DropShipping代码破解! 发现DropShipping每月$10k的方法就在里面!(Dropshipping Cheat Code)



Not only can I show you how to make tons of sales in your dropshipping store, but I can show you how to do it all and keep it passive.

You will learn how you can automate your entire setup.
What products I am using.
How to Create thousands of your own products in 3 minutes that sell like crazy.
100% Hands free, you never touch the product, my source will create the products and ship them for you.


Code Cracked! DropShipping Goldmine Discovered, $10k Per Month Method Inside
Learn How I Dropship on 100% AutoPilot
My secret Dropshipping method Revealed, Step by Step Guide
U.S.A. Dropshipper revealed, they can ship to your customers right here in America in a few days, they also ship worldwide.
How I create Hundredes of
Custom Products in Minutes
I am an expert in Shopify/Ecommerce/DropShipping
You will learn how you can automate your entire setup. I’ve been in E-com for almost 10 years now. So you not learning from someone who found a sneaky method and got some sales…I KNOW online buying.

I am an expert in Facebook ads, I’ve been on FB for YEARS driving traffic I know how to get 500-1,000% DAILY in E-com.

I am an expert in List Building. One of the reasons I’ve gotten to travel all over the world for years now is because I know how to list build.

Best and above all, I am an expert in Outsourcing, really not too many people do this, even the really big guys in marketing, they spend 16 hours a day on their computer and do literally everything themselves, not exactly why we get into online biz right?
The Secret Dropshipping Source Revealed
U.S.A Based Dropshipper
this is NOT Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay etc
I’m Lyfe, and I personally want to get my course, Dropshipping Cheat Code .

So I travel all year…and have for 5 years straight, I love to go explore the
world and surf, wakeboard, skateboard, kiteboard, anything
extreme really. In doing all of this, I did NOT quit
my regular crapy job just to work online 15
hours a day and not see the sun.

So everything I do online I make sure I can
get lots of income coming in, but more
important to me than that is the income
HAS to be Passive income.

So I set this up where I am brining in the
income you see on this page, BUT I only
work 3-5 hours per week to do it.

Join me and learn how.

Another one, around $20k in adspend for over $70k in return, Oh how I love Facebook ads.

None of the following are needed:
No Design skills
No Programming or Coding
No Technical Madness
No Prior online experience
No full-time hours
No- Inventory is ever needed at your house, EVER

Yes – Access to My Private Mastermind Group
Yes – Passive Income
Yes – Can work from home, beach or walking the dog
Yes – Step By Step
Yes -I travel all year and surf 🙂

You want everything you do online to to be hands free, automated as possible. You do NOT want to spend 60 hours a week uploading pictures, setting prices, created pages in your store, finding things to sell, handling sales, shipping product. That’s why you NEED my course to show you how I automate the entire process, get FREE.

Get your Online Life automated, so your Real Life
can be Free…
I’ve mastered everytihng in E-com, including the difficulty of FB, Look at that .01 per click

and Yes that is USA traffic

My Method is NOT about going around trying to find the best product on Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon etc, they work of course and I do use them, but this method is about a dropshipper NO ONE is using to make the entire process automated.

YES you are learning from a surfer who travels ALL year long and explores the world in search of waves. So you BEST BELIEVE that any system I have set up will be SUPER automated so I have time to do this. Do you really think I can do this buy working 60
hours per week, or 20…NO I work on average 5 hours
per week, and have for years now.

How many people’s courses have you bought online
can say that? I love passive and will show you
Exactly how to get it.

Let’s say you sell and item for $35
$35 may seem small, and it is, but just think if you made only 10 sales of those per day. That is $350 per day.

That is over $10,000 in profit every single month.

Now all the sudden that $35 is looking pretty good
right. But the truth is you wont have to have 10 orders
to make that much because you will have other
products in your store.

Who goes to the store and just buys 1 item right? So lets
say your average sale gets you around $70 profit. Now
you only need 5 sales a day to make $10,000 a month
in profit.

Seriously 5 sales a day, and this is passive stuff. Of course
that isn’t the max that you can do. No one is stopping you
from doing 10 sales a day or 50 sales a day.

My method will fill your store with hundreds and hundreds of unique custuom products within minutes…the more things you have in your store, the more you will sell, the higher your average checkout will be…that is the truth.
How to Get to $10k per Month

The Beauty of Working Online…
That is the beauty of working online
and for yourself, unlike a regular job,
there is no limit to how much you can
make. I remember a job I use to work
at before. After 6 months on the job
they told me I was getting a raise, I was
like oh great how much. They told
me .50. Yes fifty cents, half of a 1
dollar bill, 5 dimes.

You should have seen the look of
disgust on my face. It’s like an insult,
slap on the face to be given that
amount. It would have been better
if they didn’t even give me a raise.

I love having my own store online. There is no boss telling me when I can and cannot pee, I can take vacations and travel 12 months out of the year. All the days run together for me now. It’s funny I use to hate Mondays. Now I don’t even realize it’s Monday most of the time until someone who has a job they hate like I use to said to me complaining, “I hate Mondays!”

The fact is, you do not hate Mondays, you just hate what your are doing to make money. If you really loved what you were doing and had the freedom to work whenever you wanted, even a few hours a week, could sleep in everyday if you wanted to with no alarm. You wouldn’t hate Mondays. I use to hate them, I don’t anymore. It is like a weekend everyday for me.

I do not use my alarm clock. I can go and eat as long as I want, there is no “30 minutes for lunch and if you are 2 minutes late you wont get paid for taking your lunch.” No, there is none of that madness in my life anymore.

I remember one time I had to go to the bathroom at my job, but they would not let me because I already took my 1 bathroom break for 3 hours that was allowed. Isn’t that insane? That you don’t even have the freedom to go to the bathroom freely, and this is why they call jobs jail haha.

Ok back onto happy and positive talk. I’ve had my rant about regular jobs. My point was simply you do not have to live your life with limitations at your current job, or struggle online to make money and have your own passive business.

Get This Passive Income With Me Too

How Would you Like to Have Days like this…While at the Beach Like MeWhy Should You Learn From me?
I am an E-com Traffic Master I am a Facebook Ads Expert

I have Done THOUSANDS of Campaigns in Facebook Ads

When is the Last Time Someone Has Shown you That Much Facebook Ads Proof?

Shopify Proof (my dropshipping ecommerce store)

I Know E-com,
I Know What Works
I Know What Doesn’t

My Daily View
I have views like this, not just 1 week out of a year, but all year long. Sure there are guys that do big in Ecommerce, BUT what they do not tell you is that they work 15 hours a day to make that happen. That is absolutely insane to me.

I did not quit my 50 hour a week job just to work 70 hours a week online. I want my freedom. I maintain my store by working around 5 hours a week, around 1 hour a day.

That is exactly why you should learn from me. Not only can I show you how to make tons of sales in your dropshipping store, but I can show you how to do it all and keep it passive.

I know these big guys online work 12-15 hours a day because they come to me for help asking how I am able to travel all year and still make the same amount of money as them.

Instant Access

Q. I have no idea what to sell in my online store can you give me ideas for the best products to sell?

A. Yup, I’m going to show you where you can get ideas, and how my supplier will create hundreds of products for you and ship them to your customer.

Q. Can I really make $10,000 a month? I seen so much crap out there, how is this different.

A. Yes, there is so much crap out there, really most guys online either do NOT know what they are doing, just teaching theory and have never done it, or they want you to work 70 hours a week like they do to make money.

I have proven results and have been doing this for years, I’ve been traveling the world for the past 5 years non-stop, working 5 hours a week. I did over $10,000 with my very first Shopify dropshipping store, copy what I do and you can make as much as you want….and still keep it at 5 hours per week.

Q. I already have a Shopify store, but I can’t get any sales from it, would you be able to help me with my store to get $5,000 a month?

A. You NEED to automate your ENTIRE process, STOP creating all the of pages yourself, uploading products yourself, filling orders yourself, I’m going to show you how to automate this process and fill your store at the same time.

Q. I have NEVER tried to make money onine, I have never done any design, programming or anything like that, can I still have my own store onine?

A. 100% you can, my best friends that have never done anything at all online before to make money ask what they should do. I tell all of them, start an online store similar to Amazon, find someone to ship the products for you, and outsource everything else that you do from adding products, the ads for your store, customer service everything.

So basically I am showing you how to set up a biz just like I did, but have it automated by showing the secret dropshipper I am using.


Dropshipping Cheat Code
Dropshipping Cheat Code.PDF
Ecom Blue Box.PDF
Work 1 Hour.PDF



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