DropShipping秘籍 – Dropship into Your Dream(Dropshipping Dreams)

DropShipping秘籍 - Dropship into Your Dream(Dropshipping Dreams)




The exact funnel I use from start to finish to get sales.
I’m going to show you the supplier I use, how I get traffic and once I have that traffic how I am able to get up to 1,000% ROI with it.
I will show you how to pick the perfect product, how to get sales with my proven never before seen sales funnel, then repeat it as many times as you like for more sales.
This is a proven dropshipping Sales Funnel that I have proven and tested 100%.


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The Secret to DropShipping

NO ONE is Showing You

Released to the Public: Limited Time

“Dropship into Your Dream”


Hey it’s Lyfe!


So YES, I have done it…

I have just created one of the craziest best converting sales funnels

you are going to see…

The best part, I have done it all by dropshipping products

I don’t care how much you think you

know about E-commerce or

Dropshipping, you have not seen a

converting funnel like this one.

One of the reasons I get to travel all

year long and surf all year long…

Why? Because it’s insanely passive and

brings enough money to do whatever

you want, all while taking just 3 hours

a week to maintain it.

Maybe you have tried dropshipping

and it didn’t work for you…

I can tell you right now, most of the

videos and courses you see from

people selling you dropshipping

methods are complete crap.

They don’t even do ecom,

they sell courses.

I have been doing ecom for around

10 years now, I know what I’m talking


Some people do dropshipping and

they still work 40 hours a week online in their


This is INSANE to me. Did you really get online just so you can work another 40 hour a week job.


The #1 reason you need to learn dropshipping from me.

I have mastered a method to get it extremely profitable and only taking 3 hours a week to maintain it.

What I am revealing in Dropshipping Dreams is the exact funnel I use from start to finish to get sales.

I’m going to show you the supplier I use, how I get traffic and once I have that traffic how I am able to get up to 1,000% ROI with it.

I am going to show you secrets NO ONE is else is showing you with dropshipping.

The great thing about dropshipping…you never have to touch the product, not one time. You will NEVER have to hold inventory in your house.

I will show you how to pick the perfect product, how to get sales with my proven never before seen sales funnel, then repeat it as many times as you like for more sales.

This is a proven dropshipping Sales Funnel that I have proven and tested 100% and I am now going to share it with you for a limited time.

I have made it super easy for you. Just copy the exact way I have it set up in the step by step Dropshipping Dreams guide.

Set it up with in 2-3 hours and you’ll have your own passive dropshipping machine in action.

You need to learn from someone who is just like you. Someone who is NOT an internet marketer, someone who actually gets to do what they want in life and not tied to a desk or computer all day long.

Have you ever seen those guys doing videos, saying, “be like me work on the beach all day”…serious?

I do not want a bunch of sand in my computer from the beach, I want to go to the beach to surf and swim in the water and look at girls.

I do not want to go to the beach just to sit on my computer and work for hours and hours.

Believe me, anything you see from me is a method that will only take a few hours a week to maintain.

I will never create anything that is going to rob me of my personal time in life. Nor would I want you to be robbed, in fact, you might be feeling robbed of your time already.

Robbed 50 hours a week with a job that doesn’t pay you enough for your time…your time is not worth any dollar amount. Once you trade someone your time for money, you can ever get it back. 

The worse part is, you are trading that time just to pay bills just to be able to have enough money for gas to go to work just to be able to pay bills again, it’s insane, stop it right now.

Look, I’m 100% for you trading your time for something you love…paid or not. If you already love what you are doing in life great, get the Dropshipping Dreams course anyway because it’s just a few hours a week to maintain and an easy to set up passive income on the side for you.

If you aren’t doing what you love in life…what’s the reason for it…don’t tell me, I know.

One, either you don’t have enough time to do what you love because your job is robbing you from all your hours every single week all year long.

Or two, you do not have enough money to do the things you really want to do in life.

I already know, because I’ve been there…and I am telling you right now if you don’t put something solid and proven into action right now, that isn’t going to change.

You are going to keep doing the same thing every single day waking up every single day wondering why the universe is against you again today.

I want you to scroll to the bottom right now and by my Dropshipping Dreams course that I have created for someone just like you.

I want you to buy it so you can put it into

effect tonight and have your own

passive dropshipping machine going for

you strong.

I don’t care how many videos you have

watched on E-com or dropshipping or

how many courses you have bought.

Were those people traveling the world all

year for many years like me? NO…

You want someone who is actually living

the life they talk about…

I have created a simple, easy, step by step

course that anyone can follow with no

experience online.

If you want something that finally

works and is proven by someone who

is not an internet marketer, then

buy it now…

Dropshipping Dreams is what you’ve been

looking for…click buy now and get access

right away

See you on the inside

Passive Dropshipping

What’s Included

Step By Step Guide: How to dropship passively and profitable every day.
Revealed: Screenshots showing exactly how I did it, Everything Revealed
Method: Never before Seen, Anywhere
Works anywhere in the world
100% White -hat stuff, this is not some trick or loop hole that will close in a day
Written by myself, a Traveler, NOT an Internet Marketer
Tools I Use, Copy them exactly
Business in a box, how to get to few hours a week only to maintain this
Never before released, You will LOVE this simple Method
Your headline

“Dropshipping on Steroids”




So, either you have tried dropshipping and you failed, or you have always seen people doing so well in dropshipping for years but never actually tried it.

For those of you that failed, you probably had bad information from someone who has never even made a single sale in E-com and was just an internet marketer. I have been doing E-com for years and I am NOT an internet marketer.

You have been ALL THE WRONG


The wrong method to get traffic

The wrong method to get sales

The wrong products to sell

The wrong way to ship them

You have been wasting way too much

money on bad information.

For those of you have always wanted

to try, you can save yourself hours of

bad information and wasteful days

by getting what I have created here.

You see, not only have I done

E-commerce for years successfully.. but

I have done it all while working 5

hours a week, every single week for

around 7 years now.

Now, the next person you buy a

course from, I want you to ask them,

so just how many hours a week do

you work.

You know what’s funny, most of them

have a regular job or they work 60

hours a week to keep everything going

or they will fail.

Myself, yes 100% true, I surf the world,

I travel and eat when I want. It’s

become such a daily routine for me

that I sometimes take it for granted…

anything that we do all of the time

becomes normal to us.

It becomes normal to me until I see a Facebook post of one of my friends

saying OMG it’s Sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow.

Or another friend posting he is happy because only 10 months until his next vacation and he can’t wait. It’s moment’s like these I then realize how lucky I am to be able to live and do whatever I want all year long, I honestly can’t imagine going back to that kind of lifestyle to where I can’t even go walk my dog at 3pm because my boss says no are you crazy?

I say this not to brag, but as I am the #1 person you need to listen to because I am not a marketer. We are defined by what we do the most in life…and marketing certainly is not mine.

You need to pick up this course I got so you can get this dropshipping passive income with me.

Dropshipping is the best method in the world online, 100% You never have to touch the product, I am going to show you how to get traffic and use my unique funnel to have the ability to get profit like you’ve never seen before. You have seen so many people doing crazy numbers in Dropshiopping…

And now it’s your turn, scroll to the bottom and get instant access right now, set up your own Dropshipping Dream tonight.


” I Wish I started Dropshipping Years Ago”

I have views like this, not just 1 week

out of a year, but all year long. Sure there

are guys that do big in online, BUT what

they do not tell you is that they work 15

hours a day to make that happen.

That is absolutely insane to me.

I did not quit my 50 hour a week job

just to work 70 hours a week online.

I want my freedom. I want passive

income so I can travel.

That is exactly what are you going to

learn in this course,

a passive method that can bring you freedom.

I know these big guys online work 12-15 hours a day because they come to me for help asking how I am able to travel all year and still make the same amount of money as them.

It’s time for your Freedom, Now.

My Daily View

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DropShipping Dreams

Q. I’ve never made money online nothing works, why will this work?

A. There are a LOT of bogus courses out there, people just throw crap out, this is a method I created myself to make sure I have enough income to keep traveling the world, now I’m giving it to you, this works, 100% tested and proven, not theory, just results.

Q. I don’t want to spend 5 hours a day online, is this passive?

A. 100%, if you set it up the way I show you, you can be on your way ton sales just by working a few hours a week, just like me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many hours a week should I work

A. This will take around 1-5 hours per week.

Q. Isn’t this something I can just find on Google how to do?

A. NO WAY! I’ve laid out a method that no one else is teach, you will thank me for it after you see it.



Dropshipping Dreams
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