Amazon affiliate marketer – 如何利用亚马逊最大的弱点来获 得更轻松的销售和佣金(Affiliate Edge)


Focus your efforts as outlined in this book and you’ll be an Amazon affiliate marketer with a competitive edge.

You will learn:

Explanation of this Amazon weakness that leaves consumers scrambling to find the products they want.
The specific kinds of words you have to use to find these opportunities.
Why you’ll be able to find the products consumers can’t find.
Why you can even build an entire site around this method.
Why this method is evergreen and can be used all year long.
And much more


Affiliate Edge
│ Affiliate Edge – Main Book – By Erica Stone.pdf
│ Affiliate Edge WordPress Instructions.pdf
│ Keyword Research – Advanced.pdf
│ Resources.url
└─Product Research Spreadsheet
Product Research Spreadsheet.ods
Product Research Spreadsheet.pdf
Product Research Spreadsheet.xls
Product Research Spreadsheet.xlsx



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