“Get Paid $297-$497 From Restaurant Owners For A Service That Could Be Easily Completed In 30 Minutes or Outsourced Under $15… “(Restaurant List Building)


A step by step and comprehensive program that shows you how to make money selling list building service to restaurant owners in a most efficient way.
This method allows you to build an online consulting business that brings stable passive income and the best part is that you can control your income.
It includes everything you need to get started and start profiting from the method.



Restaurant List Building
└─Restaurant List Building
│ Restaurant List Building Method.pdf
├─Mega Clients Guide + Bonus (Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy) – OTO 2
│ │ Mega Clients Guide.pdf
│ │ └─Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy
│ 1. Email Marketing 3.0 Made Easy – Training Guide.pdf
│ 2. Cheat Sheet.pdf
│ 3. Mind Map.pdf
│ 4. Top Resources Report.pdf
└─Sales Generation Accelerator – OTO 1
First Email and Follow Up Templates.docx
Potential Clients’ List_Nice – City.xlsx
Sales Generation Accelerator Guide.pdf
Sales Proposal Template.pptx
Tracking Tool.xlsx



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