The Ultimate Offer Formula! + Advanced Persuasion – Close Stacking! + Power Positioning! + Scale! The Six Magic Steps To Winning Online!(Kern Inner Circle)

Bribe #1: The Ultimate Offer Formula!
In this training, I walk you through how to create a pitch that sells.

Bribe #2: Advanced Persuasion – Close Stacking!
It’s designed to do one thing and one thing only: Compound the power of every single offer you make.

Bribe #3: Power Positioning!
You’ll discover exactly how to create your own power positioning in your marketplace so that your perfect customers will seek you out and happily do business with you.

Bribe #4: Scale! The Six Magic Steps To Winning Online!
I’m literally walking you through the exact mindset, marketing systems, and sales processes I’ve used to literally double my business in just under seven months.


Kern Inner Circle
│ Resources.url
├─1. The Ultimate Offer Formula
│ Bonuses.txt
│ The Ultimate Offer Formula.MP4
├─2. Advanced Closing
│ Close Stacking.MP4
│ Resources.url
├─3. Power Positioning
│ Power Position Part 1.MP4
│ Power Position Part 2.MP4
│ 下载文件说明.mht
└─4. Six Magic Steps To Scaling Big Online
The Six Magic Steps.MP4



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