The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Hidden Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth & Much More!(勇士精神的两个层面的应用)


The Warrior Spirit helps you manifest your financial goals faster by teaching financial abundance on two levels: your mindset and your spirit.
You’ll first discover how to shift your negative thinking to empowered thinking.
It teaches sacred wisdom that empowers you at your core–at your spirit.
The Warrior Spirit is filled with words of wisdom from shamanism and other spiritual teachings to help you quiet your mind, lift your spirit and increase your energy.


The Warrior Spirit
Chapter1 – Change Your Reality Now.MP3
Chapter2 – Discover Your Warrior Spirit.MP3
Chapter3 – Access Your Hidden Mind Powers In Five Ways.MP3
Chapter4 – Let Go Of What Holds You Back.MP3
Chapter5 – Manifest Inspired Goals Faster Using Four Steps.MP3
Chapter6 – Keep Growing Your Power On The Warrior Spirit Path.MP3
Introduction – My Story and About the Warrior Spirit.MP3
Notes About Book.MP3
The Science Of Getting Rich.PDF
The Unavoidable Meeting.MP3
The Warrior Spirit.PDF
Warrior Spirit Workbook.PDF



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