The Secret To Reaching Eager Buyers Fast, In ANY Niche… All With 100% FREE and LEGAL Content! (Easy PD Profits)

The Secret To Reaching Eager  Buyers Fast, In ANY Niche…     All With 100% FREE and LEGAL Content! (Easy PD Profits)

简单的PD利润向你展示了一种简单的、几乎无风险的方式,从人们想要的高质量免费内容中获利 – 而且很快。


Easy PD Profits shows you an easy, virtually risk-free way to profit from quality free content that people want – and quickly.

I: Set up five easy income streams, using my simple step-by-step tutorials.
2: Access an unlimited hotbed of free content sources, with just a few mouse clicks.
3: Take the proven content that you find, and leverage them to profit.
4: Rinse and repeat.


Attention Frustrated Publishers…

The Secret To Reaching Eager
Buyers Fast, In ANY Niche…
All With 100% FREE and LEGAL Content!
And Add New 3 to 4-Figure Income Streams Every Time – With Just A Few Mouse Clicks…

Hi there, it’s Amy Harrop!

And by now, I’m sure that you’ve heard more than enough success stories from people who are absolutely crushing it with online publishing…

And come on, it’s gotta be pretty annoying by now!

The fact is that people with literally ZERO talent or special skills are making money online, and you’re not.

And if you’re wondering why that is…

What it is that they have that you don’t…

It’s really quite simple…

They know what people are looking for,
and are giving them what they want!

It’s not rocket science, and anyone can do the same thing!
Now, what if I told you that you can create content and products that people want to buy?

And better yet… what if I told you that you can easily create five new revenue streams each time, using nothing more than free content…

And what if I told you that you can find free content in as little
as FIVE minutes?
That’s right, I can show you exactly how to leverage free content to create profitable new income streams, and in less time than it takes for you to check your email!
By simply leveraging the hard work and expertise of other people, legally and ethically, without the need to create any original or new content, you can make profit!
Only a handful of people (including myself) have come to realize the true potential of this perpetual goldmine, and have been profiting from it to the tune of thousands of dollars, year after year!

A Simple, Proven Concept…

Finally, A Way To Start Profiting Online That
Anyone Can Do, Regardless Of Skills,
Knowledge Or Budget!
Forget what you think you know…

You CAN easily publish profitable books and digital products without it taking weeks or months of painstaking work, and tons of risk!

You will garner more fans, subscribers and yes…BUYERS with this easy and proven strategy…

and in less time you can ever imagine!

This Works!
“Amy has done it again; she’s created a complete training that will have you making money in no time! PD profits provides a comprehensive overview of five different income streams that you can use individually or collectively to start a lucrative online career with no to little upfront costs. The PD dashboard is in itself worth the price of the course; Amy has done the legwork for you and curated what seems to be nearly all of the PD website addresses that you will ever need. I’m excited to see where this training will take my business and I highly recommend it for those who want to see theirs grow too.”

Natalie McNee

“Easy PD Profits is a guide on five ways to make money with public domain, and a software dashboard of public domain resources. What this product has done is taken the hard work out of accessing everything in the public domain. The software is excellent. It is a compilation of all the links that host public domain items; books, videos, audio, articles, images and so on. Coupled with the information supplied by Amy, which not only shows you how to use the software, it also shows you how to utilise what you can do with it. Five ways to be exact and it is easy, simple ways. Once set you can easily make a passive income from it.

I recommend this product to you. It has inspired me, and I hope it inspires you.”

Lynnette Cochrane

This Strategy Is Easy To Do When You Know How To Leverage A Secret, Proven Goldmine…
Public Domain
What is “Public Domain” content, and how can you profit from it?

Public domain content is just that, public content.

It’s literally countless millions of pages of content that carry no exclusivity or copyright protection. You can use, source, and even edit/revamp public domain content any way you want.

According to a study from the US Copyright office, approximately 85% of all books published between 1923-1963 did not renew their copyright.(source: “The Public Domain” by Stephen Fishman, Esq), this means they are in the public domain.

And on top of that, there is brand new public domain content is being added daily!

And Public Domain Isn’t Just About Books, There’s A Wide Variety Of PD Content, Including:
Images, photographs and illustrations
Audio recordings
Video recordings
And much more!
And remember, there is new public domain content being added each and every day!

The Possibilities Are In A Word… UNLIMITED.
You can use public domain content “as-is,” or you can add more value to it. Creating a new derivative published work that you now own and can copyright!

You can even take content from one format, and simply convert it to another. For example, take a public domain book, convert it to audio or video… or multiple media!

Like I said, the possibilities are endless. There is simply no limit to the ways that you can profitably leverage public domain content to profit!

Here are a few examples of how some clever publishers have successfully monetized free public domain content:

Here’s a book based solely on the public domain edition of
Think and Grow Rich…and it’s a massive bestseller!

Here’s a top-selling Etsy store that
only sells prints of old, public domain books.
They have made over 31k sales and counting!

Here’s a website that showcases a wide variety of
public domain based content –
they get over 2 million unique visitors a month!

You Can Profit The Same Way
With Public Domain Content,
And I Will Show You How!
Easy PD Profits:
5 Public Domain Blueprints

With Easy PD Profits you’ll discover:

Easy PD Profits shows you an easy, virtually risk-free way to profit from quality FREE content that people want – and QUICKLY!

It’s a fact: you can ‘legally steal’ from a treasure trove that consists of millions of pieces of content, that grows daily!

And much more!
I’ll bet you’re thinking right about now…

Why Would Anyone Buy “Free Content”?
The answer is simple:

People want easy access to relevant, entertaining and targeted content that’s available when they want it, and they’ll pay to get it.

Publishers, product creators, and marketers successfully sell content that based on public domain material, in whole or part, every single day!

They succeed because there’s a market demand for what they’re selling!

Testimonials For Easy PD Profits
“LOVE this product. The EZ- PD Profits Guide was not only very inspiring but also had very specific practical information that was helpful. All of this is in a lively conversation- like tone that makes you feel like you are getting inside advice from a great friend who really wants you to be successful. There are even 2 extra downloads with additional information. When you are all motivated with a plan of action, the PD Software is an extra level of help in actually sending you to some great links organized by categories. This gave me new ways to do what I am already doing and some great motivation to expand.”

Sonja S
Author of Pray & Color series Adult Devotional Coloring Journals

“This is an invaluable tool and training resource for anyone who would like to make money using free public domain content. The manual sets out so many options it made my head spin. It is organized into five “blueprints”, any of which could become the basis for a highly profitable business on its own. The accompanying software can be used for finding all types of PD content, from photos to articles, drawings to multimedia. It’s dead easy to use and works online, so you can link instantly to the resources it reveals. And even better, Amy promises to update it regularly incorporating user suggestions, so it will constantly grow in value. This is another top-notch product from Amy that I can see I shall be returning to time and time again.”

Nick Daws

Get The Easy PD Profits Training And Software Plus The Killer Bonus Package
(Detailed Below)…

For A Highly-Discounted Introductory Price Of Only…

Let Me Show You To Build Five Powerful
Revenue Streams That Tap Into
Ready And Eager Buyers!
What can FIVE new revenue streams do for YOUR business?

You can literally rinse and repeat in a wide variety of popular niches and sub-niches – over and over again!

If you’re not excited about the possibilities yet, check your pulse! 🙂

Get This No-Nonsense, Step-By-Step Blueprint, And You Can Find Yourself On The Fast-Track To Profits… Starting Today!
Here’s what you get:

Watch the quick demo here!

People Are Loving This Software
“This week I used your training material and Public Domain Software. What a world of difference. I can easily make dozens of coloring packages in record time with the images I quickly found. Gone is the fear of getting sued for illegally using an image.The training is so orderly and complete. It was like you personally anticipated all of my concerns and questions and then provided the answer to them. I did not expect such comprehensive teaching in the guide. You really went above expectations with all the tips and bonus training you included.

My computer is full of newly downloaded images. My head is full of fresh ideas. I am now equipped with the knowledge and resources to go ahead and be creative and have fun with my projects. I have went from frustration to mastery in a short time.”

Nancy Norris

Get The Easy PD Profits Training And Software Plus The Killer Bonus Package (Detailed Below)…
For A Highly-Discounted Introductory Price Of Only…

Act Now, And You Get These Massive Valuable Bonuses Worth Over $37!

Setting Up an Etsy Store

Etsy makes it easy for artists and others to sell physical goods, and Public Domain content is a perfect starting place. This guide will help you get your virtual store up and running quickly.
How to Get Started and Profit with Shopify
Shopify has all of the features that you’ll need to create a successful online store. This guide will show you how you can get started and profit with

As With All Of My Trainings,
There Is No Fluff, No Theory, No BS!
Grab this proven, no-nonsense blueprint and software and find yourself on the fast-track to profits, starting today!

Learn The Proven Secrets That Only A Handful Of
Successful Marketers And Publishers Know…
…So You Can Leap Miles Ahead Of The Competition!
Save hours of time, frustration, and tons of money!
Find out what hungry buyers want, with absolutely NO guesswork!
Get the software, training and tools that you need to profit from public domain content!
Check Out Easy PD Profits With Absolutely NO Risk!

That’s right, you can test drive this product for a full seven (7) days!

If you’re not happy or just decide that it’s not for you for any reason whatsoever… no problem! Just submit a support ticket and get a full 100% refund – with NO questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
What is “public domain” content exactly ?
Public domain content is any published work or material that is no longer protected by copyright. These include images, books, articles, audio recordings, magazines, movies and more. And because they’re no longer copyrighted, you can tap into this content to profit, legally and ethically.

And don’t forget… new public domain content is created daily!
What kind of content is available in the public domain?
We’re talking about a huge variety of niches, including:

– Self-help/self-improvement
– Health/fitness
– Hobbies
– Arts
– Fiction
– How-to
– Wealth
– Business/finance
– And many more!

The fact is, there are countless pages of content and other types of material that can be effectively utilized. It’s quite literally… a goldmine!
What is the public domain dashboard software you include?
This is my exclusive Windows software app (or Mac using Parallels or Wine. Training on how to setup the app with Wine is included- but it is an extra setup.) that instantly connects you with hundreds of sources and curated and categorized public domain sites. You can access any of these with just a few mouse clicks. The software will be updated regularly to connect you with new sources, and you can even submit new sources for updates!

Note: Although this is desktop software, you will need an internet connection to fully utilize it!

Note #2: If you can’t run the software on your computer for any reason, you have the option to download the sources via a spreadsheet download via the member’s area. Check out the demo video further up this page!
Get This Value-Packed Training And Software,
Plus The Bonus Package For Only…

Don’t Forget About The Exclusive Bonuses!
They Will Help You Build Your Public Domain Empire Even Faster!
I’ve already done most of the work for you…
Just follow the easy steps and profit big time!
Make no mistake. This complete package (including software!) is easily worth $97 or more! Act NOW, and you’ll get this value-packed training for the ridiculously low price of only… $27

To Your Success,
Amy Harrop

P.S. Don’t miss this, it’s a no-brainer, and there is NO risk!

This training and software package will save you countless hours on research alone. Create more profitable content in less time, with less work, and make more MONEY!

So do yourself a favor and check this out, you can thank me later! 🙂



Easy PD Profits
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