如何在联署营销赚钱的过程中不仅仅获取流量而且获得信任(How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales)

但是,您必须了解如何产生流量并获得信任。 这就是这本74页的电子书。

Earning money with affiliate marketing isn’t hard.
However, you must understand how to generate traffic and gain trust. And that’s what this 74-page ebook is all about.
This book will not help you make money overnight but it will help you lay the groundwork to build an empire.
With careful planning and an easy to follow blueprint being successful in affiliate marketing couldn’t be easier.


Earning money with affiliate marketing isn’t hard – I do it and so does Chris Brogan. However, you must understand how to generate traffic and gain trust. And that’s what this 74-page ebook is all about.
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Chris Brogan
Trust makes me money every day. Trust is why I’m successful. Building and earning trust is one of the CORE elements you should think about as an affiliate marketer, not just “how do I make a million bucks?”
Chris Brogan
President of Human Business Works
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What will you learn in this chapter? I will show you the secret behind every successful affiliate marketer. It’s called Mutual Value and I’ll help you understand it step-by-step. If you learn about Mutual Value, you will be ahead of most affiliates. Trust me. See for yourself. It’s risk-free.
Table of Contents

You will receive a thorough planning guide to help identify profitable niches.
You will receive an in-depth blueprint that will walk you through the steps from identifying your niche to profit.
You receive 4 bonus screencasts outlining specific techniques that ninja affiliates use.
You will be shown how smart affiliates target the low hanging fruit or customers that are already in “buying mode” for easy profit.
You will learn how the best bloggers and taste makers continue to grow their audience.
You will learn how good affiliates use transitive trust to increase sales.
You will learn how to get accepted to even the most selective of affiliate programs.
You will learn how to setup advanced tracking so you can see what is making you money.
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Chris Garrett
“I love the way the approach in this book is not based on the usual get-rich-quick-turn-the-internet-into-your-ATM type mentality but on making serious profits by SERVING an audience. Too often affiliates are only in it for short term cash and so they burn up their reputation with sleazy and abusive techniques. If you are in this for the long term and want to be able to look people in the eye at conferences, then check out this guide.”
Problogger and Author – Chrisg.com
Angel Djambazov
“The term ‘Value Added’ is often tossed out by marketers but rarely implemented. It is refreshing to see Nick Reese focus on providing value as a key to successful affiliate marketing. Nick shows beginning affiliates practical steps on how to: develop rich content, foster trust with their audience, provide value for the consumer and advertiser, avoid common pitfalls, and grow their own brand. All in a slim, easy to understand guide. How to turn Traffic and Trust into Sales is must have handbook.”
Managing Editor of ReveNews.com
Chris Pearson
“Nick Reese is an affiliate ninja. I’ve watched him build sites in various niches and generate positive results every time. For Nick, the question is not, “Can I make money with this?” For him, the question is “How can we improve this to get better results?”

The fact that Nick is now sharing the secrets of his trade—in explicit detail, I might add—is a huge victory for affiliates everywhere. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, you will learn something from this book, and you will be inspired to act on it!”
Creator of Thesis Theme
Sean Ogle
“When I first began affiliate marketing, I thought it was all about making money quickly. I wonder how much more money I could have made if I’d learned sooner that affiliate marketing is anything but a get rich quick scheme. Nick’s book not only teaches you how valuable it is to produce incredible content, but he teaches you how to do it. I’ve read a lot of affiliate marketing how to products, and I really believe this is the only one that truly captures what it should be all about. Take to heart the lessons and tips he presents here, and you’re going to be shocked at the level of success and money you’re capable of achieving.”
Digital Nomad – Author of Location180.com
Jordan Harbinger
“How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide to getting started in affiliate marketing. At first I was shocked by the quality, there is nothing else like it (especially in terms of quality and sound advice) in the industry. Not only does it give great instruction and troubleshooting for common hurdles when getting started in the business, but it’s also a quick and interesting read.

Nick Reese outlines a complete system that teaches the more reliable, long-tail strategy of building real value instead of just presenting another get-rich-quick ebook on the subject. I really like the emphasis on trust and quality, as these values mesh with my own as an entrepreneur. This is the best quick-start book I’ve seen for this type of business.”
DJ for Sirius XM Radio & Managing Partner of The Art of Charm.
Steven Place
“95% of new internet marketers focus strictly on cash flow. They want in and out with a turnkey method to scrape, arbitrage, and profit. This type of system rarely, if ever, works.

Nick goes beyond that and shows you how to build an asset based on relationships and branding. This creates value which in turn will give marketers the actual cash flow that affiliates are after. Traffic and Trust will give you the strategies, tips, and tactics to help develop your brand — and by reading this book, you will have a significant edge above your competition.”
Founder – InvestingWithOptions.com
Willie Jackson
“An insightful, practical, and unintimidating look at how the pros make affiliate income. Not just a “make money fast” resource, this book teaches the essentials of affiliate marketing in a way that builds and leverages trust and influence—very much a value-driven ebook with actionable information you can feel good about applying.”
Marketer, Speaker, and Troublemaker
Jenny Leonard
“This book is the most epic affiliate marketing product I’ve encountered so far. I sold all my crap to travel indefinitely so I needed a way to supplement my freelance design business. I wanted more freedom (can you blame me?). With my blog’s growth I began to dabble in affiliate marketing and invested in several courses. As a savvy internet user these courses were either too vague or beginner. This ebook blew me away in it’s practical and tactical information… information that I’ve never seen before. I was able to fill in the gaps that other courses left and move my sites (and sales) forward. This book is every bit of awesome and I highly recommend it!”
Digital Nomad – Author of WhereisJenny.com
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This book will not help you make money overnight but it will help you lay the groundwork to build an empire. We’ve all seen get rich quick ebooks, this book isn’t one of those. With careful planning and an easy to follow blueprint being successful in affiliate marketing couldn’t be easier.


Turn Traffic And Trust Into Sales
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