EDM营销获得100%的Optin – 每个订阅用户只需支付0.45美元(CPA Conversion Point)

EDM营销获得100%的Optin - 每个订阅用户只需支付0.45美元(CPA Conversion Point)

EDM营销获得100%的Optin – 每个订阅用户只需支付0.45美元

How to build a laser targeted list for free that pays you as you go.
It’s time to start getting 100% optin rates and paying just $0.45 per subscriber…
We will show you a very special technique that squeezes A lot more clicks out of every email you send all on autopilot.
We will also show you how to spy on your competition so you know which ads and offers are converting before you spend any of your own money.


CPA Conversion Point
│ 01 Cpa Conversion Point Welcome.MP4
│ 02 Cpa Wso.MP4
│ 03 Cpa Networks.MP4
│ 04 Opt Intelligence.MP4
│ 05 Optintelligence Setup.MP4
│ 06 Ad Copy.MP4
│ 07 Email Setup.MP4
│ 08 Opt Intelligence Spying.MP4
│ Email-swipes.ZIP
│ Resources.TXT
│ Resources.url
Video 1.MP4
Video 10.MP4
Video 2.MP4
Video 3.MP4
Video 4.MP4
Video 5.MP4
Video 6.MP4
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Video 8.MP4
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