Guided Visualizations & Meditations for Success(Awakening Power)

释放你的创造力,找到你需要完成任何目标的动力和目标 —— 无论多么雄心勃勃,完成它。

Unleash your creative power and find the motivation and focus you need to accomplish any goal – no matter how ambitious.
To achieve success consistently and effortlessly, you must align your subconscious mind with what you want to create in your life.
Awakening Power will help you do just that, providing you with guided visualizations & meditations for success.
Awakening Power provides 11 guided visualizations and meditations.


Unleash your creative power and find the motivation and focus you need to accomplish any goal – no matter how ambitious
woman meditating using awakening power techniquesMost people have big goals and dreams for themselves. But – sadly – the majority never achieve the life they dream of.

What’s the difference between those of us who accomplish our goals and dreams – and those who don’t?

It’s not money, or privilege, or luck.

(Most of the truly successful people I’ve met in life started off with almost nothing!)

The secret to achieving great success is having tremendous willpower and focus and self-confidence – and the ability to dive deep into yourself and find the energy and motivation required to do whatever it takes to create the life you truly desire.

These are INTERNAL qualities, not external factors.

And nothing will help you cultivate these qualities faster than meditation and guided visualization.

The science is in: meditation works

Using neuro-imaging and genomics technology to measure physiological changes in their subjects’ brains and bodies, scientists at Harvard Medical School recently proved that meditation boosts the activity of genes involved in energy metabolism and insulin secretion – and reduces the activity of genes associated with inflammatory response and stress.

Just one session was enough to have a measurable positive effect – even for novices who had never meditated before.

And in a separate study, Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn and scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles found that 12 minutes of daily yoga meditation for eight weeks boosted telomerase activity by 43%. (Telomerase is also known as the “immortality enzyme” and has been proven to slow the cellular aging process.)

But the effects go far beyond your brain and body…

Meditation has also been scientifically proven to help you regulate emotions, decrease anxiety, increase your focus and attention and boost your self-control – and improve your ability to be creative and think outside the box.

This has a huge impact on how you show up in the world!

The more focused and positive and creative you are, the more success you’ll achieve in everything you do.

But if you’ve never meditated before – or if you’ve tried it a few times but never really kept up with it – incorporating it into your life as a regular practice can be challenging.

That’s why I partnered with a renowned psychotherapist to create a meditation system that anyone can use to gain the clarity, focus, motivation, and self-confidence they need to achieve their goals in life.

Tap into your subconscious to manifest your full potential

The subconscious representing five-sixths of our brain’s thinking and power and is incredibly powerful. To achieve success consistently and effortlessly, you must align your subconscious mind with what you want to create in your life.

Awakening Power will help you do just that, providing you with guided visualizations & meditations for success.

This groundbreaking program walks you step-by-step through a 12-session program to:

Let go of past programming. If your subconscious beliefs conflict with the outcomes you’re consciously affirming, you’re guaranteed to fail. The subconscious wins … every time.
Visualize what you want. Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined event. When it “sees” what you want to achieve, it will find ways to make your dreams come true.
Tune into your inner wisdom. Meditation provides the stillness you need to hear the quiet voice of your intuition, which holds the answers you need to achieve your goals.
Perfect for beginners or experienced mind-body practitioners

Awakening Power provides 11 guided visualizations and meditations. If you’re new to meditation or if you’ve struggled when meditating on your own, you’ll find that the program’s guided audio sessions will help you maintain your focus and experience real results faster.

And if you’re a regular practitioner, you’ll love how the focus of each visualization or meditation helps you gain unprecedented clarity around what you truly want in life – and what you need to do to achieve it.

Here’s what the program covers:

Introduction: How Visualization and the Law of Attraction works
Meditation 1: Basics of How to Meditate and the ‘Inquire Within’ Meditation
Meditation 2: Committing and Adjusting to Constant Change
Meditation 3: Acknowledging Your Positive Past
Meditation 4: Being Clear Why You’re Here
Meditation 5: Staying Focused on Your Core Genius
Meditation 6: See What You Want, Get What You See
Meditation 7: Releasing the Brakes
Meditation 8: Acting and Feeling ‘As If’
Meditation 9: Transforming What Isn’t Working
Meditation 10: Believing in Yourself
Meditation 11: Unleashing the Power of Goal Setting
There’s also a 30-page study guide to get you started and enhance your journey.

Meet the Program Creators

jack-canfield-casualYou probably know me as the co-creator of the New York Times #1 best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® book series—now with more than 225 titles and 500 million copies in print in 47 languages.

I’m also the co-author of The Success Principles, Dare to Win, The Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, and Tapping into Ultimate Success.

As CEO and founder of the Canfield Training Group, I have personally helped 1000s of thousands of people become multi-millionaires, business leaders, best-selling authors, leading sales professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and world-class athletes while creating balanced, fulfilling and healthy lives.

And I can tell you that one of the key factors of their success was using the kind of visualization and meditation techniques that are featured in Awakening Power to move past their limiting beliefs and behaviors and develop the positive success habits they needed to achieve their incredibly ambitious goals.

Deb SandellaDeborah Sandella, Ph.D., R.N., has empowered thousands of people during her 30 years as an award-winning author, esteemed psychotherapist, and university professor. She is the creator of the RIM® Method, an unprecedented inner technology that produces accelerated emotional and physical healing, effortless success and inner peace.

Visualize your success into reality – starting today

Order your copy of Awakening Power today –and discover how meditation and guided visualization can transform your motivation, energy, self-confidence – and your life.

And if you choose our new digital download version, you can access the complete program right away and listen to it on any device you want: smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, computer – or through your TV or stereo.

And the great thing is, you don’t have to spend a penny on shipping!

Of course, if you’re “old school,” we still have the 6-CD package available for your convenience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not 100% overjoyed over the value you get from this program, just email us and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

Transform your inner landscape – and you’ll transform your life

Don’t let your subconscious habits and beliefs hold you back any longer. Claim your copy of Awakening Power today – and learn the powerful visualization and meditation techniques that will help you manifest joy, abundance, and meaning in all areas of your life.

Claim your copy of Awakening Power now
6 CDs in a convenient case
Study guide

Downloadable MP3 files – or listen to it stream through our website
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6 audio CDs and study guide $125.00 Add to Cart
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Awakening Power: Guided Visualizations & Meditations for Success

6 audio CDs and study guide $125.00 Add to Cart
Digital Download – (MP3 files + PDF study guide) 115.00 Add to Cart
More awesome reviews…

More present and peaceful in my daily activities…

“I loved your Awakening Power Program. It has caused me to be more present and to feel more peaceful in my daily activities. Within this inner state-of-calm, I’m getting more work done, making better decisions, and connecting more deeply with people around me. I am so much happier with my life. I’m very grateful…”

– Joan

More awesome reviews…

A totally different experience…

“I never thought I could meditate. When I’ve tried in the past, I just sat there thinking about how stupid this was. With the Awakening Power program, I had a totally different experience. Hearing Jack and Dr. Deb’s soothing voices guided me to relax [and] took me into a whole new level of inner vision. Now I use it all the time!”

– Jon

More awesome reviews…

The results have been life changing…

“My wife and I progressed through the Awakening Power program together and using our insights as a point of shared discussion. The result has been life changing. For 17 years, I’d felt trapped into marrying her because she was pregnant. Yet, there it was…a poignant insight from the meditations that revealed marrying her to be one of my greatest successes. I saw that she had caused me to grow in areas where I’ve needed nudges, and we have 3 amazing children…all of them very talented. I can’t thank you enough for this healing.”

– John

More awesome reviews…

Lifted out of a depression that had been a plague for years…

“When I bought Awakening Power for my chronically depressed boyfriend I had no idea listening to it everyday for several weeks would lift him out of a depression that had been a plague for years! Now he listens to it every time he starts to feel blue and his mood shifts. Wow!”

– Alice


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