在每个人际交往中更有说服力 – 并迅速学会快速完成销售的技巧(Persuasion Tactics Power Summit)

Bring Christopher and me into your livingroom for an amazing learning experience, and rapidly learn the skills to close sales quickly, negotiate pay raises effortlessly, and attract and relate with the opposite sex with style.

17 ways to use persuasion to negotiate.
5 state-of-the-art trust building methods.
2 unique ways to eliminate conflicts.
Gain people’s attention easily and get others to see the world as you do.
How to get inside your clients, lovers, or bosses’ head.
5 killer Closing Tactics.
26 Powerful Language Patterns.


Mastery InSight: Persuasion Summit DVD-set

Have you tried hard to ‘fit’ theoretical influence concepts or language pattern formulas over to ‘real-world’ persuasion contexts — that demand more than theory, more than weird-sounding canned patterns?

Someone else did all the hard work for you… and applied more than $200K worth of training, information products, and coaching… over to personally-developed tests with 1000’s of people… with $millions earned from techniques refined over time, and ultimately…

He figured out what works ridiculously well, and what just doesn’t. Even better, you can gain access to what he learned.

Dear friend (who wants to be more persuasive in every situation),

I’m Jonathan Altfeld. I run this website, and I train NLP across a wide array of contexts.

Most people stand to gain dramatically from NLP when they apply it to their own unique circumstances. The biggest challenge they face is in practicing it enough, and doing enough experiments with their own business or personal situations, to have real-world valuable data on what will work optimally, vs what may not work for them.

Every once in a while, I meet someone who happen to manage business environments where they’ve been able to test lessons and ideas out, with thousands of people. Only once in a blue moon, do I meet someone who not only has the ability to run those tests, but the drive and creativity to make the tools their own. In the late 1990’s, I met such a person… and we began talking about the amazingly influential things he learned how to accomplish with people.

I know you want to know who I’m talking about. Who’s this mystery man who already filtered the wheat from the chaff? Who can give you a lot of short cuts to what works and what doesn’t, in persuasion situations? Who won’t get you bogged down in NLP terminology — but instead, has named many of his strategies in raucously funny ways?

Let me begin by telling you who he ISN’T.

He isn’t a social scientist (though he watches and reads and listens voraciously to nearly everything out there about both personal and mass influence).

He isn’t a public speaker or trainer by trade — but he did feel an immense desire to share the counter-intuitive results he’d found, with people just like you.

He isn’t an NLP insider and has no need to protect any ‘sacred cows’ from NLP — but he had learned extensively from NLP and tested aspects of it in ‘real life.’

So who is this “Extremely Persuasive Man?”

Meet Christopher Tomasulo. I met him when Christopher attended one of my workshops in the late 1990’s. At the time, Christopher was a telemarketing executive, who had been active in using the techniques he was learning from NLP, from social psychology, from direct marketing geniuses, and from trial and error, in designing telemarketing campaigns from the ground up. Profiling and hiring teams of telemarketers. Contributing to postcard or letter design/writing. Writing telemarketing scripts for inbound or outbound calls. Testing and refining closing tactics.

In short, Christopher wasn’t just learning these skills to attempt to close sales one at a time. He was aiming to optimize how to influence many thousands of people at a time. When you do that, you learn very, VERY quickly, what works best, and what falls flat. And unless you do what he did… then either you’ll never discover what Christopher discovered, or it could take you years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure it out on your own. (But why waste the time &/or money?)

How did access to Christopher Tomasulo’s persuasion knowledge become possible?

Christopher moved closer to my home at the time (in Tampa, FL), and we started hanging out on occasion. Chris would tell stories of some of the things he’d done and used successfully, and I would say “Holy cow, people need to know what you know.” Eventually, I convinced him to share his secrets about how he’d applied all he knew to persuade large groups of people. So in 2001, we cooperated on running a 2-day course they called “The Persuasion Tactics Power Summit,” or for short — “Persuasion Summit.”

Christopher had no experience running courses, and wasn’t sure what in his experience would be useful to share with others in just 2 days, so, he relied on me to ‘model’ his past experience, and then design an optimal training sequence for attendees (& viewers). Thus, the Persuasion Summit essentially can be described as mostly Tomasulo’s experiential model of persuasion, taught my way, with a few more traditional NLP bits on vocal charisma, and influential language pattern delivery. This course doesn’t bear any resemblance to typical NLP courses for influence or persuasion. It’s unique.

We only taught the course one time, but you can still learn from this extraordinary workshop. You can order the 8-hour “Persuasion Summit” DVD-set.

The Most Relevant Reasons to Consider this DVD Set:

Reason One:

Christopher doesn’t have twenty acronyms after his name, he hasn’t written twenty books, and he doesn’t have a degree in psychology. What he did have, prior to the Persuasion Summit course in 2001, was 10 years of hard-core, down-to-earth, applied knowledge and experience in sales, persuasion and direct marketing, direct from the front lines all the way up to the corporate ivory tower.

Reason Two:

For ten years he’d been in “commission only” sales. He only made money when he sold, his sales reps sold, or his affiliate offices sold.

Over the years he’d field tested everything from traditional closes to advanced NLP language patterns to international negotiating strategies. Some of it worked, some of the time. Not often enough for his taste.

Through successes and many failures he adjusted what worked and didn’t work and added his own techniques and strategies that were clearly missing from each of the methods he was told were “the best.” In other words, He refined his own unique system of persuasion that you can use in personal relationships and in sales to produce phenomenally fast and effective results.

Using the same tactics that we taught in the Persuasion Summit course, he went from being a top commission-only salesperson, to a sales manager who trained hundreds of sales people to make their living at commission only sales, to partner in a privately held company that grossed $8.4 million a year, to a consultant who worked less than 30 hours a month.

This wouldn’t normally be that big a deal, as people move up from salespeople to managers to partners to consultants all the time… but he accomplished all these things in 4 short years.

Along the way, he’d enabled partners and the companies he worked with to earn over $50 millon dollars. In other words, his career has been anything BUT giving workshops.

Here’s a summary of the tactics we cover in our DVD set:

17 Ways To Use Persuasion To Negotiate. Never Pay Retail Again!
5 State-Of-The-Art Trust-Building Methods. Inspire UNLIMITED trust in your clients, co-workers and loved ones and make them fiercely loyal to you.
2 Unique Ways To Eliminate Conflicts – FOREVER!
The Objection Forecaster. How to know any likely objections to an idea, product, service or proposal BEFORE you even meet with your contact. Have all the time you need to prepare the perfect rebuttal in advance.
The Strange, Fail-Safe “Big Left-Toe” Method. How a 45 year old friend used this Method to launch himself into his own personal heaven-on-earth by getting three knockout girlfriends and securing a job where he works less than 15 hours a week from his house and pulls in over $2000 a week.
Gain people’s attention easily and get others to see the world as you do- IN YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY.
The Cold Call Reluctance Wipe-Out. Wipe out your fears of making a cold call, meeting a stranger, or talking to someone that intimidates you in less than 60 seconds with this weird but effective technique.
How To Get Inside Your Clients, Lovers, Or Bosses Head. Make Any Of Your Ideas “Their Ideas” In An Instant.
The Custom Criteria Installation Technique. How to “Lay down the law” in business and personal relationships and get others to give you exactly what you want.
The Tactic Generator. Create Custom Persuasion Tactics On-The-Fly For Any Purpose.
How To Create A “Virtual Character”. Have people see you as a more powerful presence. . . exude the charismatic characteristics that draw people like a super-magnet.
5 killer Closing Tactics. Say goodbye to the times you felt it was difficult to close a deal because you had poor skill in persuading or negotiating.
The Argument Defuser. Possess the skills needed to win any argument or make the argument disappear without a trace.
Dr. Sulo’s Law Of Perceptual Difference. An author who’s been dead for 80 years reveals to you the secret reason people have conflicts and how this simple concept can “turn the tables” on the 55% divorce rate in this country. (Understanding this may keep you from becoming a statistic!)
Discover The 2 Types Of Persuasion. How over 70% of the population is using the wrong type at the wrong time in nearly every personal or business communication.
2 Ways To Masterfully Influence The Powers That Be In Your Workplace. Rapidly move up in any company!
4 Ways To Hypnotically Captivate Your Audience. Persuasion as applied by preachers, cult leaders, advertisers and how you can use their techniques to sky rocket your success.
The Four Criteria Dances. Enhance your personal relationships and have a magnetic impact upon the opposite sex.
26 Powerful Language Patterns. Creating irresistible communication that makes it impossible to say “no.”
“Boundary Builders”. How to stop doing too much for others and start having them fulfill your needs and wants- CHEERFULLY!
2 “Killer” Motivation Strategies. Kick Start Yourself To Get What You Want In Life.
Obviously, we included an awful lot in just 8 hours of DVD material, plus the manuals (& the bonus CD).

At first, Christopher didn’t think we could train it all in just 2 days, let alone edit it down to 8 hours, and still include the brunt of the key material. That’s when I stepped in.

During a discussion in April 2001, I hammered on and persuaded Christopher until 4 AM, to do a seminar on what he knows and does. I repeatedly said, “This is powerful stuff. People need to hear it.”

I offered to use my extensive “knowledge modelling” experience along with NLP to pick apart what he did when he persuaded. Christopher accepted the offer and then I morphed his methods into a simple system that can be taught in such a way that you can remember and apply far more than you might expect.

I used complicated technology like Boolean/Fuzzy Logic, Backward-Chaining vs Forward-Chaining and other really cool techniques, to map out what Chris did and does successfully, and then translate and simplify all of that into a “killer” system that YOU Can Use From Day One!

So — we have successfully compressed what Christopher thinks would have taken him at least three weeks to teach you… into 8 very exciting hours of material on DVD, supported by printed material and a bonus CD.

It still blows our minds that you are going to be able to learn in such a short time what had taken him ten years to refine. We’ve turned a decade of experience… into a day’s learning.

Don’t just take our word for all of this…

Listen to what some of our seminar attendees have to say!

High level training of persuasion with a class attendance of well-informed students that made the experience awesome. The trainer combination was unsurpassed with the best in the field of persuasion and communication.

Jerleen Nearhood, Carrollton TX
If you think you know persuasion, you might be right, but what you know — you [may be] doing wrong. Chris & Jonathan teach you how to direct people’s attention to what they want. That leaves you — to give it to them.

Mark Hopkins, Tampa, FL
The Persuasion Summit was absolutely the best training in persuasion I’ve ever experienced. Chris’ skills in NLP and persuasion are a compilation of the best of Richard Bandler, Kenrick Cleveland, & Michael Hall, all combined. Chris has evolved these techniques, enhanced them, and repackaged persuasion for the new millenium. Chris has tested his techniques thousands of times through the thousands of telemarketers he’s managed over the years. This seminar will go down in the annuls of NLP history.

Howard Wolf, Miami, FL
And now read these two amazing reviews of our Videoset (before we converted them to DVDs!)

The first thing I noticed is that the packaging and presentation were top-notch. Now granted, I am used to getting some great CD products from people such as [Other Trainer’s Name Omitted], that looked like they were scotch-taped together by his three year old nephew, so the quality of the packaging won’t necessarily make or break a product. Although, I have to admit, I got really excited when pulling the tapes and manuals out of the box as they gave off a very impressive, professional appearance.

So now let me get down to the actual content. The major problem is that this is not basic stuff. As Chris says, it is simple, but it’s not easy. I have a heavy background in NLP and sales persuasion and I haven’t seen Chris’ material anywhere else. I think that the people who already have an NLP background will benefit the most from his tapes; because you can use everything you already know and combine it with his [higher-level] strategies.

Chris’s teaching style reminds me of Richard Bandler’s in the way that he uses countless stories to make points and get you to think outside the box. I think his entire plan was just to get you to shift your awareness (hence the importance of big left toe) and start thinking differently about certain concepts; and achieving that is 90% of turning you into a great persuader. Also, although Chris and Richard both tell highly entertaining stories which you can’t help but be motivated by… Chris’s stories are actually REAL, where it seems Richard’s are too ridiculous to have actually taken place, but are useful regardless for shifting your awareness. (hey, just my opinion. You never know with Bandler. LOL!)

Finally, my biggest epiphany came when Chris went into tremendous detail about perceptual characters and how to install custom criteria. After watching the videos, it finally clicked in my head and I truly feel it is one of the most useful principles I have ever learned. ESPECIALLY in the area of personal relationships. Light bulbs have been going off in my head for the last couple days now over this stuff.

In conclusion, I have to say that these tapes are not for everybody. If you think you can spend a couple hours watching a few videos and instantly transform into a persuasion genius, you are fooling yourself. This system does take work, because to give you specific examples for every persuasion context on the planet would take decades. The Persuasion summit videos are about installing a framework so you can generate your own techniques in whatever context you need to. If you are not prepared to invest some time and do a little work to make these skills a part of you, then you will just be throwing away your money. If, on the other hand, you are willing to invest some time, this can easily be one of the best investments you will ever make. You can use his system in conjunction with any `techniques” you are using now. Like I said before, I think people with a strong NLP background will benefit the most from these tapes, because they are already used to installing new tools in their subconscious to obtain unconscious competency, among other reasons.

Jay Cataldo, Owner, Persuasion Summit Videos

A few years ago, a new name began to appear on the NLP and persuasion email groups, and with that name came some startlingly different approaches and methods of persuasion. The name was Christopher Tomasulo, and I knew almost immediately that he was a man to watch and listen to. His experience included consulting for and turning around a number of marketing firms and businesses, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars and increasing their revenues in vast leaps and bounds.

As much as I had seen from many other trainers and writers, ‘Doktor Sulo’ had things that I had never seen before. His methodology was outside the realm of technique and much more about strategy, something I and many others I know have lacked. He also showed an almost uncanny understanding of human interaction at the persuasive level.


Speedy shipment and sturdy packaging aside, the sheer volume of material was like gold in my hands. Four two-hour tapes, three A4-size workbooks and a CD. Excitable visual that I am, I had to stop myself from squealing at the rich jade-green video covers and get a tape into the machine.

The first thing that struck me was the production quality. Someone obviously put a lot of time and effort into making the sounds crisp and clear, the video bright and detailed, and without that annoying audio hiss that plagues so many of the other tapes out there. Sweet silence when it’s called for, and picture quality is well on a par with a Hollywood-level pre-recorded VHS tape. Camera angles and shots were well-directed, and the editing was clean and good. It’s almost like being in the seminar room itself, and whenever I watch a video or listen to a tape, I like to imagine that I’m right there in the seminar room with everyone else. I imagine that I’ve paid my money, travelled however long to get there, and now I’m sitting in a room with the trainers themselves.

Something that was notably absent was what I call the ‘ugly background’ syndrome. I’ve seen a few tapes where far too much camera time is given to participants who look like they could use a good bath and shave, and as good as the trainer may be when on camera, seeing someone’s ugly mug flash onto the screen is always a shock. Sometimes I wonder if the trainer was picking his nose on camera and the video editor exchanged that with anything else he/she had available. This is happily absent from the Sulo videos. I’m not saying that the PTPS seminar was like backstage at a Milan fashion show, but the participants, when seen, were well-groomed, happy and decent looking folk.

I know that you can glean information from just about anywhere, good production or not. Heck, one of my favourite old books is falling apart and filled with someone else’s handwriting, and a hissy seminar video filmed with a Hi-8 camcorder on a tripod up the back of the room can have a kind of cool, ‘underground’ feel. But good production values are always welcome, and give added pleasure to viewing and learning from any product. Clothes may not ‘make’ the man, but they sure have a hand in building one.

Speaking of clothes, Sulo cuts a very slick, business-like figure in his suits. Being a bit of clothes-hound I have to say that he either has some good wardrobe people or a good eye for style. His voice tones are smooth and vibrant and he kind of makes me think of wise-cracking Michael Keaton playing the Devil, if you can imagine that.


Doktor Sulo works at a much higher ‘logical level’ in terms of strategy, time frame and approach. Many times, a newcomer to NLP and the persuasion sciences (or even an more seasoned person like me) will arrive at a ‘small chunk’ mentality. Before I got Sulo’s tapes and really studied his methods, I would always think in terms of specific languaging, hypnotic setups, the minutiae of saying ‘you’ vs. ‘I’ or ‘will’ vs. ‘may’. I’d always ask myself things like, ‘what is the best way to say this?’ or ‘how do I lead this person from here to there?’. I have spent many, many fruitful hours drilling with Ericksonian language patterns, indirect suggestions and Sleight of Mouth. I sometimes dream in hypnotic language.

Now, while these things are fine and powerful in their own right, it was never from a wider perspective of frame and time. Sulo steps outside of fancy language and covert trancework and instead goes for creating contexts and environments that naturally lead people to make the decisions he wants them to make. The minutiae of language and other small-chunk methods become simple tools out of many in the box rather than the focal point of persuasion tactics.

Remember how, in his hypnosis trainings, Bandler would often say something to the effect of, ‘what context will naturally produce the desired behaviors, and how can you create that experience for the subject in trance?’ Sulo takes that out of hypnosis and applies it to *life*. ‘How can I create the contexts that will direct my prospects to decide *for themselves* to do what I want?’ This is the fabled ‘Greenhouse of Persuasion’ that Sulo often references, and this concept alone will change the way many people, even well-trained people, think about persuasion.

Sulo also works and thinks in terms of a expanded time frame. Similar to Japanese business strategy that may be planned out ten or even twenty years in advance, Sulo eschews the ‘fast buck’ and thinks of getting ‘brand awareness’ and market penetration over a longer time period, resulting in a kind of ‘system’ that automatically brings in more cash, more goodies, and more of whatever the system is designed to bring. For those into the whole seduction scene, imagine setting up a system that brings attractive people to *you* rather than you having to go out and chase them. Or if, in your circle of friends and colleagues, you were known as ‘the person to go to’. Using Sulo’s concepts I have been analyzing the success of companies and small businesses in the NLP world and the larger commercial world, and I find that they use exactly the kinds of concepts that Sulo teaches explicitly in these tapes.

Another major distinction is in Sulo’s approach to criteria and values utilization. Many of us here have had experience with eliciting someone’s values, asking them things like, ‘what’s important to you in a relationship?’ or something similar. But how many times have you tried to elicit someone’s values or criteria, and found that they either don’t know, or tell you some junk that they think you want to hear? Having dealt with literally thousands of people, Sulo has taken the notion of values and criteria and spawned four different ways to use them. He not only tells you exactly how to get to the deepest wants and needs of a person or target market, but how to use them and WHEN to use them. These are the values that customers won’t tell you, or don’t even know in themselves – it’s like reaching into someone’s secret heart and touching it with your fingertip.

While the majority of screen-time belongs to Christopher, Jonathan has some excellent segments as well. Jonathan teaches some very powerful distinctions for developing internal rhythm in speaking and embedded commands that I have never heard before. His presentation style is smooth and laid back, and he has a detailed precision of language that speaks of long training and experience. Definitely a marvellous skill to model. Doktor Sulo presents the concepts and Jonathan further clarifies and integrates the learnings. Jonathan concludes the training with a kickass induction for skill and knowledge integration that I will be dissecting for hours and hours.

IMO, the biggest jewel in the crown of this set is the Stepped Awareness process. This is a high-level strategy for knowing where you are at any given time in a persuasion situation, and what you need to do to move to the next level. The rest of the set covers ways to move from one step of the process to the next, including ways to bypass objections and ‘nudge’ a person’s mind using stories and anecdotes to make them want to do what you want, and think it was their own idea.

Included as bonuses are two A4-size workbooks and an audio CD recorded post-seminar as a ‘wrap up’ or follow up. The two booklets contain notes for the videos. I like having all of this material on hand, and there is a ample room to write your own observations, thoughts and ideas. The audio CD is also well-recorded and expands on many of the concepts covered in the videos, based on feedback from the seminar participants.


Christopher and Jonathan put on a very entertaining, fast paced show that is packed with information, so the concepts are easy to grasp. The primary focus is on the use of the Sulo principles in business and marketing, so seductionists and ‘personal’ persuaders may have to do some thinking to map the relevant strategies across. While there are a lot of detailed examples of persuasive wording and phrasing, the true power of this material lies in the concepts and mindsets, and these are readily applicable to nearly all persuasion situations. If you are looking for a set of scripts or ‘the magic words’ you may want to supplement this material with something else.

Even though there are eight hours of video material, I feel that some segments were either a bit rushed, or were done under time constraints that hindered fuller explanations and the presentation of examples. I always like having more real-life examples and scenarios, and some role-playing might have been nice as well to sort ouf the many permutations of techniques. Many of the sections could have been expanded into entire seminars in themselves, and I think that Christopher and Jonathan were trying to squeeze a bit too much data into a fairly short timespan.

This is not a beginner’s set. It’s a cliche that the viewer will extract as much as they are ready for, and it’s one that applies to this tapeset as well. Those who have little or zero knowledge of sales or basic persuasion material would do well to become familiar with such first. The Sulo concepts will be easier to understand and the applications will be much more readily perceptible. I believe that intermediate NLPers and hypnotists will gain a tremendous amount from these videos as they teach the large-scale strategic mindset that is notably absent from many NLP-related trainings, books and courses on the market. The high-level strategy that these videos teach organizes and focuses all of the ‘tools’ that NLP and hypnosis have to offer. Ever wondered the ‘right time’ in a persuasion situation to use a particular technique? Ever been confused why certain techniques worked at one time and did not at others? The strategic thinking processes will allow you to understand the answers once and for all.

As an aside, there are many similarities between Sulo’s methods and Milton Erickson’s work. The liberal use of anecdotes to elicit states, create perceptions and direct awareness, the insatiable curiosity about human thought, behaviour and interaction, and many other things that strike me as similar. It appears to me that Doktor Sulo arrived at these methods independently from any study of Erickson’s work, and this is another reason why I think many NLPers and hypnotists will benefit. Erickson’s work was geared towards therapy – it’s great to see how similar concepts are applied very successfully in business and everyday life.


Overall, it’s a kickass product, but it’s not for everyone. If you want everything handed to you with word for word scripts for every situation, go to a library because that’s what you’ll need. You won’t find ‘the ten best font colors’ or ‘the eight magic phrases’ here. If you want quick fixes or ways of ‘tricking’ customers then this tapeset will not give you what you want, even though some of the techniques are so slick that you can be sure that some unscrupulous people will be using them. However, if you want to develop a keen persuasive mindset, have your persuasion ‘viewpoint’ permanently enlarged, and understand how to design your life to turn yourself into a machine of persuasion, then this will take you very, very far.

Ratings according to buyer-type:

Beginner in NLP/sales/persuasion: 6/10
Marketer/salesperson: 8/10
Seductionist: 6-7/10
Some experience in sales/marketing: 8/10
Intermediate NLPer/hypnotist: 9/10

Elroy Carter, Co-Moderator, Mindlist.
98% of the Information You Read About Marketing, Sales and Persuasion is either Incomplete, Ineffective, Simply Too Complicated or Confusing, Requires Too Much Memorization or…. You Need To Change Your Whole Personality to make it work in real life!

Have you ever gone to a sales, motivation or persuasion type seminar or ordered the resulting home-study materials before? Most of us have…

Although there are some good ones out there, almost every one of them has at at least one of four common flaws:

They are outdated and are still trying to promote techniques that don’t work anymore now that we’re in the information age where consumers, spouses, and people in general are smarter, savvier and “HATE TO BE SOLD.”
They use technology taken from therapy and psychology and attempt to adapt it to sales and relationship persuasion.
They are highly motivational and you come home feeling like you drank 50 cups of coffee, ready to conquer the world…. only to find out a few days later you are unable to apply even a fraction of what you thought you learned.
They have great information but fail to tie it all together so you can integrate it into your life and unique personality.
Warning: Do NOT buy any persuasion or sales training material unless it meets the following 5 criteria

Since there are so many hucksters who try to get you to “buy into” their trainings, we thought it might be helpful if we presented you with some criteria to make sure you get the most out of every dollar you invest:

Only Invest In Sales/Persuasion Trainings Conducted By Persuaders Who Have Successfully Persuaded and Sold In The Real World. (Measured In Dollars and Cents OUTSIDE THE SEMINAR CIRCUIT.)
The Training Needs To Address Both Personal And Business Persuasion Situations. In Chris’s years of associating with sales professionals, he met many who were top sales people at work and horrible persuaders at home. Eventually, this took a toll, financially and emotionally. In the Persuasion Summit, we covered both issues and explain in detail how both require different tactics and which tactics to use when.
Do NOT buy a training if the trainer suggests they (or their friends) are the only one(s) you will need to train with. We learn new things everyday from tons of people. There is some EXCELLENT material on persuasion out there. Obviously, anyone who claims they’re the only one you need to learn from is either trying to start a cult or is afraid other people’s material may be better. We not only showed what we know in the DVDs, but also directed viewers to others that we believe will expand your abilities as well.
The training should not require you to change your entire personality. Too many sales, negotiation, and relationship persuasion teachers ask you to talk differently than you normally would, change your demeanor, use language patterns that sound totally unnatural if not downright stupid, or flagrantly manipulate people in a way that makes you and everyone around you feel unsettled. This is the main reason people don’t incorporate most of the persuasion techniques they learn into their life. When you leave the Persuasion Tactics Power Summit, you won’t have to talk like Christopher, act like him, or even think like him to make this material work. You won’t need to manipulate anyone. You will learn to be compelling and persuasive in a natural and non-offensive way. You will succesfully persuade people in the way you’ve always wanted to.
Only Invest In Trainings & Home Study Materials That Give You a lot more than your Money’s Worth, Risk-Free! With our material, you can expect to get high ROI (return on investment).
We professionally videotaped the entire Summit, and created an 8-hour videoset of some of the seminar’s key highlights. We did leave out some things, after all, that’s why the people who came to the event paid nearly $1000 apiece for 2 days, and why the DVD home-study course is being offered at a very low $349. But you’ll be getting FAR more than just 30% of what was taught at the Persuasion Summit seminar — you’re getting nearly 80% of the material we taught. So by that measurement, you’re getting about $800 worth of material for $349. Even that’s a poor measurement, because putting even one of Christopher’s techniques into action can easily pay for the cost of the set in one shot, depending on your unique situation. In summary, here’s what you get:

27+ Proven Persuasion Tactics You Can Begin Using The First Day You’ve Learned Them To Get What You Want In Nearly Any Situation.
2 Booklets with > 40+ pages That Summarize All The Persuasion Tactics Covered by the DVDs
10 Years Of Sales And Persuasion Experience Packed Into 8 Efficient Hours of Well-presented Training Chunks, That Virtually Guarantees You’ll Absorb The Tactics Better Than Any Book Or Written Material Could Possibly Promise.
In the past, we’ve offered these at a price-point as high as $547. With this new DVD-set roll-out, we’ve priced them at $349 plus shipping & applicable tax. We may not keep this price-point indefinitely; if we ever change the price, we’ll raise it, not lower it.

Act immediately, and you’ll also receive this additional bonus! Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to make this deal even better and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following:

Free Bonus (At least a $1000 Value):

We recorded a 1-hour interview after the seminar, designed to maximize home-study student learning integration. The students attending the live course never got this CD, and we won’t sell it separately from the home-study course, ever. Valuating this CD is difficult at best, but if you add up our hourly consulting rates, together we charge over $1000 per hour for our time. And since we’re talking about maximizing your benefits, consider this an “accelerator” to already compounding results from the home-study materials.

Take Control Of How Persuasive You Can Be In Any Communication – Starting Today!

The time to act is now. You and I already know that if you’ve read this far, you have a driving interest in taking your persuasive abilities to the next level. All that’s left is to take the action to do it.

Pick up the phone. Get Your Persuasion Summit home-study DVD & multi-media set enroute to you today. Dial 1( 813) 991-8888. If you don’t get through to us, please leave a detailed message. We value your call and will get back with you as soon as we’re able.

Or you can easily order through our secure shopping cart. Just click the relevant link below!

Here’s How to Order:

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Remember, Fulfillment/Shipping is normally fast, but our office does shut down when we travel to run courses. So the postmark could be delayed up to 2 weeks (arrival up to 3-4 weeks) if we are out of town.

Alternatively, Pay Via Phone. Call +1 ( 813) 991-8888. If we are not in, leave a return phone number; we’ll return your call ASAP. NOTE: Payment will not be charged to any credit card until the date of shipment.

We Believe in Your Outrageous Potential! Don’t You?

The Persuasion Summit DVD-set will deliver crucial skills you need to kick your ability to influence into high gear right now…. And year after year as long as you’re still breathing!


Jonathan Altfeld
NLP Trainer, & co-trainer of the Persuasion Summit course

P.S.- Only $349 gets you 8 hours of beautiful & well-edited persuasion material on DVD, 2 reference manuals, plus the bonus material of our Follow-Up CD!

P.P.S.- What? You haven’t called my office to order — or ordered online yet? If not, why not? This home-study course is jam-packed with “knock your socks off”, non-stop persuasion tactic after persuasion tactic. You’ll gain more skill in persuasion in 8 hours than most learn in a lifetime (if ever!). Given that we’ve guaranteed your satisfaction with 1-year satisfaction guarantee — you CANNOT lose (except by not acting today). Call us up or order online now! Dial 1( 813) 991-8888.

P.P.P.S.- The only way to learn this material today, is to order this home-study course. Christopher Tomasulo is an extremely private person, and he never trained these techniques again anywhere else. Bring Christopher and me into your livingroom for an amazing learning experience, and rapidly learn the skills to close sales quickly, negotiate pay raises effortlessly, and attract and relate with the opposite sex with style.


Persuasion Tactics Power Summit
├─Disc – 1
│ PTPS Vol1 Tape1 Hour1.mp3
│ PTPS Vol1 Tape1 Hour2.mp3
│ PTPS Vol1 Tape2 Hour1.mp3
│ PTPS Vol1 Tape2 Hour2.mp3
│ Resources.url
├─Disc – 2
│ PTPS Vol2 Tape1 Hour1.mp3
│ PTPS Vol2 Tape1 Hour2.mp3
│ PTPS Vol2 Tape2 Hour1.mp3
│ PTPS Vol2 Tape2 Hour2.mp3
│ Resources.url
│ Bonuses.txt
│ Jonathan Altfeld & Chris Tomasulo – Persuasion Tactics Power Summit [manual 1 – The Foundation].pdf
│ Jonathan Altfeld & Chris Tomasulo – Persuasion Tactics Power Summit [manual 2 – Stacking The Deck].pdf
└─Wrap-up Cd



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