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Dear xxxx, I’m interested in your product(s) white bathroom vanities shabby chicCommercial bathrom cabinet 1.waterproof solid wood cabinet 2.Capacity 800sets/day 3.30 days delivery time Good Day, I’m interesting on this cabinet for to be used on the a social bathroom of the house of one of our development of 38 houses at Trinidad and Tobago. Our requirements are of a modern, minimalist cabinet in accordance with the design of the house Can you send the dimension and technical information, color available. Also I need the cabinet for the master bathroom and the bathroom upstairs. Any question please contact me.

Dear,xxx: Thank you for your mail.PLs kindly check the attachment for bathroom cabinet, for your reference. The one which you have point out was marked by yellow color. We are the professional bathroom cabinet manufacturer. AS for the technique: Pls check the attached picture for our work flow.We strictly choose hight quality material such as: plywood, solid wood,oak, lacquer, etc… The color could be customized, but because some time change the color means we have to change the material. so it must add money.If you order large quantity for one item then do not need add money. Waiting for your early reply.

回盘备注:买家联系方式:[email protected]此客户是建筑商,后来发来邮件说 要我们指明哪一套产品适合他们。我回复邮件要客户提出 具体产品需求客户回我邮件,附商品房平面设计图(里面有具体尺寸要求) 要我推荐哪一套适合他们的 房子。我回客户邮件提出相应款式客户回我邮件指明喜欢哪 一种 款式我针对 此款式,发了具体的报价。客户没有回我我再发邮件询问亦没有收到音讯。

1) 回复询盘和邮件,条理需要清晰
Dear Ricardo,
Thanks for your inquiry.
This is Rangs, the sales manager from ** company.
We are the professional bathroom cabinet manufacturer, and we strictly choose high quality material such as plywood, solid wood, oak, and lacquer etc to guarantee our high quality.
For you to learn more about our techniques, please check the attached pictures to see our work flow.
2) 仔细阅读客户的要求,精准回复
客户问及“Can you send the dimension and technical information, color available.”,这里的“technical information”指代的应该不是关于生产流程的技术,而是产品的相关技术参数。感觉供应商在回复时并没正确理解,进而简单地提供了生产流程的照片给客户。
3) 推荐合适产品,突显专业
客户提及了相关要求“Our requirements are of a modern, minimalist cabinet in accordance with the design of the house”,虽然此时并无进一步具体参数,但是仍然可以根据客户的要求进行相关风格产品的强烈推荐,因为客户往往认为供应商要比他们更专业。同时,如果在推荐产品或者报价时遇到参数不足无法进行时,应该在首次回复时就向客户索要相关参数,如平面设计图等,而不是等到第二次回复时才提出。同时,在无特定参数时,也可以对于标准产品进行预报价,以便客户参考,虽然客户不一定会选中标准产品,但是起码客户会感觉到你在为他服务。此部分回复可参考如下:
According to your requirements, I strongly recommend you some of our hot selling models – 型号*** as attached, and I marked these models in yellow for your easy reading. Please check and let me know which model that you are interested in. In my opinion, the model # *** will fit best the design of the house. How do you think?
In order to quote you the right models with correct specifications, could you please send me your further detailed requirements, including size, material etc?
4) 回复应全面覆盖客户需求
5) 用合适简约的英语,做到专业表达
如“The one which you have point out was marked by yellow color.”中的语法错误,应该改为“have pointed out”。同时,针对价格磋商及产品参数表达时,更需要专业。对于颜色对价格的影响这部分内容,建议可表达如下:
Colors could be customized, however, please be noted that sometimes the change of color will cause the change of material, and then cause extra costs. For sure, colors can be customized without any extra cost when the order quantity is big enough.
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