SEO流量秘籍 – 获取10倍+的搜索引擎流量(Authority SEO – The Complete Package)

SEO流量秘籍 - 获取10倍+的搜索引擎流量(Authority SEO – The Complete Package)




Create better content, stronger links, and 10x your search traffic.
Authority SEO is a compact online course that takes you through the exact SEO strategies I used to grow my blogs to over 100,000 visitors/month.
Go through the lessons, copy the strategies into your own blog, and watch your search rankings skyrocket.



Authority SEO – The Complete Package
└─Authority SEO – The Complete Package
│ 01-News & Updates.pdf
│ 02-Introduction To The Course.pdf
├─02-Niche & Keyword Research
│ 01-Finding Your Niche.pdf
│ 02- The Benefits Of Going Ultra-Targeted.pdf
│ 03- Analyzing Your Niches For Keywords.pdf
│ 04-How To Deal With Google’s Keyword Planner Update.pdf
│ 05-Setting Up Your Pillar Keywords.pdf
│ 06-Creating Your Pillar Posts.pdf
│ 07-Further Clarifications Of Pillar Posts.pdf
│ 08-The Best Type of Keywords To Target.pdf
│ 09-How To Do Competition Analysis The Right Way.pdf
│ 10-Step-By-Step Walk Through of My Competition Analysis Process.pdf
│ 11-Wrapping Up & Launching The Site.pdf
│ 12-BONUS Outsourcing Pillar Posts.pdf
├─03-On-Site SEO & Site Structure
│ 01- Domain Names, Layers, And Growth Planning .pdf
│ 02-How To Structure An Authority Blog .pdf
│ 03-How To Layout The Homepage.pdf
│ 04-How To Keep The Link Juice Flowing Throughout Your Entire Site.pdf
│ 05- Essential Plugins.pdf
│ 06-How to Use Yoast To Optimize Your Page For Multiple Keywords.pdf
│ 07-A Title Tag Trick That Increases Traffic Instantly.pdf
│ 08-Creating Your Site’s Inner Pages.pdf
│ 09-How To Get Endless Keyword Ideas From Spying On Your Competitors.pdf
│ 10-Wrapping Up & F.A.Q .PDF
├─04-Link Building
│ 01-Introduction To The Link Building Module.pdf
│ 02- How Rankings Work In 2018.pdf
│ 03-A Short Note About PBN Links.pdf
│ 04-A Link Builder’s Most Powerful Weapon.pdf
│ 05-How to Manipulate People Into Linking To You Naturally.pdf
│ 06-The Lazy Networker’s Link Building Method.pdf
│ 07-One Of My Favourite Types of Link Building Broken Down Step-By-Step.pdf
│ 08-Get Super Powerful Links All Day Long Through Competitor Link Mining.pdf
│ 09-Link Baiting Authority Figures For Authority Links.pdf
│ 10-When And How You Should Use Guest Posting As A Link Building Strategy.pdf
│ 11-Wrapping Up And FAQ’s About Link Building.pdf
├─05-Monetization, Growth, Putting Everything Together
│ 01-Monetization Options.pdf
│ 02-Growth Stages Of An Authority Blog.pdf
│ 03-How To Get Started The 5×20 Approach.pdf
│ 01- Deep Dives.pdf
│ 01-Niche Research Deep-Dive.pdf
│ 01-Niche Site Planning Deep-Dive.pdf
│ 01-Outreach Link Building Deep-Dive.pdf
│ 02-3Month-Checklist.pdf
│ 03-Adsense Layout.pdf
│ 03-Link Building Queries.pdf
│ 03-Niche Site Structure.pdf
│ 03-PDF Cheatsheets.pdf
│ 04-20000-Visitors-To-A-Brand-New-Site.pdf
│ 04-QA-Pack.pdf
│ 05-WordPress Themes.pdf
└─07-Special Bonus Pack
02-Outsource Content Like A Pro.pdf
03-Niche Book.pdf



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