我使用的策略是每天从Pinterest获取 5K – 10K的页面浏览量。

The strategy I use to pin gets me anywhere from 5 – 10k page views per day.
I make over 2000 dollars per month in ad income, which comes directly from page views.
It is 100% different than any other strategy I have ever seen anywhere else.


When I first started blogging and was trying to get page views, I read every single one of these “how to get Pinterest traffic” posts I could find online – for months. Looking for some secret formula that would make Pinterest work for me.

And every. single. post. was a sales pitch for Boardbooster or Tailwind.

Even the expensive courses required you to purchase Boardbooster or Tailwind.

Putting more money into my blog was a non option, and I decided to do Pinterest without a scheduler. I was desperate to get just enough page views to qualify to apply to a bigger ad network and start making a little money.

But what happened just about knocked my socks off. (Yes – Socks. Off.)

I started pinning in May 2016 and by the end of August 2016 I was working with Adthrive – one of the premier ad networks in the country – and one with a requirement of 100k page view per month.

My pinning-without-a-scheduler method had fast tracked me to a full time blog income.

Read my blog income reports here:
August 2016 Income Report – $483.31
September 2016 Income Report – $3365.39
October 2016 Income Report – $5035.17
November 2016 Income Report – $4768.47
December 2016 Income Report – $5151.57

(As of Jan 2017 I am no longer publishing income reports publicly to the blog – for many reasons. BUT if you love reading income reports, you can get on the mailing list to receive them monthly here!)

Unfortunately, it is NOT as easy as just pinning and hoping. I put in days and weeks of experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.

And I got it down to a science. Some days, I literally watch my page views climb for the day when I pin.

There is no “Pinterest Secret” (sorry!). BUT there are some crazy important things about Pinterest that you are probably missing.

Everything you could ever want to know about Pinterest is available for us to learn when when dig into it… but no one is spending time IN Pinterest learning. We’re all just scheduling and closing our eyes….

And wondering where the page views are.

So of course, I wrote an ebook, detailing my Pinterest strategy.

But I was more than wrong.

I was wrong to the tune of HUNDREDS of people! (Nearly 1000 people actually – as of today almost 950 copies of this book have sold and it sells almost 100% by word of mouth. I don’t advertise it. Except for a few a pins on Pinterest – which, ironically, do very poorly. Ha!)

Hundreds of people have read and loved this book, and I get emails every week from people who are having success with this strategy – and learning new things about Pinterest.

I have no interest in “hard selling” you my book.

(As a blogger, I am sick to death of the sales pitches. Nothin’ wrong with selling your product. But raise your hand if your inbox is full of desperate sales attempts… and don’t email me twice in one day because “oops, I forgot to add…” am I right?)

So I’ve decided to sell my ebook the no fuss way:

If you want my strategy – it’s available.

The strategy I use to pin gets me anywhere from 5 – 10k page views per day. (UPDATE: As of May 2017 I have had days with 20 – 30,000 page views! That is over 480$ in ad revenue in one day, just in case you’re wondering.)

This book, to my knowledge, is completely different than any other strategy you will purchase anywhere else. (Largely because you don’t need to invest monthly in a scheduler to use it.)

I go MUCH farther into the “Pinterest Algorithm” – you will NOT be just “pinning and hoping!”

Sireesha, the blogger behind crowdworknews.com was one of the first to get a copy of my book and try out the strategies, and she saw awesome results with it – she said:

“Carly’s Pinterest strategies have exploded my Pinterest traffic. I started to implement her strategies in November and by January my Pinterest reach has gone from 700k to over 1million. This ebook has really changed my Pinterest game.”
Katie, from joyfullmesses.com wrote a post about getting her first viral pin using my tips, and in her post she said:

“Carly put together a strategy I’ve never seen (and I’ve read and devoured everything), and brought me the results I wanted. I literally got my first pin to go viral! When I woke up one day and saw I had 200 people to my site before 8:00 am, and I usually had maybe 20…I couldn’t believe it. Then, it kept going to 500, then 800…I hit a huge milestone for my blog, and I accredit everything I learned in her book. I’m very serious when I tell you its worth your time and money.”
Hilary (the curly one) from pullingcurls.com saw almost instant results:

“I bought Carly’s book after being frustrated by my own Pinning strategy. We live mostly off of our blog income, and I just saw Pinterest traffic dwindling, no matter what I changed with my schedulers. I was using Board Booster, Ahalogy and Tailwind. The day I bought the book, I deleted over 2,000 scheduled pins and started hand pinning. I have had to adjust her plan to work around the days I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse and I am slowly making it work for me. Pinterest traffic is up 30% and I’m excited to keep improving my system based off the principles she showed in the book.”
Amber, who is just starting her blogging journey over at allnaturaljoy.com messaged me and said:

Since reading, ‘Pinteresting Strategies,’ I can’t wait to log in and check my PInterest followers every day! Before I started implementing all of your secrets, I would go weeks without gaining a follower and now I am getting 30-40 new followers every DAY!!! The best part?? Pinterest is now driving traffic to my blog and I’ve gained 40 subscribers in the last 24 hours!! I’m only half way through the book! I can’t even imagine what finishing it will bring! This is a must read for sure!
I receive emails very often like this one, from Kim @ kimgaleta.com:

“I bought (your book) at the end of May and I’ve been implementing your instructions ever since. I think the biggest takeaway apart from the strategy itself is that I learned to improve my CONTENT! Most of my pins had a couple dozen repins (using BoardBooster for about 8 weeks). Within 2 weeks of using the course, I have hundreds of repins and one even has more than 1k now. My traffic for the first two months of June equaled my entire traffic for the month of May! I can’t wait to see what the end of week brings :)”
(You can read a whole bunch more testimonials over here on the testimonials page!)

I am also going to tell you this:

Lots of people have had GREAT results from using this strategy, and a few have not.

I’m not sure if this is because they’re doing it wrong, or if it’s because they aren’t able to invest the time it takes, or because it just doesn’t work for everyone.

It is impossible to know.

It’s impossible to guarantee that this strategy will work for everyone for many reasons.

Firstly, Pinterest has an ever changing algorithm. I am constantly aware that this strategy might not even work for me forever (this terrifies me). This strategy requires a daily commitment. I spend anywhere from 15 minutes – over an hour on Pinterest per day. This strategy will NOT transform Pinterest pins and pin impressions into clicks over to your blog. YOU need to do that, with pins that scream “click me!”.

There will never be a way to guarantee that this method will work for everyone. But there is also no way to guarantee that any method will work for everyone.

There you go… fair warning. (I am not a sales person. I never have been, and I probably never will be.)

SO for those reasons, I have been so very hesitant to even try and sell this book.

But, because I spent the time researching it, testing it, and writing it, and because this system works for me (and many others), I’ve decided to just go ahead and put it out there.

There is no launch. There is no sales funnel. There are no guarantees. This is just me saying “This is the method that worked for me, maybe it can work for you too!”

And one last disclaimer. Like I mentioned, this strategy takes a commitment to manual pinning. It will require time every day. I put up to an hour per day into Pinterest. And I make over 2000 dollars per month in ad income on average, which comes directly from page views.

Totally. Worth. My. Time.

So if my experiment in brutal honesty hasn’t scared you away – grab this Pinterest strategy and get pinning.

(If I HAVE scared you but you’re still looking for ways to increase traffic, the Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott is freaking AMAZING, and covers much more than just Pinterest. I have read this book three times… and I will read it again. Possibly my favorite blogging book EVER! She details 21 strategies she used to go from 17k page views to over 400k page views in ten months.)

Buuut if you’re not ready to buy it just yet – you can still take advantage of the FREE Traffic Bonus Guide Lena offers!

Happy Pinning!

UPDATE: I recently took a Pinterest course that BLEW MY MIND – it’s another one where you manually investing effort in Pinterest, so that’s right up my ally. I was pleased with how affordable it is too. I highly, highly, recommend PotPieGirls’s Advance Pinterest Tips as follow up learning to my ebook. Check it out here!


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