Double Your Freelancing Rate – Make the transition from Hired-Gun Freelancer to Highly-Valued Consultant in less than 30 days.



Make the transition from hired-gun Freelancer to highly-valued consultant in less than 30 days.
This course is designed for freelancers who work with businesses, regardless of what kind of work they do and the kinds of businesses that hire them.
And no matter what stage your business is in, you’ll equip yourself with the knowhow to build a thriving and profitable freelancing business or agency.


Double Your Freelancing Rate
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│  Double Your Freelancing Rate.epub
│  Double Your Freelancing
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├─Proposal Template
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├─Proposal Video Course
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├─Retainer Agreement Template
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│      Retained Services Agreement.docx
│      Retained Services Agreement.pages
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└─Video Interviews
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