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The ultimate strategy to make $379/day or more with list building.

5 over-the-shoulder training and demo videos.
My brand new “The Best Damn List Building System EVER!” which serves as a quick start guide to List Synergy.
My recent, award-winning book “It’s All You Need!” – I will have you making use of it in this course.
The entire “It’s All You Need” video series, for detailed demonstrations of how to set up shop.


This May Be the Most Impactful “Sales Page” You’ll Ever See. I’m About to GIVE YOU the Ultimate Strategy to Make $379/day Or More With List Building… No Selling Required!

And Absolutely No… I Repeat No “One Time Offer” Upsells!

(one price… one payment… no games)

Dear fellow freedom seeker,

It’s a new day. Thank your lucky stars for that. It’s been getting old and stale ’round here.

All of the stupid, empty promises.

I bet you’re sick of people telling you that you can push their magic buttons to make a fortune online. And then, as soon as you buy their supposed “magic button,” you find yourself absolutely drowning in a sea of upsells and downsells and special “one time” offers. And then, to add insult to injury…

After you’ve already invested well over 100 bucks in their lame-ass button and all those useless little extras, you realize that there are 3000 other suckers out there who bought the same button… and nobody’s making any money!

Today, I’m saying screw that. So guess what…

There Are NO OTO UPSELLS With Today’s Offer!


Now I know that’s not your only concern. You wanna know if “List Synergy” actually does have the power to change your life like I claim it does, and we’ll get to that shortly. But for many folks, it is a concern. So I just wanted to get that out of the way right out of the gate. I so believe in the effectiveness of this “front end” offer that absolutely no upsells are required.

You get absolutely everything you need to become a wealthy mofo… right in this singular package.

So let’s talk about why you’re here, and how it is that I am so dang confident that your decision to pick up “List Synergy” today is a true demonstration of not only your personal power… but quite frankly, your intelligence.

What’s Your Story?

What has brought you to me and my work today?

Are you hungry? Scared? Fed up?

Do you have creditors on your back, a spouse in your face, or simply a dream that has gone unrealized?

Are you getting older… and not wanting to depend on a tiny pension or government assistance?

Do you have kids to feed? Bills to pay? Debt to reduce? Stress to alleviate?

Are you tired of trying to convince other people that you’re gonna do great… and be great… but only being met with doubt, skepticism… and cold, blank stares? (Man, I hated that shit when I was first getting started!)

Are you ready for life’s next great adventure?

But are you only one missed paycheck away from total disaster?

Listen, if any of these apply to you, then your decision to visit me today was incredibly well-founded. And let me make the less-than-humble assertion that there is nobody better qualified to help you achieve what it is you need to achieve.

What does this mean? What is it that you really, truly need?

You Need a Mobile, Passive Income… Ideally Enough of An Income to Live a Great Life On.

I say mobile because being location independent frees you.

I say passive because being able to continually cash in on work that you’ve already done frees you.

I say a great life because enjoying an existence that feels fun, playful, and effortless frees you.

Are you sensing a theme here? 😉

What I really want for you is freedom.

And you know what? Nothing… and I mean nothing… gives you the kind of freedom that “List Synergy” does.


Who the Hell Am I… and What On Earth Is List Synergy?

My name is Lee Murray.

Many call me a list building and email marketing expert. It’s how I’ve been earning a very nice, six figure income for the past several years. The business has been beyond good to me.

More about me…

I’m 40 years old.
I have a magnificent 7-year-old son.
I began my marketing career as a ghostwriter.
I earned my first affiliate commission of $26 back in 2008… on my very first attempt!
I’ve done everything in the IM world, and have found success with most things I’ve tried.
I was once homeless… and am famous for becoming an IM superstar working from the public library!
I plan to become a millionaire within the next 3 years using the exact business model I’m sharing with you now.
I absolutely will… and you can too, if you simply follow this unparalleled blueprint.
List Synergy Is Your Ticket to Freedom

In essence, we’re combining the power of grass roots list building and authority blogging to create something I like to call the “syneristic growth effect.” This is simply the act of two things constantly feeding each other to the point where you’ve got a machine that will NEVER stop producing an ever-growing income stream for you.

You set it up once, feed it fresh new leads, and watch it grow in exponential fashion over time.

Your list makes your blog more impactful. Your blog gets search engine rankings and feeds your email list… which feeds your blog… which feeds your list… which feeds your blog… which feeds your list… which feeds your blog… which feeds…

The best part is that I give you 5 different options as far as lead acquistion goes. You pick the one that best suits your personality, aptitudes, and desires. I make this FUN for you, amigo!

In a Nutshell, List Synergy Includes:

15 over-the-shoulder training and demo videos.
My brand new “The Best Damn List Building System EVER!” which serves as a quick start guide to List Synergy.
My recent, award-winning book “It’s All You Need!” – I will have you making use of it in this course.
The entire “It’s All You Need” video series, for detailed demonstrations of how to set up shop!
Deeper training materials, depending on which lead acquisition model you choose. I mean, I’ve really got your back here!

Here are just a few of the additional training materials you will be receiving…

It’s All You Need!

You will be instructed to open this bad boy up… both the book and the videos… when the time is right for you to do so.

This is my latest and greatest award-winner, and gives you 3 great list building and email marketing models to choose from… though with “List Synergy,” I’ll only have you using two.

Man, I am so excited for you to get your hands on this. This book alone lives up to its name and has the power to change the game for you…

But when used in conjunction with the “List Synergy” program, it’s lights out!

This currently retails for $9.95 (book) and $19.95 (video series). Today they’re both included in your “List Synergy” package!

JV Double-Down

This is just pure genius.

And you know what? It works even BETTER with the “List Synergy” system than it does on its own… because it and the blog model are a match made in Heaven!

Basically, this teaches you how to form partnerships with other business owners in a way where you constantly deliver an influx of traffic into each other’s lead capture systems.

Of course, with “List Synergy,” you never need to focus on selling anything, freeing up your blog content for other purposes, like working with clickbanking partners!

You’ll see exactly what I mean inside!


Are you a lazy ass? C’mon, fess up! 🙂

If not, no worries. I have other options for you. But if you’re the type of person who would rather jump straight to the money-making stuff and bypass mounds of setup… then this is for you!

If you choose this as your lead acquisition option (remember, in “List Synergy” I give you five to choose from), then this book will lead you to the promised land in a damn hurry!

It uses other people’s hard work to your immediate advantage… and these people won’t mind one little bit! In fact, they’ll THANK you for it!

But don’t load up your autoresponder the way that I teach in the book. No, no, no… follow the “List Synergy” videos for a much, much better way of doing things!

YES, I Want To Order Now!

(Remember, this is a one-time payment. There are no OTO’s… nothing more to buy ever.Also remember that your purchase is backed by my personal 60-day money back guarantee. If “List Synergy” isn’t everything I’ve said it is, then simply let me know it’s not for you, and you will be refunded ASAP. That is how confident I am that this program will blow your mind… and fill your bank account!)

Listen, this one may very well go down as my crowning achievement.


Because it changes lives more than anything else I’ve ever taught.

Have you been told that building a buyers list, building a relationship with your list, and marketing affiliate products and/or high-ticket coaching to your list is the ULTIMATE way to make it big online?

Hey, it’s good. I do it myself. But how many people do you know who have what it takes to be a big name product vendor? How many of us really have the flair, the patience, the personality, the belief, the expertise, the expansive JV network, the technical skills, the customer support infrastructure, etc. to really build a meaningful buyers list?

“But Lee… Isn’t Freebie List Building Dead?”

Hell, if you spend any time on the Warrior Forum, you’ll quickly learn that everything is dead. It all died 5 years ago. It’s all over. Time to go back to your shitty job. Good night. 🙂

No, it’s not dead. But you can’t be reckless with your list.

You can’t constantly sell to them… they won’t buy.

And you can’t ignore them out of fear. They won’t respond when you finally grow a pair.

You really need to do what I teach in List Synergy, which is to send them a special kind of email on an ongoing basis. And trust me, you’ve never seen anyone else teach this.

You need to use a link rotator.

You need to send your subscribers to your blog… ALL THE DAMN TIME!

You need to automate this process by setting things up in advance.

Work like a freak for a week, live like a (something that rhymes with year) for a year. That’s my motto! 😀

Seriously, this is all you. I am telling you… PICK UP LIST SYNERGY RIGHT NOW… If you don’t make another investment in your IM education for the rest of this year (heck, I’d almost advise you not to, honestly)… this is the one you want.


Because you get the best of all possible worlds, kimosabe!

You get to build a list the easy way. But it’s also the proven way.
You get to build a massive list… and contrary to what some will tell you, volume matters!
Because your list gets so big so quickly, so does your blog traffic!
Because your blog traffic explodes, Google takes notice and starts ranking you!
Now you’re earning money and building your list even larger… for free!
You get to build a real asset. This type of blog can sell for 15x its monthly revenue EASY. This means that you can grow it to $10,000 per month in revenue and sell it for $150,000… maybe even more!
You never have to sell ANYTHING!
You never have to feel like a spammy dirtbag. List Synergy is incredibly ethical.
You can outsource the entire thing, making it a truly hands-free business model.
This is the most scalable business model I know of.
It’s fun, baby! Super fun. 🙂
But the Plot Thickens…

Do you remember when I told you that you never have to sell anything in order to make a killing with “List Synergy?”

Well, it’s absolutely true. You never have to sell a damn thing… ever.

But what if you want to?

Listen, if you want to really ramp up the effectiveness of this strategy, then you can very easily do so by simply adding my “Jack It and Stack It” strategy, which I share with you inside the course.

Because your blog continues to gain more and more authority… and rank higher and higher in the search engine rankings as a result, you will be able to very quickly rank product reviews that get you paid instant commissions.

But in addition to the organic search rankings, you are also perfectly welcome to send your subscribers straight to your product reviews! The power of this simply cannot be overstated. It’s perfect.

What makes this so powerful is that, when you monetize your blog the way I recommend in the “List Synergy” program, you’ll be getting paid once per month… which is AWESOME! Imagine getting a check for $3900 or so at the end of each month. This allows you to pay all your bills, save a little, and spend a little… right?

But when you start incorporating a few good product reviews into the mix, you can actually start receiving instant, DAILY income as well!

Think about it…

Imagine you start actually pocketing $150 a day from simple affiliate promotions. I do this every day myself, and it’s not difficult. But even imagine half of that. You earn 75 bucks a day every day of the week, including weekends. That 75 bucks goes straight into your Paypal account. This is your food, gas, and play money.

But then…

At the end of each month, you still get that $3900 check from Google… or whatever (you’ve got several options).

Just imagine what life would be like.

Imagine what it will be like.

Let’s you and I be positive, yeah? We’ll let all those other naysaying bastards wear the pessimist hats. You and I know what we’re truly capable of… and people like us REFUSE to let others bring us down!

We get shit done. We achieve. We do great things. That’s our M.O.

So yeah, I think I’ve yapped enough, my friend. I’ve got work to do. I am currently setting up a brand new website of my own, and absolutely can’t wait to do what I do. Hopefully, you wanna join me in crafting a life-changing campaign of your own.

That said, I really don’t need you to invest in “List Synergy.” I really don’t. I hope you do… but that’s only because I know how damned powerful it is. I know it will transform your life when you put it into action. There is not a single doubt in my mind.

It is clearly and easily the single greatest business model on Earth.

And when coupled with my 60-day money back guarantee, it’s kinda stupid to not at least see what all the fuss is about. 🙂

But that’s on you.

I’m gonna go do me now. There is money to be made… and freakin’ TONS of it!

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you only the very best in life.

Again, my name is Lee Murray.

It’s been a true pleasure.

Talk soon,


P.S. If you decide to join me, here’s your golden ticket…


List Synergy
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