Holy smokes!!! 外贸电子商务中必备的劝说说服技能!!(Persuasion 911)


I’m going to show you how to out-perform, out-class, out-sell, and out-do every single competitor in your area.
I’m going to show you a simple way to read beneath what the clients are saying and present information in a way that compels them to act – exactly as you’ve designed.
So we’re going to focus on how to really listen without getting defensive, how to pace their anger, how to use frames to change their perceptions, and how to have them enthusiastically buying whatever you offer.


This is just great stuff! I’ve been in sales for over 25 years and recently (the past few years) have been struggling to make things work. I wasn’t sure if I was ‘burned out’ or what to think… I purchased a few of your programs and have been studying relentlessly for the past few months – and this morning I had one of the easiest persuasions ever and wanted to let you know!

[box type=”shadow”] A potential client called me to ask about working with me as a coach, he then promptly told me he had no money to pay for my services (even though he’s working 15 hours a day)… I set an appointment to talk with him about what he needed and we would ‘go forward at that time'(lol) In the past, I would have started in right away telling him how many benefits he could get from coaching and that ‘if he couldn’t afford my services, that’s exactly why he needed them!’ (‘Old school’ NLP 101) [/box]
Anyway, I used the persuasion array from Persuasion 911 basically to the letter. Listened carefully to his story, elicited his criteria and motivations, fed him back his words associated with positive feelings of working with me as his coach to reach his criteria and within 30 minutes, not only did he agree to coaching – at full price, he told me how motivated he felt to ‘go forward’! And the information I received from that interaction gave me most of what I need to design my initial strategy for his coaching, saving me a whole lot of time.

I am so impressed by this and I can’t thank you enough!

Keep up the good work, this really takes life to a whole new level of ‘I Likey!!’

I own Dark Side II, the embedded commands course, just started Persuasion Factor and of course, Persuasion 911, and I am consistently blown away by the quality and straightforward way you use what you teach while you teach it… Brilliant!!

(I’m one of those guys that became an NLP trainer first before learning your methods – so I’m working through that!!)

In short, I’m a believer! Thank you so much for making this available!



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