30 Minutes a week with Food =$100 a day ($100 a Day Food Frenzy)



I’m going to show you a method never revealed showing how you you can make money from food online by doing something once a week for 30 minutes.
This will be 100% Free traffic.
Works anywhere in the world.
This is perfect for those of you who do not want to learn how to market, learn how to do SEO, that do not want to build a website or have to do anything crazy and technical.


Never Seen Before Method

30 Minutes a week with Food
=$100 a day

“How to Get $100 a Day with
Food Online!”
Hey it’s Lyfe!

“This is a method you have never seen anywhere taught,
Not one video, Not one course, ever.”

I’m going to show you something no one has EVER shown you before…I promise you this.

You have never seen one single video showing this method to make money.

You have never seen one single course showing this way to earn.

So this course I have written for you is called $100 a day Food Frenzy. 

I’m going to show you a method never revealed showing how you you can make money from food online
by doing something once a week for 30 minutes.

This is no loop hole, this is not some one time off thing. I have proven this extremely unique method 100%. It works, without a doubt and is repeatable and scaleable.

You will NOT spend any money on traffic to do this.

This will be 100% Free traffic.

This is THE most unique way to make money online you have seen, and it works, I’ve proven it 100%

For those of you that do not have or want want a website, those of you with no computer skills, no design skills, no marketing skills, this is PERFECT for you.

I am 100% serious about this, I have proven this method.

You have never seen anyone doing this.

This method needs you to do something for 30 minutes a week, the rest of the time you can earn $100 or more daily.

I kid you not I have shown this method to little KIDS, gave them the computer and they will able to do it…and they actually loved doing it.

That only proves to show you this takes no website, no design skill, you simple need to do some copy and paste and you can be up and running in 30 minutes. 100% Serious on this.

People kept writing me telling me they want something very simple and extremely passive.

They told me they did NOT want to learn how to market, how to do SEO, how to design or have to put up tons of money to get money online.

So I decided to release this method to the public, this 100% Free traffic method with Food that no one has every shown you or seen.

Believe me right now I am the first course you will see on this and you will see many courses after mine after people see how amazing this is.

I am 100% serious, get in this right now before this gets to the masses…get in early and you will have your spot locked in.

Finally a proven method that has never been seen, is easy to use, is proven to work 100%

Get your $100 a day with my Food Frenzy right now before the masses get in.

See you on the inside.

See you there.

“I Taught Kids to Do this, It Still Worked”
What’s Included
Step By Step Guide: How to get your own $100 a day with food
No Experience Online? It’s about food as long as you know how to eat
Template: Screenshots showing exactly how
No one has ever shown this method 100%
Passive, watch me get this down to 30 minutes a week
Method revealed: I have never seen one video or course showing what I created
Works anywhere in the world
100% White -hat stuff, this is not some trick or loop hole that will close in a day
Written by myself, a Traveler, NOT an Internet Marketer
Tools I Use
Business in a box
How we love food, let’s use it to make money too
Never before released
Finally Something That Works!
“This $100 a day Food Frenzy is the Best Course ever, finally something about what I love the most, FOOD!”
Once I created this method, I tested it over and over and over, all with the same results.

I then showed some little kids to do, they were able to duplicate is also with success, the funny part is they LOVED doing this method.

They loved this Food Frenzy method because you do NOT have to know how to design, build a website, do SEO or any of the other stuff that takes so long to learn that you get bored and move onto something else.

Those kids were SO happy when they seen money come in, they said they wanted to quit school and just do this only haha.

Why did these kids tell me this? Because they see their parents come home every single day, cranky and tired from sitting in hours of traffic everyday and going to a job they hate.

They also told me sometimes they don’t even see their Dad, that when they get up to go to school he’s gone, and when they go to sleep at night he’s not back yet.

So when they see something easy that is bringing more money, they wanted their Dad to do it so they could see him more…it’s so sad really, what regular jobs do to people. Sure they provide a place to live and food, but look how it brings families apart.

Even kids when they are little know that they do NOT want to work all day, be super tired and angry when they get off work just to have money to pay bills. They know this at such a young age.

We all want this too, get this Food Frenzy that even little kids love and can do so you can get some freedom too.

This is a method no one has ever taught you

This is a method that is super easy to set up and replicate.

This is a method with something that we all love and need in your lives, FOOD!

I’m going to show you how to set this up so you can do something for 30 minutes a week to maintain it.

This is PERFECT for those of you who do NOT want to learn how to market, learn how to do SEO, that do not want to build a website or have to do anything crazy and technical.

Hit the buy button at the button now…see you inside!


We all Love Food, Why Not Make Money From it?
I have views like this, not just 1 week
out of a year, but all year long. Sure there
are guys that do big in online, BUT what
they do not tell you is that they work 15
hours a day to make that happen.
That is absolutely insane to me.

I did not quit my 50 hour a week job
just to work 70 hours a week online.
I want my freedom. I want passive
income so I can travel.

That is exactly what are you going to
learn in this course,
a passive method that can bring you freedom.

I know these big guys online work 12-15 hours a day because they come to me for help asking how I am able to travel all year and still make the same amount of money as them.

It’s time for your Freedom, Now.

My Daily View

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$100 a Day Food Frenzy

Q. I’ve never made money online nothing works, why will this work?
A. There are a LOT of bogus courses out there, people just throw crap out, this is a method I created myself to make sure I have enough income to keep traveling the world, now I’m giving it to you, this works, 100% tested and proven, not theory, just results.

Q. I don’t want to spend 5 hours a day online, is this passive?

A. 100%, if you set it up the way I show you, you can be on your way ton sales just by working a few hours a week, just like me.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How many hours a week should I work

A. This will take around 1-5 hours per week.

Q. Isn’t this something I can just find on Google how to do?
A. NO WAY! I’ve laid out a method that no one else is teach, you will thank me for it after you see it.


$100 a Day Food Frenzy
$100 a Day Food Frenzy.pdf



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