A Step-by-step Guide to Researching, Writing, Editing, Formatting, Publishing and Marketing Your Book.(Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass)

A Step-by-step Guide to Researching, Writing, Editing, Formatting, Publishing and Marketing Your Book.(Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass)

A step-by-step guide to researching, writing, editing, formatting, publishing and marketing your ebook.
Discover how to increase your writing productivity and the number of words you write each day
Discover the true financial costs involved in self-publishing
Create a daily schedule with the day-to-day tasks needed to achieve your planned objectives
Compile professional looking eBooks within Scrivener
Write compelling copy for your book’s description
And much more


The Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass is the definitive resource on How to Self-publish an eBook

The course has been split up into 17 different modules, which I call the 17 ‘ings’ of Self-publishing, is 8 hours in length and is continuously being developed (last updated: 9th November 2017) !!!

Once you have watched this course, not only will you know how to write and publish your first book, but you will also have learned how it is possible to make a living, or at least a part-time income, from your writing.

Module One on QUESTIONING whether you should write a book or not
In this module, I attempt to help you answer the extremely important question of whether the writing and publishing of a book is the correct choice for you personally, by first asking a series of other questions, such as:

Why do you want to self-publish a book?
What type of books are you going to write?
How are you going to go about writing your book?
Are you in this for the long haul?
Are you able to write a series of books? (Literary Factors)
Are you able to write a series of books? (Commercial Factors)

Module Two on PLANNING the Writing of Your Book
In this module, I show you how you can easily create both a Strategic Plan and Your Daily Work Schedule with WorkFlowy, a simple to use online notebook for lists. Specifically, we shall look at:

The importance of planning in order to increase productivity
An overview of the online list tool, WorkFlowy
How to use WorkFlowy to create a long-term strategic plan
Writing part-time versus writing full-time
The importance of writing every day
How to use WorkFlowy to create a daily work schedule

Module Three on BUILDING your Writer Platform
This module looks at the importance of building an online presence and ultimately creating a direct relationship with your readers; in short your Writer Platform. Specifically, we shall cover:

The building of your Brand
The building of your Author Website
The building of a Mailing List

Module Four on the RESEARCHING of your Book
In this module, I take a look at the researching of your topic or genre, to see if it is commercially viable. Specifically, we shall look at:

Researching the type of books that are selling well in your niche or sub-genre
Researching the categories and sub-categories in your niche or sub-genre
Researching the factors that help make a bestseller in your niche or sub-genre
Researching the best selling authors in your niche or sub-genre
Researching keyword phrases in your niche or sub-genre

Module Five on Writing your Book
In this module, I discuss the writing process; from the initial idea right through to completing the first draft, as well as the importance of writing quickly. Specifically, I shall look at:

The Writing Process
The importance of writing quickly
Factors that have increased the speed of my writing
Scrivener and why it is a must for all self-published authors
The importance of researching your book and the rules of the genre
Researching characters and settings within Scrivener
The importance of outlining – Are you a Pantser or a Plotter?
Why an Elevator Pitch is still good practice
Mapping out your scenes and chapters
Distraction free writing in Scrivener
Setting daily writing targets
Project Statistics in Scrivener
Project Targets in Scrivener and Write or Die 2
Why it is important to remember that the first draft doesn’t have to be perfect

Module Six on the POLISHING of your manuscript
This module looks at what you need to do once you have finished writing that first draft. Specifically, we shall look at:

How to rewrite your first draft
The rules of writing
The elements of a story

Module Seven on the EDITING of your book
In this module, I discuss the different types of editing that your book should go through before it is ready to be published. I also go through my own editing process in detail and what you can do if you are unable to afford the professional editing of your book. Specifically, you will learn:

The importance of editing
Self-editing your book
Substantive editing
Copy editing
What you can do if you can’t afford an editor?

Module Eight on the ILLUSTRATING of your book
This module looks at the sourcing and editing of those images that form part of your book’s content and promotion, as well as advice on the most important image of all, your book’s cover. Specifically, we shall look at:

Sourcing images for your books
Image manipulation and editing
Illustrating your book
The alternatives available for creating a cover for your book

Module Nine on the FORMATTING of your ebook
This module shows you the various options available to you so can quickly and easily format and validate your book without pulling your hair out! Specifically, we shall look at:

The two different format types that you will need to consider formatting to
My personal thoughts on manual formatting
How you can easily format your ebooks using Scrivener’s compile feature
An over-the-shoulder walkthrough of how to compile an eBook within Scrivener.
FREE applications that are available for formatting different types of ebooks
Professionally formatted books using Vellum
How you can validate your ebooks and check that they render correctly on your target devices

This module is concerned with the different places where it is essential that you write good copy, before you can actually publish your book. Specifically, we shall look at writing copy for:

Your book’s title
Your book’s subtitle
The tagline of your book
Your book’s description
The front and back matter of your books

Module Eleven on PUBLISHING your ebook
This module offers a step-by-step, over-the-shoulder look at publishing your book to the Amazon Kindle Store, where you will learn:

How to enter your book details
How to create a description for your Amazon sales page
How to set up your book’s pricing
How to incorporate your keyword phrases
How to use HTML so that your book stands out from the crowd

Module Twelve on SELECTING the distribution channels for your book
This module discusses the pros and cons of distributing your book exclusively through Amazon’s KDP Select and just when an author should consider distributing wide. Specifically, I shall look at:

The concept of exclusivity
The advantages of KDP Select
The disadvantages of KDP Select
Why new authors should choose KDP Select
Why established authors should distribute wide
Some of the other book distributors

Module Thirteen on the LAUNCHING of your book
This module is a step-by-step guide to launching your first ebook. In the class, you will learn about:

The importance of the setting up of a pre-launch landing page
The creation of your Street Team
The importance of early reviews
The pricing of your book
The soft launch of your book
The primary launch phase
The secondary launch phase

Module Fourteen on GIVING your readers high quality content for free
This module shows you what is without doubt the most effective marketing tool that self-published authors currently have at their disposal. In the class, you will learn about:

Giving away your product for FREE
The Perma-free Book
The Lead Magnet
Turning your subscribers into true fans
Continuing to give value through your author website
Making a name for yourself
Adding value, before self-promotion

Module Fifteen on MARKETING
In this module you will learn the Importance of marketing your book at each and every stage of its development, including the various book marketing strategies that you should implement both before and after you publish your book. In the class, you will learn about:

Marketing your book during the researching, writing and publishing of your book
Evergreen strategies to optimise your author website
A reminder of promotional strategies available for authors
The importance of engaging with your readers through a suitable social media channel
Amazon Author Central

Module Sixteen on LEARNING
This module looks at the importance of life-long learning and keeping abreast of what is happening in both your own niche as well as in the self-publishing industry. Specifically, you will learn:

Why it is important to make learning a daily habit in order to stay ahead of the curve in your niche
What are the best resources for keeping abreast of what’s going on in the world of self-publishing
How to set up a Google Alert for a topic within your niche or genre
How to refine your Google Alert to make it more relevant to your niche

Module Seventeen on EXPANDING
The final module of the course discusses the importance of repurposing the content you have already created for your ebooks in order to expand your product range. Specifically, you will learn about repurposing your content into:

Print versions of your books
Foreign language versions of your books
Online Courses

If you are serious about becoming a Self-published author, then the Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass is simply a must watch. So enrol in the course today and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Anyone, who is thinking about self-publishing a book
Anyone, who is considering beginning a part-time career as a self-published author
Part-time self-published authors, who are struggling to make time for their writing
Self-published authors looking to increase the number of books they write each year
Self-published authors looking to include images within their books
Self-published authors looking to improve the effectiveness of their book’s cover
Self-published authors who want to save time and money formatting their eBooks
Authors who would like to stay ahead of the curve in their particular niche or genre
Authors, who are new to self-publishing, and are looking to publish their first eBook
Authors who have already published books, but who would like to sell more books on the Amazon Kindle Store



Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass
│ Resources.url
└─Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass
├─01 An Introduction to the Course
│ 001 Introduction .avi
├─02 Module 01 Questioning Whether Publishing a Book is Right For You
│ 002 Are You in This for the Long Haul .avi
│ 003 Why Do You Want to Write a Book .avi
│ 004 What Type of Book Are You Going to Write .avi
│ 005 How Are You Going to Write Your Book .avi
│ 006 Are You Able to Write a Series of Books Literary Factors .avi
│ 007 Are You Able to Write a Series of Books Commercial Factors .avi
├─03 Module 02 Planning the Writing of Your Book
│ │ 008 An Introduction to Planning .avi
│ │ 009 An Introduction to WorkFlowy .avi
│ │ 010 How to Create a Medium to Longterm Strategic Plan .avi
│ │ 011 How to Set Up a Strategic Plan Within WorkFlowy .avi
│ │ 012 Day-To-Day Tasks One Part-Time Versus Full-Time .avi
│ │ 013 Day-To-Day Tasks Two The Importance of Writing Daily .avi
│ │ 014 Day-To-Day Tasks Three Planning Your Daily Work Schedule .avi
│ │ 015 How to Set Up a Daily Work Schedule in Workflowy .avi
│ │ 016 An Introduction to Healthy Habits .avi
│ │ 017 Why You Should Make Time for a Daily Walk .avi
│ │ 018 The Importance of Taking Regular Breaks .avi
│ │ 019 An Introduction to the Pomodoro Technique .avi
│ │ 020 Online Application Tomato Timer .avi
│ │ 021 iOS App Pomodoro Time .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ ├─008 An Introduction to Planning
│ │ Habits-Planning-Resources.pdf
│ │ Habits-Planning-Tasks.pdf
│ │ └─016 An Introduction to Healthy Habits
│ Habits-Health-Resources.pdf
│ Habits-Health-Tasks.pdf

├─04 Module 03 Building a Writer Platform – The Key to Self-publishing Success
│ │ 022 An Introduction to Building Your Writer Platform .avi
│ │ 023 Building Your Brand .avi
│ │ 024 Building an Author Website .avi
│ │ 025 Choosing a Domain Name .avi
│ │ 026 Choosing Hosting for Your Website .avi
│ │ 027 Why Choose WordPress .avi
│ │ 028 Choosing Premium Themes and Skins For Your Website .avi
│ │ 029 What Should Your Author Website Include .avi
│ │ 030 A Look at Other Products You Can Sell on Your Website .avi
│ │ 031 Creating a Mailing List to Connect with Your Readers .avi
│ │ 032 Component One Sign-up Forms and Landing Pages .avi
│ │ 033 Component Two Lead Magnets .avi
│ │ 034 Component Three Email Marketing Provider .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ ├─023 Building Your Brand
│ │ Author-Website-Branding-Resources.pdf
│ │ Author-Website-Branding-Tasks.pdf
│ │ ├─026 Choosing Hosting for Your Website
│ │ Author-Website-Hosting-Tasks.pdf
│ │ ├─027 Why Choose WordPress
│ │ Author-Website-Wordpress-Resources.pdf
│ │ Author-Website-WordPress-Tasks.pdf
│ │ └─028 Choosing Premium Themes
│ Author-Website-Themes-Resources.pdf

├─05 Module 04 Researching Your Books Niche or Genre Before You Begin Writing
│ 035 An Introduction to Researching Your Books Niche or Genre .avi
│ 036 Taking a Commercial Perspective During Your Research .avi
│ 037 Researching the Categories and Sub-Categories in Your Niche or Sub-Genre .avi
│ 038 Researching the Best-Selling Books in Your Niche or Sub-Genre .avi
│ 039 Researching the Best-Selling Authors in Your Niche or Sub-Genre .avi
│ 040 Researching the Best Keyword Phrases for Your Book .avi
│ 041 Researching Keyword Phrases Using the Amazon Search Box .avi
│ Biz-tutorial.com – Free Download .url
├─06 Module 05 Writing Your Book and How To Increase The Number of Words You Write
│ │ 042 Introduction to the Writing Process .avi
│ │ 043 The Importance of Writing Quickly .avi
│ │ 044 The Factors That Have Increased the Speed of My Writing .avi
│ │ 045 Scrivener and Why it is the Must-have Application .avi
│ │ 046 The Importance of Researching Your Book and the Rules of the Genre .avi
│ │ 047 The Researching of Characters and Settings within Scrivener .avi
│ │ 048 The Importance of Outlining – And are You a Pantser or a Plotter .avi
│ │ 049 Why an Elevator Pitch is Still Good Practice .avi
│ │ 050 Mapping Out Your Scenes and Chapters .avi
│ │ 051 Distraction Free Writing in Scrivener .avi
│ │ 052 Setting Daily Writing Targets .avi
│ │ 053 Project Statistics within Scrivener .avi
│ │ 054 A Closer Look at Scriveners Project Statistics .avi
│ │ 055 A Closer Look at Scriveners Text Statistics .avi
│ │ 056 Project Targets within Scrivener and Write or Die 2 .avi
│ │ 057 A Closer Look at Scriveners Project Targets .avi
│ │ 058 Remember the First Draft Doesnt Have to Be Perfect .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ └─042 Introduction to the Writing Process
│ Habits-Learning-Resources.pdf
│ Habits-Writing-Tasks.pdf

├─07 Module 06 Polishing Your Manuscript – the Rewriting and Self-editing Process
│ 059 So What Exactly Do I Mean by Polishing .avi
│ 060 The Rewriting of Your First Draft .avi
│ 061 With One Eye on the Rules of Writing .avi
│ 062 And Another Eye on the Elements of a Story .avi
├─08 Module 07 Editing Your Book and What to Do if You Cant Afford a Professional
│ 063 The Importance of Editing .avi
│ 064 The Different Types of Editing .avi
│ 065 Self-editing Your Book .avi
│ 066 Substantive Editing .avi
│ 067 Copy Editing .avi
│ 068 Proofreading .avi
│ 069 What You Can Do if You Cant Afford an Editor .avi
│ Biz-tutorial.com – Free Download .url
├─09 Module 08 Illustrating Your Book Sourcing Images and DIY Cover Design
│ │ 070 Illustrating for Authors .avi
│ │ 071 The Types of Images You May Use Within Your Book .avi
│ │ 072 A Word About Licensing .avi
│ │ 073 Taking Your Own Photos .avi
│ │ 074 Getting Photos from the Public Domain .avi
│ │ 075 Getting Photos from Creative Commons .avi
│ │ 076 Paid Royalty Free Stock Photo .avi
│ │ 077 Image Manipulation and Editing .avi
│ │ 078 Illustrating Your Book .avi
│ │ 079 Why Your Book Cover is So Important .avi
│ │ 080 Getting a Professionally Designed Cover .avi
│ │ 081 Alternative Options Available for Your Cover Design .avi
│ │ 082 Designing a Cover Yourself .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ └─070 Illustrating for Authors
│ resources.pdf

├─10 Module 09 Formatting and Validating Your Books without Pulling Your Hair Out
│ │ 083 A Look at the Different Formatting Types .avi
│ │ 084 My Thoughts on Manually Formatting a Book .avi
│ │ 085 Compiling Your Book in Scrivener .avi
│ │ 086 Front Matter and Back Matter and Why They Matter .avi
│ │ 087 How to Set Up Your Front Matter in Scrivener Part One .avi
│ │ 088 How to Set Up Your Front Matter in Scrivener Part Two .avi
│ │ 089 How to Set Up Your Back Matter in Scrivener .avi
│ │ 090 An Overview of Scriviners Compile .avi
│ │ 091 Installing Kindle Gen Within Scrivener .avi
│ │ 092 Scrivener Compilation Options Contents .avi
│ │ 093 Scrivener Compilation Options Separators .avi
│ │ 094 Scrivener Compilation Options Cover .avi
│ │ 095 Scrivener Compilation Options Formatting .avi
│ │ 096 A Walkthrough of Scriveners Compile .avi
│ │ 097 Preset Formats in Scriveners Compile .avi
│ │ 098 An Overview of the FREE Software for Formatting eBooks Depending on the Genre.avi
│ │ 099 A Look at the Kindle Kids Book Creator .avi
│ │ 100 An Introduction to Vellum .avi
│ │ 101 A Tutorial on How to Use Vellum .avi
│ │ 102 An Overview of Validating and Checking the Formatting of an ePub eBook.avi
│ │ 103 Validating with the ePUB Validator .avi
│ │ 104 An Overview of Validating and Checking the Formatting of a Kindle eBook.avi
│ │ 105 Validating with the Kindle Previewer .avi
│ │ 106 Using the Send To Kindle application .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ └─083 A Look at the
│ Formatting-An-eBook-List-of-Resources.pdf

├─11 Module 10 Copywriting Your Books Title Tagline Description and Back Matter
│ │ 107 An Introduction to Copywriting .avi
│ │ 108 Writing Your Books Title .avi
│ │ 109 Making the Most of Your Books Subtitle .avi
│ │ 110 The Importance of a Tagline .avi
│ │ 111 Writing Your Books Description .avi
│ │ 112 Copywriting for the Front and Back Matter of Your Book .avi
│ │ 113 Writing Copy for Your Books Front Matter .avi
│ │ 114 Writing Copy for Your Books Back Matter .avi
│ │ 115 Other Areas Where You Will Require Good Copywriting Skills .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ └─107 An Introduction to Copywriting
│ Publishing-Copywriting-Resources.pdf
│ Publishing-Copywriting-Tasks.pdf

├─12 Module 11 Publishing Your eBook on the Amazon Kindle Store
│ 116 An Introduction to Publishing Your Book .avi
│ 117 4 Things You Need to Prepare Before You Publish Your eBook to the Kindle Store .avi
│ 118 How to Enter Your Book Details .avi
│ 119 How to Write a Description for Your Book .avi
│ 120 How to Use HTML Within Your Description .avi
│ 121 How to Incorporate Your Keywords .avi
│ 122 How to Add Book Contributors .avi
│ 123 How to Target Your Book to the Customers .avi
│ 124 How to Select Your Book Release Option and Upload Your Book .avi
│ 125 How to Set Rights Pricing and Royalties .avi
│ 126 Kindle Match Book Kindle Book Learning and Publishing Your Book .avi
│ 127 CONGRATULATIONS You Are Now a Self-published Author .avi
├─13 Module 12 Selecting the Distribution Channels for Your Book
│ │ 128 A Word on Exclusivity .avi
│ │ 129 The Advantages of KDP Select .avi
│ │ 130 The Disadvantages of KDP Select .avi
│ │ 131 Why New Authors Should Choose KDP Select .avi
│ │ 132 Why Established Authors Should Disribute Wide .avi
│ │ 133 A Look at Some of the Other Book Distributors .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ └─128 A Word on Exclusivity
│ Publishing-Selecting-Resources.pdf
│ Publishing-Selecting-Tasks.pdf

├─14 Module 13 Launching Your First eBook on the Amazon Kindle Store
│ 134 A Number of Presumptions .avi
│ 135 A Word about the Pre-Launch .avi
│ 136 The Setting Up of a Pre-Launch Landing Page .avi
│ 137 Creating Your Street Team .avi
│ 138 The Importance of Early Reviews .avi
│ 139 Pricing Your Book .avi
│ 140 Soft Launch Your Book .avi
│ 141 Primary Launch Phase .avi
│ 142 Secondary Launch Phase .avi
├─15 Module 14 Giving Your Book Away For FREE
│ 143 Giving Away Your Product for FREE .avi
│ 144 The Perma-free Book .avi
│ 145 The Lead Magnet .avi
│ 146 Turning Your Subscribers into True Fans .avi
│ 147 Continue to Give Value Through Your Author Website .avi
│ 148 Making a Name for Yourself .avi
│ 149 Add Value Do Not Self-promote .avi
├─16 Module 15 Marketing and Promoting Your Book
│ 150 Marketing at Every Stage During the Creation of Your Book .avi
│ 151 Evergreen Strategies to Optimise Your Author Website .avi
│ 152 A Reminder of Promotional Strategies Available for Authors .avi
│ 153 Engage with Your Readers Through a Suitable Social Media Channel .avi
│ 154 Dont Forget Amazon Author Central .avi
│ 155 A Brief Look at Book Advertising .avi
├─17 Module 16 Learning More About Your Niche or Genre Every Day
│ │ 156 Introduction to Learning Habits .avi
│ │ 157 Staying Ahead of the Curve with Google Alerts .avi
│ │ 158 Setting Up a Google Alert Part One .avi
│ │ 159 Setting Up a Google Alert Part Two .avi
│ │ 160 Refining Your Google Alert .avi
│ │ 161 Keeping Abreast of the Self-publishing Industry .avi
│ │ └─attached_files
│ └─156 Introduction to Learning Habits
│ Habits-Learning-Resources.pdf
│ Habits-Learning-Tasks.pdf

└─18 Module 17 Expanding Your Product Range
162 Creating Print Versions of Your Books .avi
163 Creating Foreign Language Versions of Your Books .avi
164 Creating Audiobooks .avi
165 Creating Online Courses from Your Books .avi
166 So What Next .avi



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