ClickBank大师揭示了他的一步一步的过程,教您如何让你的产品在数分钟内展示在数百万Affiliate面前。(ClickBank Superstar )

ClickBank大师揭示了他的一步一步的过程,教您如何让你的产品在数分钟内展示在数百万Affiliate面前。(ClickBank Superstar )


ClickBank veteran reveals his step-by-step process to getting your product in front of millions of brand new affiliates in minutes.

Advanced tutorials that show how to get the most from ClickBank including using coupons, paying 100% commissions and setting up JV contracts.
Detailed checklists that you can refer to so nothing is overlooked.
All of the legal requirements that you need to add to your pages to become compliant.
All of the coding required to activate one click upsells and other features.
Plus much much more



ClickBank Superstar
└─ClickBank Superstar
1-Create Clickbank Account.mkv
1. Introduction Why Use Clickbank.mkv
10-Make a Test Purchase.mkv
11-Submit Product For Approval.mkv
12-Submit Product For Approval Part 2.mkv
13-Once You Are Approved.mkv
14-Create Upsell Flow.mkv
15-Build Upsell Flow.mkv
16-Test Your Flow And Submit For Approval.mkv
18-Your jv Page.mkv
2-Your Product.mkv
3-Main Vendor Settings.mkv
4-Main Account Settings.mkv
5-Adding Clickbank Trust Badge.mkv
6-Add Clickbank Disclaimer.mkv
7-Adding Thank You Page Requirements.mkv
8-Add Product To Clickbank.mkv
9-Add Buy Link.mkv
Advanced-1 Setting up Traditional jv Contracts.mkv
Advanced-2 Setting Affiliates to 100 Commissions.mkv
Advanced-3 Creating-Discount Coupon Codes.mkv
Advanced-4 Running jv Contests.mkv
Advanced-5 Setting up One Dollar Trials.mkv
Advanced-6 Multiple Products On One Account.mkv
Flow Links.txt



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