学会如何让Youtube推送大量的流量并免费推广你的Offers(Video Hero)

学会如何让Youtube推送大量的流量并免费推广你的Offers(Video Hero)




Get 50+ new email subscribers and $105 per day from YouTube without ever making a single video.
I’ll show the entire process from A-Z and you’ll see that all it takes is 30 minutes or less per day.
How to make Youtube send you tons of traffic and promote your offers for free. You’ll learn how to get in front of eager buyers and present them with an offer they can’t refuse.


Tired of seeing everyone else crush it with simple videos online, but not you?
Mountain Man Reveals The “Fail-Proof” Way To Get 50+ New Email Subscribers And $105.13 Per Day From Youtube Without Ever Making A Single Video…
All From FREE Traffic.
A FRESH and EASY way to consistently build your list and start making $100+ Per Day In Sales Online…
Watch this short video to see exactly how to use Youtube to build your list and make $100+ daily for free without ever creating a single video…

Get Video Hero Unlimited Edition:
Complete step-by-step instructions in great detail
Simple, easy, and fast
Results in 24 hours or less
24/7 email support
Fully guaranteed

“If You Missed Out On The The Glory Days Of Easy Youtube Rankings And The Profits That Came With It…

This Is Your Chance To Tap Into Something Awesome Even If You’re A Total Beginner With No List, No Experience And No Video Creation Skills!”

•Ready To Make $100+ Per Day – Every Day While Building Your Incredibly Valuable Email List?
•Just follow the steps I outline anytime you want money…
•You can scale this as big as you want or you can make it your side hustle. The potential for you is limitless and the traffic is built in…

“Who Am I?”

Hi. My name is Derek Allen, and for years I’ve been teaching people how to absolutely crush it on Youtube, and with video marketing in general. But I’ve noticed, as I’m sure you have, that the old way of creating a video and ranking on page one of Google or Youtube in a matter of hours or days is getting harder and harder.

So I set out to find out why and if the easy ways were dead. And I did find what I was looking for, but in the process I discovered something else. I realized that with less effort, I could get more traffic from Youtube WITHOUT even trying to rank.

I set up my first campaign with this method that I could track very carefully. My results after just 24 hours were insane… My test run cranked out over $60 in affiliate commissions, but what’s really cool is I was also able to add 33 people to my email list that I can market to over and over again… All of this from 100% free traffic.

Now I get that in this business sometimes you just get lucky, so I decided to try it again to see if I could replicate it with something else. And I did. 8 different times over the course of 8 days. And each time I got faster and faster and the results were better and better.

But the best parts…

I didn’t… Have to be on camera.
I didn’t… have to pay hundreds of dollars for video creation (not even fiverr).
I didn’t… have to break open any of my video software.
I didn’t… have the stress or hassles I normally do.

Now I want to others put this method into place in their own business. I’m confident that anyone can do this with my step-by-step instructions. The results with this are incredible, and it’s not a loophole or fluke. This strategy can be implemented with success over and over. All you have to do to see for yourself is join me inside of Video Hero.
Here Are My Results For 1 Video Hero Campaign For 1 Certain Niche:

When It Come To Using Youtube To Drive Traffic And Make Sales, You’re Probably In One Of These Four Categories:
Category 1:
You know how powerful Youtube can be to drive traffic, build an audience and make sales, but you just haven’t got started because you just don’t know how yet.
Category 2:
You see the success everyone else has with Youtube, but you feel like you can’t create a video yourself because you don’t have the “tech” skills or tools.
Category 3:
You DO make videos, but get frustrated because you work so hard only to see your rankings disappear overnight or never show up at all leaving you with wasted time.
Category 4:
You’ve tried every video marketing angle with very little success and are looking for something simple that doesn’t require a huge investment and actually gets results.
It Doesn’t Matter Which Category You’re In…
Video Hero is by far the most Simple And Proven Method to knock down all of those road blocks and GUARANTEE you get traffic from Youtube WITHOUT worrying about your production value or rankings. You can do this even if you have:
No Expierence
No Content
No Connections
No Ideas
No Niche
No Product
No Email List
No Website
Never Made A Video
No Tech Expierence
No Clue What To Sell
No Designing Skills

Video Hero Just Works… And I REFUSE To Fill Your Head With CRAP Or FALSE Promises!

I hate hype.

I always walk the walk. If it doesn’t work for me in my business I don’t teach it to others.

So instead of making your think about how good it’ll feel to finally succeed at something online, I’d rather talk about RESULTS…

I know that’s the only thing that truly matters, the only thing you actually care about as you decide to join me inside of Video Hero…
WHY Is Video Hero Your Very Best Chance To Achieve A Stable Revenue Stream And Constant Source Of Traffic With Youtube?
… Because You’ll Be Leveraging Youtube’s Internal Systems To Make Youtube Do All The Promotion For You So You Can Start Getting Results Like The Early Days… Only Better!

Video Hero takes full advantage of one of the most POWERFUL forms of advertising… VIDEOS!

But it does it in a non-conventional way. Truth is, you don’t even have to create a video at all. No hours of planning content, shooting and editing (but I discuss all of this inside.

I teach you the very simple technique that will GOBBLE UP tons of HIGHLY TARGETED traffic so you can build your list, get tons of clicks, sales and give you the ability to level up your business.

Seriously, this technique is so simple and can be applied in less than 30 minutes per day. All just by being smarter than everyone else and seeing opportunities.

And you’ll never have to worry about ranking a video or seeing your ranking vanish. The niche research is simple, you don’t need to spend any money, and the actually work couldn’t be any easier. You’ll understand fully once you’re inside.
What Sets Video Hero Ahead Of
The Rest Of The Methods Out There?
I’ll Reveal How To Leverage Other Peoples Work And Audiences While Making Youtube Do ALL The Work For You. And It Probably Won’t Surprise You When You See…
That When Youtube Is Building Your Email List And Sending You Sales… The Results Are Much Better Than Any Other Free Traffic Method On The Market.

Video Hero is a step-by-step course that you will have instant access to from your private member’s area.
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside Of Video Hero:
How to leverage this method for ANY Niche online, even if you know nothing about it. All you have to do is follow along with me and take notes. This is the closest thing I can do to lead you to results. I’ll show the entire process from A-Z and you’ll see that all it takes is 30 minutes or less per day.
Why I can give you a 100% guarantee that all you have to do is TAKE ACTION and you’ll get some awesome results… all from free, easy to get traffic.
How you can do this without making a single video of your own. I know that sounds weird, a video marketing method without a video, but you’ll soon see that you don’t actually have to upload a single video to make this happen. Just an internet connection and this training is all you need.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to make a video… This strategy will be the BEST source of free, consistent, targeted traffic which will result in a stable and scaleable revenue stream.
How to start making $100+ per day in as little as a week WITHOUT spending any money on ads.
How much income you bring in every month is only limited to your hustle.
How to set up all the resources you’ll need for this strategy to be incredibly effective for FREE.
You work when you want, on what you want, where you want without any breathing down your neck.
How to make Youtube send you tons of traffic and promote your offers for FREE. You’ll learn how to get in front of eager buyers and present them with an offer they can’t refuse. The audience is already there, and this is an EASY way to get them to buy from you instead of someone else.
How to get started within an hour of getting this training.
“This Sounds Great, Derek!
How Much Does It Cost?”

It’s probably clear the Video Hero is…

THE fastest working way to start getting rapid results from Youtube and start building your email list and having those consistent $100 days.

No one else is willing to pull back the curtain on this strategy… They want to keep it for themselves, but the truth is, it can’t get crowded. There’s enough room for us all top profit.

But I want to help… I want you to get hundreds of new email subscribers every month. I want to show you how to use Youtube in the easiest possible way to add $100+ a day to your revenue with less effort and without paying for traffic…

That’s why I want to do everything I can to make sure you get these secrets today.

So, when you decide to join me in my Grand Opening Special for Video Hero, you’ll do so while saving $20 off the regular price.

Get Video Hero Unlimited Edition:
Complete step-by-step instructions in great detail
Simple, easy, and fast
Results in 24 hours or less
24/7 email support
Fully guaranteed

You’re Also Covered By My 100% Money Back Guarantee

Decide to try Video Hero today risk-free and save $20 off the retail price.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the training you’ll receive inside of Video Hero… Or for any reason at all, you’re not thrilled…

All you have to do is email my team within 30 days to receive a complete, no-questions asked refund of your your investment.

The risk is all on me to prove to you that Video Hero will do everything it says it will.

I cannot wait to prove it to you when you join me inside of Video Hero.
Passing on Video Hero is NOT saving you $10.00
(Despite What You May Think)

It’s More Like Walking Away From THOUSANDS if Dollars In Profits…

Just think about it… You’ve probably wanted to have greater success online for a long time. You’ve been looking for the “edge” that can help you… But you don’t want to compete against companies with mega budgets… You’ve been on the hunt for something different, unique, powerful, and proven.

Here it is. Shining brightly on the screen in front of you.

It’s Video Hero, and it’s 100% RISH FREE. You owe it to yourself to TRY it out. To TRY your hand at it and see if it grows your email list and produces more income than anything else you’ve tried in the last 6 months.

I mean… What if it works?

That could be the beginning of a whole new era for you. One where money comes more easily… One where you have a business that WORKS for you rather than you working the business… One where you’ll have actual profits to invest to grow faster or spend on whatever your heart desires.

All of this is right in front of you, right now for the taking… For the risk-free taking…

If Video Hero doesn’t live up to everything U say, you’ll get every dime of your investment back, and you’ve only spent a maximum of 1 hour giving Video Hero an honest try.

But if it does work for you like I think it will… just like all my students before… then this could be a serious game-change for you. Just like it was for me.

That’s why I worked overtime to put this together for you and help you do.

Join me and your fellow internet entrepreneurs inside of Video Hero right now, saving $20 today and over $100 overall, get in on this risk-free deal, and see it all unfold before your very eyes.

Click the button below to join me right now.
Get Video Hero Unlimited Edition:
Complete step-by-step instructions in great detail
Simple, easy, and fast
Results in 24 hours or less
24/7 email support
Fully guaranteed



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