Youtube Business Strategy而无须自己创建视频 + 一周内优化视频排名 Rankings No.1 (Tube Traffic Jacker)

如何在1周或更短的时间内获得Top No.1 的谷歌排名在71页的稳定里。
如何创建一个视频description 来获得Google的排名。

How to get 71 page 1 Google rankings in 1 week or less.
How To find and download videos for free (legally).
How To use these free videos to avoid the process of creating your own videos.
How To upload these videos to back link to your last videos.
How To find keyword sets to rank for.
How To make unlimited unique versions of these videos.
How To create a video description that gets page 1 Google rankings.


Would You Like To Have A Youtube Business Without Having to Create the Videos?

Want To Know How To Get 71 Page 1 Google Rankings in 1 Week or Less With Those Videos?

Turn This Simple Youtube Strategy Into A Complete Business
By Repeating These Steps Over and Over

FROM: Roger Rowe & Michael Harris

Hi there… Roger Rowe here with Michael Harris

I think it is important for you to learn what we are going to teach you in this course because you have have never seen Youtube rankings like this before, that are so simple to get.

Not only are we using Youtube, which you know Google loves, but we are going to show you how uploading your videos the right way means you never have to worry about back linking.

This technique is:

Easy because you already know how to upload videos to Youtube

Faster because no back linking tools are required

Powerful because Google loves itself and Youtube

Safe because the more you use Google properties, the more they love you

Better because when you have a strong Tube Channel you get more rankings

I have spent the last 8+ years finding techniques that are easy to use and living my internet dreams. This technique is the same kind of method I used to travel Central America for 2 years and not have to worry about money.

Also, I have been helping other people do the same thing for 5+ years. Many of students and clients have taken the free techniques they learn from me and created small, part time businesses, that earn $1000+ per week.

The Technique You Are About To Learn Is Free

What you are going to learn is:

How To find and download videos for free (legally)
How To use these free videos to avoid the process of creating your own videos (huge!)
How To upload these videos to back link to your last videos
How To find keyword sets to rank for
How To make unlimited unique versions of these videos
How To create a video description that gets page 1 Google rankings
Most Rankings Courses Require A Back Linking Component To Getting Rankings

Would You Like A Technique That Includes Back Linking?

Let me show what this is all about:

Use a single technique and tool (Youtube) with other people’s content (legally)
Use a single technique and tool (Youtube) for creating content on the fly
Use a single technique and tool (Youtube) for creating back links
Use a single technique and tool (Youtube) for page 1 Google rankings
If you know how to upload Youtube videos, that is the only skill you need

Let me show you what this is not:

This is not pie in the sky theory because I have proven my rankings to you
This is not a complicated software that you will never learn to use
This is not something that requires 10 hours per day to accomplish
This is not that needs a lot of skill to use
This is not something requires you learn a bunch of other skills before getting started
Getting A Single Page 1 Google Ranking
Is Great Accomplishment

Getting Multiple Page 1 Google Rankings Is More Profitable

Back in the old days, getting a ranking on page 1 of Google was a was good thing and usually lead to making a little money. However, times have changed and there is more competition that any time before.

The key to making money now is to have MULTIPLE RANKINGS ON PAGE 1 GOOGLE. And that the issue with most ranking courses available to you right now. None of them show you how to get multiple rankings on page 1 because most of the so called “gurus” don’t even know how to do it.

If you are still doing things the old way, you are just not going to cut it in today’s competitive market place.

But don’t worry, we are not going to bog you down with a bunch of technical details that you don’t need like other courses. We are going to give exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

What you need is a simple, step by step method that you can do daily to get big results that are hard to come by.

This Technique Is Just That Easy

Here is how it works:

Find free videos other people share
Make those videos unique with a few clicks
Upload those videos to Youtube (in our special way)
Get rankings in a week or less
When you go through the 6 videos tutorials we have for you, you will know exactly what you need to do get those multiple page 1 Google rankings for yourself, over and over again.

You will also have an opportunity to learn how this is done with software that will multiply your efforts by 10 TIMES.

Don’t get me wrong, what I am going to show you is a real business us and you can replicate it easily.

This is exactly how we started when we learned this method and simply put, IT WORKS.

Copy And Paste – Create Hyper Links
Upload Videos To Youtube

You are going to learn how to put these basic skills to use in a way that makes page 1 Google rankings fast and easy.

There is no complicated software to use and no complicated formulas to learn before getting started.

We have boiled down the steps so there is no fluff in this training. It is all meat and potatoes and we make money with it daily.

Once you see how simple it is to understand and perform, there is no doubt you will want to scale this up and take it to the next level.

You will never want to use any other technique, ever again.

Now We Would Like To Present To You:

Here Is What You Are Going To Get:

Module #1: Keyword Research


In module #1 you will learn how we find keyword sets for use in our video descriptions that actually multiply the number of keywords we rank for on page #1 Google.

This is a simple and straight forward method and the software you most likely already have in your arsenal does all the work.

I will show you what I use, but any keyword tool that gets information form Google Suggest will work for you.

Module #2: How To Find Free Videos (legally)


In module #2 you discover how we find free videos for use on our own Youtube video channels and how to download them. This is 100% legal and done from within Youtube itself.

Youtube tells you exactly how you can use these videos and there are virtually no limitations, so you are in the clear and may never have to create a video ever again.

Module #3: How To Make Unlimited Unique Versions of Each Video


In module #3, you will finally learn how to create unique versions of any video in just a few clicks.

As you may already know, Youtube does not allow the use of a video more than once in a single account. We show you how to rename the video and SEO the video file at the same time to make each video unique. This way you can use any video unlimited amount of times in any Youtube account.

Additionally, we touch on how using multiple Youtube accounts interlinking, again using the same videos, builds the strength and ranking power of your channel in order to create better rankings on page #1 Google.

Module #4: Uploading The Videos and Description SEO Guidelines


In module #4, you will find the biggest secrets we use to rank for multiple keywords and how we get back links to our own Youtube videos by uploading more Youtube videos.

You will also discover how this part of the process creates massive amounts of power for your channel and helps to rank your videos for multiple keywords. If you are not aware of the power of a well SEO’d Youtube channel, prepare to be amazed.

You will also find out how we manipulate the video description so that we use the same LSI content over and over again to add a powerful full measure SEO menu for the Google bots to love, and love some more.

Module #5: Indexing and What Do Next


In module #5, You will learn about how we use our check list to make this process seamless and easy as possible. This is the same check list I use and the same check list my assistants use to accomplish our tasks for the day.

You will also find out what we do to take things a step further and stay ahead of our competition. Since we decided this wold be a part of our business, we add a few extra back links and other measures to ensure we can not be beaten by any competitor in any of our niches.

This will give you some insight on what you will need to do should you decide to pursue a highly competitive niche, and know that you can do it.


Here you will be able to download the exact check list you see in the videos. You can use this check list to start uploading your own videos and getting rankings same day.

This is a document we use daily, so you can rely on the fact that it works.

Follow this check list for faster task completion and to make sure you don’t miss any steps.

What Is All This Going To Cost You Today?

Well, if we charged you even percentage of the thousands of dollars it took for us to figure this out, you probably wouldn’t buy it.

This method took us, and our team, over 3 months to test for the results we have shown you here today.

But that is no matter, because we are going to make you an offer today that will make your investment a

You Can Get This Course Today For The Low Investment Of:

If You Had Your Own Team

One of the things things I see with new people all the time is talk about expensive good courses are to buy. Well, I am going to disagree with that thought and tell you why.

For every technique I use I have at least a month of my own time tied up in it, whether it works or not.

Let me explain.

I spend 3 hours per day reading and looking for new techniques + discussing those techniques with my 5 mastermind groups. That is a lot of time I could be using to have fun or something I enjoy doing outside of the office.

But I do like to help others so I simply make this a part of my work day, everyday.

Once I find something that I think will work, I spend another 3 days writing out the process for my assistants to follow and creating a check list for them.

Then I will spend another 3 days creating videos for the same assistants and publishing those videos to our private company tutorials for them.

They then spend at least a week with me to master the process. This is when the work really begins.

My assistants will then begin to execute the plan and I begin to monitor the results daily.

Keep in mind, I am still reading and looking for new tings to add every day as well as keeping up with my mastermind partners.

This process takes 100’s of hours to complete JUST IN ORDER TO TEST MY THEORIES.

Now I will ask you: What Is Your Time Worth?

I know what my times is worth and I know the value of what we are offering you here today. So, when I say that you are getting a bargain, I mean you are going to invest much less than I have already invested. And, unlike me, you have proof this technique works before you even start work. That my friend, is worth THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.

However, you are going to get this information for much less than I had to spend:

Hundreds of hours of my own time
Hundreds of hours in training for my assistants
Hundreds of hours of testing
Hundreds of hours of monitoring the results
Hundreds of hour of documenting the entire process, beginning to end

Here’s What Others Have To Say…

“Hi everyone…I have been through the course and intend to go through it again. Although I have not used the methods in this course I know they work and will be using these methods going forward. I am not surprised that TTJ got WSO of the Day and there is indeed more value in this course than a month worth of W+. ”

– Phil Challis

“Hi everyone, and thanks Roger. Excellent content. I’ve got a freelance video production business for about 4 years, and I work waay too many hours. So I wanted to start offering SEO services to my clients as a side business. That’s why I bought your course and the OTO’s. But I realised that it can actually be much bigger than I first thought. Maybe even bigger than my main business…I’m actually rethinking my business model. Anyway, thanks guys, excellent product. See you around. Cheers!”

– J. Belmont

Test-Drive Tube Traffic Jacker On
Our Dime For 30 Days… 100% RISK FREE

Get this today. Spend just 2 hours going over it. If after you have gone through these video tutorials and don’t feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth, then I demand you ask for you money back.

Better still: try it for 30 days – then for any reason — or no reason at all — you’re not completely satisfied you can still get every penny of your purchase returned to you.

You risk nothing, and stand to gain everything.

Click The Button Below To Get In Now Before The Price Goes Up

More reason for you to buy now:

– You are getting a great value

– You are getting hundreds of hours of our work for cents on the dollar

– You have the proof this works

– We have been through this process many times, for many years

– You know that we know what we are doing

– The time is ticking and the price is going up with each sale.

– The time to get in is now.

– This offer will not stay up at this price for very long.

Will commit yourself to the process as we have and put this knowledge and proof to work for you?

There are only so many packages at this price so the best time to sign up is now before the price goes up.

WARNING! This is structured as a dime sale,
so the price will INCREASE with every sale. To get in
at the lowest price possible, click the buy button now

Michael and I want to thank you for your time and for investing in yourself and your business.

We know this information and training will be of immense value to you and your future and we know we have helped you by making this offer.


Tube Traffic Jacker
1 – Proof Of Rankings.mp4
2 – Module #1 – Keyword Research.mp4
3 – Module #2 – How To Find Free Videos (legally).mp4
4 – Module #3 – How To Make Unlimited Unique Versions Of Each Video.mp4
5 – Module #4 – Uploading The Videos And Description Seo Guidelines.mp4
6 – Module #5 – Indexing And What Do Next.mp4
7 – Tube Traffic Jacker Check List.odt
8 – Bonus – Webinar Recording [questions And Mindset Training].mp4







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