1Le02 – Introduction to Divi – Mak University.mkv
│ M1Le03 – Installing and setting up Divi 3.0.mkv
│ M1Le04 – How the Divi builder works.mkv
│ M1Le05 – More on the Divi builder.mkv
│ M1Le06 – Introduction to the Visual builder.mkv
│ M1Le07 – Exploring the Visual builder.mkv
│ M1Le08 – Important Divi builder shortcuts.mkv
│ M1Le09 – Divi Builder vs Visual Builder.mkv
├─Module 2
│ M2Le01 – MODULE 2 Intro – Building Webpages.mkv
│ M2Le02 – Designing hero image (Part 1).mkv
│ M2Le03 – Designing the services section (Part 2).mkv
│ M2Le04 – Designing the description Section (Part 3).mkv
│ M2Le05 – Designing the features section (Part 4).mkv
│ M2Le06-Adding the gallery section (Part 5).mkv
│ M2Le07 – Designing the contact section – (Part 6).mkv
│ M2Le08 – Designing the about us page.mkv
│ M2Le09 – Designing our gallery page.mkv
│ M2Le10 – How to setup the blog page.mkv
│ M2Le11 – How to create a customised blog page.mkv
│ M2Le12 – Designing the contact page.mkv
└─Module 3
M3Le01 – MODULE 3 Divi’s global settings.mkv
M3Le02 – Customising the Divi menu.mkv
M3Le03 – Global Text and Header Settings.mkv
M3Le04 – How to design a boxed Layout website.mkv
M3Le05 – Customising header and navigation settings.mkv
M3Le06 – Adding social media icons, email and phone number to navigation.mkv
M3Le07 – Theme Customiser – Amazing Navigation Style Options.mkv
M3Le08 – How to add a logo to your website.mkv
M3Le09 – How to change default footer credits.mkv







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