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九位成功的建立邮件营销策略列表赚取六位数收入的大师的经验分享(6 Figure List Hacks)

九位成功的建立邮件营销策略列表赚取六位数收入的大师的经验分享(6 Figure List Hacks)


I managed to find 9 hugely successful pro-marketers who were willing to tell me exactly how they go about making at least 6 figures a year.
Learn the only 3 list building tactics our 6 figure marketers would use in today’s world to build a list of buyers.
Our successful marketers make over $100,000 with surprisingly small lists that are quick and easy to build.
Start seeing results within days.


ATTENTION – LIST BUILDERS! Do Not Build A List UNTIL You Get Your Hands On This Critical Info From 9 Email Marketing Masters

“Who Else Wants To Copy & Profit From These 36 Fast List Building And Cash Generating Hacks… Guaranteed?!”

….EVEN if you have no email list at all right now!

This is PROVEN to work in:

Any Size List

Even if you have no email list

If You Are Struggling To Make Money Online,

THESE 2 Reports Will Give You The Solution

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Like you, I know exactly how it feels to pour blood, sweat and tears into a building a list, only to have next to no sales when I launched a product.

I know how it feels to send out an email to a list to only have under 2% open my email.

Even when you follow the correct process, there are still things that can stand between you and success.

I spent months scouring the internet for information. I invested in so many different courses, some very expensive, each one with hours of videos or audio, or hundreds of pages to consume (I don’t even want to think of the $$$’s I spent!)

However, none of them gave me a real, solid plan-of-action.

After 12 months of hard work, I had amassed a list of over 9000 subscribers.

When the time came for me to promote a product, guess how many bought?

One! Yes…..one. An affiliate product costing $27 where I got paid $20.75 in commission. Hardly Earth shattering!

To my dismay I learnt that, just because you have subscribers does not mean that they are willing to become buyers.

I have followed so many ‘gurus’ who all promised me I would make $1 / $2 / $4 etc for each subscriber.

I only found out later that many of these ‘gurus’ are just wannabe’s. They have no personal experience in email marketing. They are simply talking the talk, not walking the walk!

Yet I knew there were people who were building lists full of eager buyers.

I knew I HAD to find a solution

It was then that I had a brainwave. I would go straight to the horse’s mouth…..

What If I Contacted Genuinely Successful Online Marketers And Asked Them To Tell Me Their Secrets?
I set about finding these entrepreneurs. Not all wanted to divulge their secrets.

Many marketers want you to struggle as they don’t see why you should get a ‘shortcut’ when they themselves had to go down the path of hard knocks.

But somehow I managed to find 9 hugely successful pro-marketers who were willing to tell me EXACTLY how they go about making at least 6 figures a year

Marketers who don’t mind giving you the shortcut to tactics that took them YEARS to learn.

Marketers who have the rare ability to make cash-in-the-bank sales at will almost every time they send out an email to their list.

And the RESULT of this is……

6 Figure List Hacks

​36 Fast List Building and Cash Generating Hacks………..Even With A Tiny List


​6 Figure List Launch Action Plan

​No List? No Problem! The ONLY 3 List Building Tactics You Need To Create A Buyers List
Build a BUYERS list using techniques that have been responsible for making millions online. Learn the only 3 list building tactics our 6 figure marketers would use in today’s world to build a list of buyers, NOT freebie seekers – simply deploy these tactics ‘out of the box’.
How much is it going to cost me? 1 paid method (I show you how to do it on a shoe-string budget) + 2 free methods – each one builds a BUYERS list You DON’T need a big marketing budget
This is NOTHING to do with article marketing (old fashioned), YouTube (too hit and miss), SEO (far too slow!) etc
Save all the time and hassle needed to build a huge database / list. Our successful marketers make over $100,000 with surprisingly small lists that are quick and easy to build
Benefit immediately from the best techniques our 6 figure marketers have mastered from a combined 3000+ emails and over 30 years experience, so you too can have hungry subscribers, eager to buy anything you promote, again and again
Stop working so hard, chasing every single ‘tactic’ and trying lots of different, conflicting strategies. Cut out all the guesswork. Let our 9 pro marketers lead you, hand in hand, and explain every hack, secret and technique, ready for you to copy and profit from their hard work. Work less but make more money.
Start seeing results within days! You don’t need previous experience, and you also don’t need to spend money on fancy tools, equipment or software either. Stop wasting time and money on tactics that don’t deliver.
This is NOT information you can find just surfing the web. This is a step-by-step report created from advice from 9 of the best online marketers who are making money right now using these same tactics.
All You Need To Do Is Follow This Simple Paint-By-Numbers Formula
This double report package WILL help you turns things around

Let me be blunt. Here’s what you don’t have right now:

You don’t know if the list you are building is full of actual buyers not time wasters
You don’t have a list that eagerly opens every single one of your emails
You don’t know how to write emails that turn subscribers into buyers
You don’t have a list that buys from you again and again
If you had all of the above……then you would finally start making some decent money online.

Ultimately, right now you don’t have a real plan of action or a formula for success.

Here’s the good news……………you CAN have a proven plan of action…..

And easily too!
Instead Of Knocking Yourself Out Spending Years And $$$ Trying To Discover The Secrets Yourself, Just COPY What Our Expert Marketers Do!
Sounds Great, But What Do I Actually Get?
Here’s a just a small taster of some of the gems you’ll discover inside:

The only 3 fool-proof methods that builds a buyers list worth 6 figures in sales from scratch right now. To-the-point, 37 page report ‘6 Figure List Launch Action Plan’.
HATE SELLING?? Learn how to write emails that build instant trust and get you a flood of sales, even from your first email…..even if you hate selling! p10
Send this one ‘shortcut’ email to read your subscribers’ minds and find out what they want from you, and what they will spend money on – p10
This hack, discovered by a neurologist, turns even newbies into email marketing pros, capable of creating an avalanche of sales – p13
The EXACT stupidly simple method that makes your readers look forward to receiving your emails – p17
The 14 word phrase you MUST ask yourself BEFORE you ever mail out a promotion – guaranteed huge conversion – p20
The closely guarded ‘Sales Page Alternative’ – This secret is a real ‘A-HA’ moment and it guarantees to sky-rocket sales – p23
The EXACT frequency of emails you need to send – Get this wrong and you can turn a ‘hot’ list into ‘ice cold’ in a matter of weeks! – p25
This one tiny hack, overlooked by most marketers, makes your emails stand out like a sore thumb in a full inbox. Program your subscribers to actively seek out your emails – p26
The REAL truth about sky-high email open rates – This will make your subscribers go nuts wanting to find out what your email is about – p27
How to place your links so even the most sceptical subscribers trust you. Plus a specific type of call-to-action that ‘push’ subscribers to take action – p35
Why this sleepy part of your email could be more important than your subject line – HINT: It’s also exactly what you would do on a sales page – p36
An under-the-radar stealth tactic on how to write emails that look like content, but you are actually selling. 10 times more effective standard direct sales pitch – p38
How many emails should you send before asking for the sale? Are you making this mistake?? – p39
How to plug products in EVERY email you send, without coming across as ‘salesy’. Use this hack and many subscribers will WANT to click on your sales link – p40
Sending out ‘canned’ emails destroys open rates, click through rates and sales – Use this ONE tweak that instantly makes canned emails work – p46
Use this tactic to re-position how you make offers. This little hack gets your subscribers to ACT FAST – p47
The ONLY way to squeeze out more sales from your list. You are leaving a huge pile of cash on the table if you don’t do this! – p48
Why you need to get rid of your current promotional offers IMMEDIATELY, and the TWO types of offers you should promote instead – p57
Wow, Sounds Awesome Mitali, But Is 6 Figure List Hacks For Me?
6 Figure List Hacks is for you if you are serious about building a 6 figure online business AND one or more of the following categories apply to you:
Never Built An Email List Before
Never Promoted Products To A List
Tried Other “Systems” But Failed
An Affiliate Marketer
A Product Creator
Built A List But Found It Unresponsive To Promotions
Tired Of ‘Chasing’ Subscribers
Feel Like You’re Missing The Vital Ingredient To Financial Success
6 Figure List Hacks is NOT suitable for:

Shiny Object Hunters (who think they can learn some magical ninja trick today and be a millionaire next week )
Loophole Chasers
Biz Op Tire Kickers
Get Rich Quick Dreamers (people who can’t focus and never implement anything)
Work Shy Bums (this is for AGGRESSIVE marketers only)
If that’s you, I wish you well, but please don’t invest in 6 Figure List Hacks because it won’t help you and neither can I.


Q: Why don’t I just buy a book / course to learn this?

A: Most email marketing courses focus on theory, and this then means a long, seemingly endless course of videos / webinars / audios to get through.

What 6 Figure Lists focuses on is easy to consume and implement plan of action that the top 6 figure marketers use right now that gets results fast.​

This is a solid paint-by-numbers shortcut, created from picking the minds of 9 top-level marketers, focusing on only the important aspects of email marketing – a list that makes you 6 figures. If it won’t make you money, it ain’t in here!

Q: I have never built a list before – how will 6 Figure List help me?

A: Type ‘list building’ into Google and you’ll find a dizzying array of tips and tactics; blogging, SEO, YouTube, Facebook, articles…………the list goes on.

​How do you know which ones actually work? How do you know you are building a buyers list and not a freebie seekers list?

Our 6 figures marketers reveal the only 3 methods they would use right now to build a buyers list from scratch. Get rid of all the noise and confusion and get building a 6 figure list right now!​

Q: Will this work for me?

A: I can’t come over to your house and make you implement this stuff. Even though it is super easy to implement, you have to actually do it yourself. What I can tell you is that it works for these marketers in any niche. It is here on the table for you. It’s up to you whether you choose to grab this off the plate in front of you or not….

Q: What if I don’t see amazing results?

A: I’m extremely confident that this will work for you. But if you, for any reason, don’t see fantastic results, then simply contact me direct, within 30 days, at my support address [email protected] for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Q: How fast will I see results?

A: It’s possible to be up and running within a few hours and to see results within a few days after that. However, this is all up to you!

As with anything, the more time you put into it, the faster you’ll see results. On the other hand, the more you procrastinate, the longer it’ll take.​

Q: What if the timing’s not good for me? I’m too busy!

A: The short answer is no problem and you can go as fast or as slow as you like. All the reports are downloadable instantly. So you’ll easily be able to fit the course into your schedule.

Also, remember this isn’t a long-winded video/audio course. This is 2 short (96 pages in total), easy-to-read reports.

Every marketer should have access to this information, regardless of whether you have made some money online before, or have never made a dime.

It’s like having a 6 figure mentor, ready to answer your questions, 24/7!

Q: What if I have questions or get stuck?

A: No problem! Just send an email to my direct support address [email protected] I answer 90% of queries within 24 hours Monday to Friday but it can occasionally take 48 hours during busy periods.
​Just Imagine Getting A Proven Shortcut To Success, Without Having To Ever Worry About Wasting Time and Money On Tasks That Don’t Work, EVER AGAIN…

How would it change your life?

Imagine quitting your boring day job and telling your boss to go to hell
Imagine going on vacation, with the freedom, time and money to go when and wherever you want
Imagine your partner’s eyes glowing with love, admiration and respect
Imagine laughing in the face of people who belittled you as you are now a success, NOT a failure
Imagine being envied by all your friends as you never have to save up to buy something you want
Imagine being an individual creating your own destiny, rather than another ‘worker drone’
Imagine having the peace of mind of never worrying about bills, or your family’s future and health
Imagine being able to spend time with the people that matter – work to live, rather than live to work
Imagine having the confidence to walk into a room full of people as a successful entreprenuer
Now, at this stage, I bet you’re wondering……..

“How much Mitali?”

Normally, when you want to the get the best advice from real-life expert marketers, you can expect to pay thousands

Today, you won’t pay thousands​……

Let’s recap what you are getting:

6 Figure List Hacks: 36 Fast List Building & Cash Generating Hacks ($97 Real Value)
6 Figure List Launch Action Plan ($47 Real Value)
That’s a Total Combined Real Value of Over $144!

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that….
Investing in tools that give you an unfair advantage is a smart move, whatever the price….
However, today……
You are going to pick up solid gold advice from 9 ‘walking-the-walk’
expert marketers for

Why is the price so ridiculously low?
Excellent question and there are 2 simple answers…

1) I’m sick and tired of seeing nice, regular people like you being misled by the huge amount of bogus information that’s in so many courses, seminars, eBooks, videos and blogs…….like I was.

I don’t want you to spend weeks or months watching endless videos and reading thousands of pages with no real plan of action.

These 9 expert marketers make 6 figures each year, every year…by HELPING people. If I’m going to follow in their footsteps, I need to start right.

And that starts by not charging you high prices and instead focusing on helping you.

Will you let me help you?

2) I know that many smart people like you will invest in 6 Figure List Hacks and become first time customers of mine.

Think of this package as laying out a ‘Welcome Mat’ for you. As you’re about to see in the training itself, I’m all about offering value that really helps people.

That way I can create more long term profitable relationships by working closely with my clients.

Not only does this help you, but it also helps me because I’m able to build a loyal group of customers who will tell me all about their success stories and give me raving testimonials!

A true “win-win” situation!

However, as you are not a customer of mine right now, you might be a little sceptical and feel this all looks too good to be true.

Therefore, I want you to throw yourself into this and feel 100% confident by removing ALL of the risk!

I’m so confident that 6 Figure List Hacks will work for you that I guarantee your results.

So here’s my crazy……

100%, Run To The Bank, “Better Than Risk Free” Guarantee

Download NOW And Risk $0.00

If at any time during the first 30 days you aren’t thrilled with 6 Figure List Hacks, just send a quick message to our friendly support desk, and you’ll receive a rapid, courteous and FULL refund.
I personally guarantee that, if you copy our expert marketers and you still don’t succeed, I don’t want your money.

This means you can try out everything suggested by our 9 pro marketers at my risk while you see if the strategies work for you.

If they don’t produce the results you want, I implore you to ask for your money back.

And, as my way of saying “Thank You” for trying out 6 Figure List Hacks, you can also keep your downloads and training materials!
The More You Think About It, The More You Realise You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In This!
You are only seconds away from securing your copy.

Act now and save $20…

Right Now, You Have Just 2 Options…

Option 1: Close this page and carry on with your day.

Let other people grab the advantage while you keep on anxiously picking up tips from around the web.

A product here, an article there, a video somewhere else…

As you know, for most people this results in more wasted time, money, and a lot of frustration.

In time, you may strike it lucky, but that could be years later. And you may not get lucky.

In the meantime, you carry on being in that boring and soul-destroying rat-race, and carry on worrying about bills and your family’s financial future.

And the longer it takes for you to ‘strike lucky’, the more your self-esteem takes a battering, the more anxious you become, and the more respect you lose for yourself (and from others)….

But perhaps you are different?


Option 2: Be smart, grab 6 Figure List Hacks for yourself and start copying our 6 figure marketers ‘money activities’ TODAY.

As you know, one of the common characteristics of the most successful internet entrepreneurs is that they learn, borrow and adapt from the experience and knowledge of others.

Why reinvent the wheel or blaze a brand new trail into the unknown, when you can simply copy and deploy the same tactics that have been PROVEN to work for others?​

Let’s be brutally honest – your current plan has got you precisely to the stage you’re at right now.

If A Map To Your Destination Already Exists, Wouldn’t You Just Grab It And Use It?

Ultimately, it’s up to YOU to decide how quickly you want to achieve your life goals.

Click the button below now to grab instant access to the fast track option:

P.S. Remember you are risking exactly $0.00 (ZERO!) by giving 6 Figure List Hacks a go right now!

P.P.S. If you have any questions please click the Support link below. I am here to help!

P.P.P.S. Don’t wait! Remember, this offer is only until I get enough testimonials and success stories. After that, the offer will disappear only to be sold for a MUCH higher price.

P.P.P.P.S. I can promise you one thing… If you do nothing, nothing will change.


6 Figure List Hacks
6 Figure List Hacks Checklist.PDF
6 Figure List Hacks.PDF
6 Figure List Launch Action Plan.PDF
6 Figure List Ultimate Power Words.PDF
Autoresponder Cheat-sheet.PDF
Email Swipe File.PDF
“must-click-open” Subject Lines.PDF



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