Affiliate Marketing Mastery Class 30-Day Challenge Training to $10,000 / Month!(30-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge Training)

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Class 30-Day Challenge Training to ,000 / Month!(30-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge Training)

While recognized nationally as a Digital Marketing Expert, Jaiden is also C.E.O. of Wyeth Investment Holdings, a small Illinois-based company specializing in start-up development of local businesses. Jaiden and his team focus their financial consulting efforts to structure team efficiencies, plug profit leaks, and innovate step-by-step plans to maintain positive cash flow.

Affiliate Brand Development

This week you will be learning how to effectively, and efficiently, develop the skill sets in becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Brand Education

Inside these videos, you will learn the foundational education required to build a successful affiliate marketing brand.

Affiliate Brand Partnerships

Inside these videos, you will be learning the skill sets and leverage tactics our experts use to scale an affiliate marketing brand.

Affiliate Brand Sustainability

Inside these videos, you will find alternative online monetization strategies to assist in the scaling and profitable growth of your affiliate marketing company.

Creating a Landing Page.

Inside this video series, you will learn the basic “How To” create a landing page, optimization strategies, and much much more!



30-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge
└─30-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge
├─01-Affiliate Brand Development
├─01-Mapping Out Your Business
│ 01-affiliate_marketing_introduction.docx
│ 01-Welcome To Our 30-Day Training! .avi
│ 02-Top 3 Affiliate Marketing F.A.Q’s .avi
│ 02-top_3_FAQ_affiliate_marketing.docx
│ 03-Mindset_Training_Doc_.docx
│ 03-Top 5 Success Mindsets For Affiliate Marketing! .avi
│ Resources.url
├─02-Creating Your Affiliate Brand
│ 01-Top 3 Money Making Industries .avi
│ Resources.url
├─03-Affiliate Marketing Networks
│ 01-Setting Up Your ClickBank Account .avi
│ 02-Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Networks .avi
│ Resources.url
└─04-YouTube Affiliate Marketing Promotions
│ 01-Affiliate Credibility – Reviewing Our e-Course On YouTube ($$$) .avi
│ Resources.url
├─02-Affiliate Brand Education
├─01-Affiliate Traffic Generation
│ 01. Top 10 Free Traffic Sources (Overview) .avi
│ AMMC_Free_Traffic_Doc_.docx
│ Resources.url
└─02-Facebook Virality Marketing
│ 01-Shortening Links ( .avi
│ 02-Spotting Viral Trends ( .avi
│ 03-Scouting Viral Pages (Facebook Insights) .avi
│ 04-Auto Invite to Group – Facebook .avi
│ Resources.url
├─03-Affiliate Brand Partnerships
│ 01-What Makes A Video Go Viral .avi
│ 02-Upload Raw Video To Facebook .avi
│ 03-Facebook Advertising Demographic Targeting – Pt. 1 .avi
│ 04-Facebook Advertising Demographic Targeting – Pt. 2 .avi
│ Resources.url
├─04-Affiliate Brand Sustainability
│ 01-Shopify Product Research – Pt. 1 .avi
│ 02-Shopify Product Research – Pt. 2 .avi
│ 03-Shopify Product Research – Pt. 3 .avi
│ 04-Shopify Product Research – Pt. 4 .avi
│ 05-Shopify Product Research – Pt. 5 .avi
│ 06-Shopify Product Research – Pt. 6 .avi
│ Resources.url
└─05-Creating Landing Pages
01-Clickfunnels or LeadPages .avi
02-Creating a Landing Page With LeadPages .avi



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